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11/11/2016 - 6:24am like your user name

Hope I run into you we are leaving at noon today.

01/23/2012 - 4:05pm He toiok money and maintained an office

At the same time never came to practice or team and offered support or encouragement, his silence said all he wanted to say, the Team was dead to him. He lost my respect with his behavior and is now dead to me. I don't give two shits for him or RR, our coach is Brady Hoke. The previous 7 years sucked leave them where they lay and move on. Remember student atheletes only.

01/22/2012 - 9:35am Best of luck

Our loss is Cinci gain, Family and friends are important and you seem to have thought this out. You have gone about this in a quiet and deliberate manner and have taken the course which will give you  the best chance for peace and growth as a student athelete. We are not happy to see you go but are happy your timing was proper so you will not lose time. We will follow your career and best of luck to you. Go Blue

01/22/2012 - 12:20am Court time

Not saying Izzo whines more than any two other coaches but he did have more court time than Nix.


01/16/2012 - 12:42am Welcome

Appreciate the west siders coming at there expense to get a look on the field, be pulling for you to be the next Jordon kovacs. Good Luck at The Best School Ever.



01/16/2012 - 12:35am Good lineman are the most difficult to rate

Good lineman are the most difficult to rate for the next level, and with the generally high football IQ can play multiple positions we also need real depth in year two. I think we can take all three reeves and wright and be ok. Or one of them and grant.



11/27/2011 - 8:53am Not

Should have stuck, not undisputable evidence. Overcame some things this 132 has. We are very proud of you.


11/26/2011 - 11:50pm Boren 4 letter word

That family does not exist. Judas is his brother


11/19/2011 - 9:55pm Nice

Nice to let him have his day in the sun now the door can be closed on both regimes. Carr started strong got tired late and we slid, RR came in with a good idea but not for us and we slid hard.Both as most coaches are were stubborn and did not or could not change coordinators when needed. As a result like compound interest we were paying 60-75% then we filed chapter 7 and hired us a new sheriff. The rest is going to be like the 70s all over again. The additions of Penn State and Nebraska have been important 4 of the top 10 and when NBC runs out of cash and ND joins us giving us 5 of 10 All will bow to the Big 10. I know just let me be incredibly happy semi bourbaned up and dreaming my vision of CFB 2020. Thanks to all players especially you Mark , I work with Jim his dad , all you coaches, assistants,and you who give us this place to speak. Go Blue, Bob Ufer and Bo would be verrrrrrry proud.Thanks to all who have given of themselves Mo and your staff, Lloyd and your staff and Rich Rod and your staff

Time to place the buckeye back under covers, we have a winning record against the SEC and it will continue for the next two games after ohio.

11/19/2011 - 5:49pm Glad you joined the Big 10

Of course I am glad we were victorious today but it is our benefit as a conference you joined . You have such great tradition and fan base you have made us better. I am looking forward to a road trip. Four of the top ten in victories. Good luck in your next two games. I hope all of your visits to the Big House are memories of respectful competitors welcoming you to our community.

11/06/2011 - 10:26pm One other definition

Some of us who are fans, and not alumni, have Walmart in our holdings. I have earned plenty of dollars over the years through that company. This allows me to attend games at the Big House and buy my gear at the M Den. When I retire in 4yrs and 9 mo most of my money will still be coming from that store up the street from all of us and I will have a vest made to wear at the game so all will know who the walmart wolverine is Go Blue.

10/28/2011 - 4:15pm Both needed to go

Both Carr and Rodriguez were sick of their situation, different reasons, but sick just the same. Both needed  to go and both are gone. Unless Hoke shows me differently he has my support, as did our last two coaches, until it was obvious that the corner had ben turned and could not  be turned back. Both are good men who either stayed too long or couldn't adapt. Let us hope we are back to the days of Bo and Mo. Go Blue, Boilermakers for brunch.


10/24/2011 - 10:01am Should win

I agree, we will see if the staff has them prepared to take care of business against the teams we should beat. This is a trait missing for two regimes and it would be nice to see us back into the Bo and Mo level of preparedness.

10/22/2011 - 6:05pm Good news bad news

Sorry you were injured good luck as you go forward with your rehab, we are looking forward to seeing you  slap the banner.


10/21/2011 - 11:18am Yost Quote

The Quote gets me everytime. The book is on my must list and you are accurate in your opinion, we want the truth, it will  improve the institution and the program in the end.

10/20/2011 - 1:50pm Double hit


10/20/2011 - 1:48pm Al Golden

Al Golden just showed the difference between a builder of character and a coach who has always been about putting his best football players on the field. Dantonio has no interest in what happens to his players once they leave the program, the pro's or prison, they may leave MSU better players but they do not leave as better people.

10/20/2011 - 1:32pm Go Blue

He would be a nice addition, we have had good results from OL from the Northwest, very blue collar people.

10/20/2011 - 1:24pm Hope

Hope it is treatable, thankful it was found. Best of wishes to you young man.

10/18/2011 - 5:33pm Plenty of reasons and plenty of blame to go around.

As someone looking at the last 6 years, without the eye of a cheeleader, it is not hard to see the general decline whch led to the rumblings for a change in leadership. This book has put in print what I hear everyday in conversation with fellow fans. LC wanted his choices to be at the top of the list and we all know they had not earned  consideration for this job. BM didn't seek help from the best minds out there and he could have, everyone has an opinion and wants to share it, if asked in the right way. So he butchered the search and ended up with RR. This didn't need to be a failure but it was from the start. He did not allow him to bring the whole staff, the DC would have made some difference, He also would have been smarter to have Don Nehlen come back to Michigan to announce the hiring and show the line of continuity, also Nehlen would have been a guy RR could have learned the " Michigan Way" from and helped him with Alumni dealings. RR was stubborn and failed to see the importance of the small things which make Michigan the Big Thing. Lastly Bo just passed to soon, this was his job to name and by God he is gone. It shows just how much we miss his quiet leadership .DB is trying to become the next Don Canham and that is why I give him latitude on some new ideas, hope his decisions prove to be as good as DC's. Face it we are what we are because of the combination of both BO and DC. Michigans most important Tradition has been it's willingness to change. The platoon system, the implementation of the forward pass, the building of the tailgating tradition. Soon and very soon we will reclaim our rightful position as one of the yearly top five and we will not cut corners to reach it. We will not sacrifice the student athalete for an athalete only, we will win the right way and be proud of our students on and off the field. GO BLUE Sorry for the grammatical and spelling errors, and if I offended am also sorry for that, just one mans opinion.

10/17/2011 - 11:16am Not filled up yet

Encourage a visit and see his interest we still have 4-6 possible spot open depending on enrollment timing.


10/17/2011 - 12:28am TO

Very T O and Randy Moss of you Jim, Bo would be so proud of you.

10/16/2011 - 1:24am You dont punish what you teach you reward the success.

There will be no penalty for dirty play from a team that failed to punish 18 players for ski masking before going to Rather Hall to put a beatdown on the Fraternity housed there. When  17% of a college team is involved in felonious assault and nothing happens it should tell us what he is trying to build, so the play today should not surprise. This one is over next year at our house, not sure what colors they will be wearing then but they will go home with a red ass/

10/16/2011 - 1:05am Dantonio crapped

He always looks like he just crapped himself. All I can say right now is On Wisconsin will be my bye week menu.

10/15/2011 - 3:00pm Ashamed

At least we have not changed our colors


03/11/2011 - 11:03pm Good Day

I met with a funeral director in Riverview Fl. today making arrangements for my father. The meeting was set up by my sister for 2;00 and I drove in from Michigan for it. He just so happened to be an alumni of Illinois. my final statement  as I shook his hand to leave Go Blue. Then I made for a sports bar for the 2nd half. Tired but happy will miss watching the game with my dad.

03/11/2011 - 9:18am No politics and no religion

First job 1970 pumping gas at the old Zephyr station. Big Harry, the owner gave these orders. Do not talk either politics or religion in my station, this is a place of business. That was good advice then and now. I always think of Mike Royko's article " Greed is what made America great" when I hear people attempt to parcel out reasons and responsibilites. Have a good Blue day as you celebrate a Mich victory over Illini

03/06/2011 - 11:43am Recent history

It was just a few games ago sparty let a team score then nearly cost a player injury in the fake fake triple double. Sorry to point that out and about the walmart wolverines we own stock in the co at times may purchase something there, and always say hello to sparties who are WORKING there. world ranking universities Michigan #15 Michigan state college #208 Whoa nellie are ya still back there boys.

03/06/2011 - 2:16am Team Chemistry

Players are always talking to each other coaching up and encouraging each other. That is what kept the team from tearing apart when things were not going well early in the season. The choice was made to help each other and the rewards are huge ,thank you to all on the team.

03/06/2011 - 2:09am We care about all things Michigan

Way to go this is an incredible start to the season. Will watch whenever possible and when I cant I will look for threads.

03/05/2011 - 9:37pm 93-71

Nuff said 93-71

02/20/2011 - 4:07pm Minny

I dont know how the rest of you feel but the configuration of Minnesota's floor has given us trouble in the past. Here is hoping the freshmen feel comfortable on that thing.

02/15/2011 - 12:40pm A soup can could win 6 games this year

!0 wins  are a must for this team, based only on returning players. This is a year for great expectations and they will be reached which is nice for Coach Hoke and staff and future recruiting. Jump on the wagon look at the graduation rate of two deeps and the schedule rotation.

02/14/2011 - 11:27am Ifeadi Odenigbo

The video on this young man looks like he plays full time in the opposing backfield, very quick and under control.

02/13/2011 - 9:41am Nice

Well thought out and well laid out, a conversation needed at a higher level.

02/13/2011 - 9:29am Holy Shit

Can you believe it, a 17 year old smoked some pot, well I guess the book is closed on him any person who ever did any thing as heinous as that has no place in society. We are waaaaay to refined to allow that type access to hallowed grounds. Oh wait a minute I guess we did have a self proclaimed user as President. Though I am glad we do have some self-righteous pricks posting to keep us in line.

02/12/2011 - 9:39pm Transfering

Any truth to the rumor the UV players involved in a brawl were transfering to MSU.

02/10/2011 - 2:04pm Godfather

Boren and Huerman, like Freddie was to Michael ,are dead to me.

02/10/2011 - 1:42pm Michigan before Webber

,The younger fans should check the past BB did not begin with the Fab 5. Campy,Cazzie, Rudy T, Ricky G, Phil H ,Tim M, Glen R, man the list goes way past that, my apologies to all I have cheered for these past 40 some years and not added I was just making a point. By the way who remembers Dave Baxters huge Afro bouncing when he brought the ball up the court, makes me laugh just thinking about it.

02/09/2011 - 5:13pm Condoms

After watching his highlight reel I come to the conclusion they may make him play wearing a condom considering all the penetration. Very quick !

02/09/2011 - 1:21pm Yay

Woo Woo the new comment box is back the new comment box is back

01/22/2011 - 8:27pm Don't be a douche

Negotiations are always carried out in a public venue, the truth is what it is, JH and LM decided they could use UofM to increase the fatness of a wallet. Good bye and good riddance to both.

01/21/2011 - 1:18pm ooh

Tough luck Judas ya mealymouthed liar. Make a deal keep the deal, now your family don't mean shit to us. Boren went from alumni to a four letter word. Weird how in this case it was the sins of the son that screwed the father. Break a leg,no really break a leg.

01/21/2011 - 6:24am Well its a new day

It will be a fresh start for all concerned and the speed in which they master the new offense plus the willingness to block and the ability to catch a ball out of the backfield without putting them on the carpet may be part of the decision Coach Hoke has to make. *************  ********** come on down.

01/19/2011 - 12:51pm 10 wins minimum

With the schedule rotation taking Whisky and PSU off the plate and the graduating of two deeps this lays out a  path for ten wins minumum. That is why it was important to make the cc this year. we need a year like this to ease controversy giving the new staff with great news to recruit tha 2012 class with. Positive press will come now that Coach Hoke has put Drew Sharp in his place. I mean by that, suffering fools will be treated like suffering fools, he will help you look verrrrry funnny and a chuckle will be had at your expense, while I roll my eyes to put an exclamation point on your brilliance. Defense will improve based on expierence and four man front, kicking game will improve due to the increase in coaching, last years example will mean more coaching for this years team.Offense may slow down the speed at which they score but will still score and give the defense less time on the field. We did have some redshirts who will have an impact this year. looking for a good year and little brother being back in his rightful place.Go Blue.

01/17/2011 - 3:26am 10

Ten wins eleven if we win our bowl game, graduation rate and schedule demands it we be happy in2011

01/16/2011 - 11:40am Going up?

The plan is to take them up 15-20 lbs, it was brought up in the first meet and greets.

01/13/2011 - 11:43am the rolling eyes

I for one loved his response to the dumbest fricking question of the day. Well Drew we don't really care about a national championship, we might not even play if we were invited. His sarcastic wit doomed Drew Sharp and from the look on his face he knows who and what Drew Sharp is. I can't wait for the next answer , feel by the end of the year 2011 Drew Sharp won't ask any questions. This cat don't give a shit about embarassing a fool and I love it . Hell that alone was enough to win me over.

01/13/2011 - 11:10am patience

It aint over till the fat lady sings, we have time before signing day to talk with all and get them back. Verbals arent final and we may see some other teams verbals become our signings. Also should see some names we have not heard of from the wwest coast as coach Hoke settles in, right now staff is job1.

01/12/2011 - 6:39am Very close

I could not have put it better, though I threw in Skip Holtz as my second choice after Patterson. That being said my coach is Brady Hoke and I will be pulling for him 110%. Fortunately our schedule and the graduation of many players in the conference will allow us to reach double digit wins this year. Now we need all to come on board and help recruit with positive comments and help from past players, please.