When is the media going to expose Brandon?

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Yeah, I know, we have our coach, let's move on.  I say no.  UM isn't a private school or the CIA.  The alumni, students and Michigan taxpayers have a right to know how Brandon's so-called "process" worked, what happened with Harbaugh and Miles and when Hoke was really offered.  There was a lot of reporting during what I refer to as "Hell Week" for Michigan fans after the bowl game that contradicts Brandon's public statements.  Michigan should having a winning team, but it should be about integrity too.  That starts from the top down.  Brandon has displayed nothing but the utmost arrogance, condescension and lack of integrity.  Who in the media is going to take him to task?  Isn't the purpose of journalism to promote transparency and accountability?



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Maybe I drank too much wine tonight, but I think your comments about DB are a bit "douchy". The process was what it was. Get over it. Hoke, although not my first choice, is doing a good job at recruiting. DB doesn't need to be held accountable for anything. What did bloggers say we needed? A kicker, OL. DL,  and defensive backs. What is Brady Hoke going after? OL, DL and defensive backs. If you can't take success, go root for Sparty.


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"What?" pretty much sums it up.

DB's job is the long-term success of this program. He should not, could not, would not (Dr. Seuss rules), worry about people such as your self.

At this point, if you're not already suspecting that DB made the right move with Hoke, perhaps it's time you started another account and said something else that caused you to create another account...


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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...

Look I'm just as pissed as the next guy about how DB conducted this process, but do you think it's necessary to attack him for it? What will that accomplish? Self-satisfaction?


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Taking DB down a notch, means taking Michigan down a notch. Is it worth it?

DB made a judgement call. It's pretty clear at this point that Hoke was his man all along, but he had to either go through his due diligence or pretend to go through his due diligence in order to mollify all of the parties.

He could not win in the short term. He did not win in the short term. I do believe he will win in the long term with this staff. And the long term is his job.


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...the athletic department is still fully accountable for its actions to the people of the State of Michigan through the Regents, regardless of the source of their funds. You can bet your last dollar that when David Brandon was a Regent, he would have had no problem demanding an expanation for anything from the AD.


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Just as the US Postal Service is "fully accountable" to the US Government. The Postal Service is a self-funded organization that is forced to live by the governments' rules. They don't receive a dime of tax money dollars yet are forced to lose money in order to continue to operate under and archane system.

That's what we are in effect asking the UM athletic department to do. And yet we wonder why they continue to suffer...Let DB do his job, the "process" never would have occurred if he didn't have to answer to the Regents et al...it looked ugly publicly, but it didn't have to. He had his man day one, just had to wait  a week to sign him in order to play by the rules.


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This is incorrect.  UM's athletic department is not funded by public funds.

When stadium renovations were ongoing, ESPN tried putting together a piece about how the state of Michigan's public funds shouldn't go into something like stadium renovation during an economic crisis.  They pulled the story when they realized that UM's athletic department is internally funded.

Ted Kaczynski

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How about this perspective......


If they hired Hoke in December, he would have been forced to hire a DC before Mattison would have been available. Maybe the "process" was all waiting for the Hoke/Mattison package to happen, which seems pretty damn feasible with the speed of the Mattison hire after the Ravens were eliminated.

You deserve to be kicked in the balls for this post, BTW.

King Douche Ornery

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Insatiable right to know (entitlement) often also creates conspiracy theory guy--and this thing probably boiled down to Brandon not really believing Harbaugh and Miles were verly serious about the job (Harbaugh's long term committment; Miles being 58 and pretty entrenched at LSU).

I don't know what more there could be to uncover besides Brandon not getting a very good "vibe" from Harbaugh or Miles and deciding on the guy he liked the most. And if there's more to it than that--some dark, evil conspiracy led by some secret cabal deep within the bowels of Schembechler hall--I'd rather not know about it.


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We finally have good press for the first time in years so I don't wanna rock a boat for absolutely no reason. Nothing would ever co.e of any expose so I say Go Blue. Win and move on.


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We dont have a need to know.  There should be accountability for the money, but how DB conducts his business, how he wipes  his ass, or how he bangs his wife is none of our business.  Just as long as there was nothing illegal or immoral, who cares what was said and when.


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This is stupid. Please don't be one of those people that DEMANDS ANSWERS FOR THE PUBLIC INTEREST. Please don't be one of those people that thinks they have a RIGHT to everything everywhere at any time. Since when has a coaching search ever involved everyone knowing exactly what happened at every step of the way?