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09/03/2018 - 9:47pm Holy shit, he’s right!!

Holy shit, he’s right!!

06/27/2015 - 7:39pm My 4yo

Not because he's done anything particularly useful or recovered from some medical issue. Just because he's an interesting person and was created under rather unique circumstances.

12/28/2013 - 1:13am See here:

@brian_mcintyre: Pro Bowl nod for Lions DT Ndamukong Suh adds $1 million to his 2014 base salary. Already enormous cap number rises to $22.4125 million

12/28/2013 - 1:12am Suh

Suh gets a cool $1M.

12/22/2013 - 11:14pm +1


12/21/2013 - 1:01am This

I have friends in Tempe. Chance we had a shot at it early Nov. Looked at flights then and it was 750.

06/15/2013 - 10:58pm Why?

That means summer is over. I love football, but if football is 2 months away forever I'd be happy.

06/09/2013 - 7:13pm Panny ST60

Have it, best TV I've ever purchased. It's in a dark basement, ideal conditions for it. Panny plasmas are best in class in my opinion.

03/16/2013 - 3:51pm Gonzaga

If we're out west maybe we'd rather be a 4? Gonzaga might be weaker than the 2-3.

03/08/2013 - 8:19pm Haha

This thing is so beyond ridiculous I can't help but be drawn into. I'm cracking a bottle of makers, go Denard!!!

03/03/2013 - 7:27pm Are you me?

I could have posted this exactly.

02/24/2013 - 7:59pm Sunday drink thread

Is this the Sunday night drinking thread?!? Because I'm housed. Coors Light!!!!

02/21/2013 - 9:33pm That's pretty damn funny to

That's pretty damn funny to me for some reason.

02/21/2013 - 8:16pm It's politics

Nix won't be called for a dong punch the rest of the season, dong punch away dude.

02/09/2013 - 12:24pm They're 21-2

They're 21-2

02/01/2013 - 9:17pm Coors Light


01/24/2013 - 9:00pm AJ McCarron


01/24/2013 - 8:57pm She didn't at all

McElroy did, the conversation was hilarious as is this.

01/18/2013 - 11:33pm This agent is a PR nightmare.

This agent is a PR nightmare. Is he going to hold him out of the public combine interviews? Approach head on or you're hiding something, which is probably pretty obvious at this point anyway.

01/13/2013 - 4:45pm I will be that much sweeter

I will be that much sweeter when we flip him.

01/13/2013 - 4:43pm Long way to go.

Long way to go.

01/13/2013 - 3:45pm You're an idiot.

You're an idiot.

01/13/2013 - 11:14am 1:30 can't come soon enough,

1:30 can't come soon enough, beat Ohio!!

01/13/2013 - 12:55am There were 2 great matchups

There were 2 great matchups at the same time today. Unless a voter DVRed one and went back to watch the game they go strictly by final score. 99% do this.

01/12/2013 - 11:51pm Huh?

#1 in a random poll of people that likely don't watch 10% of games doesn't matter. That's blasphemous!!

01/11/2013 - 11:32pm Bleacher


01/11/2013 - 11:30pm

12/30/2012 - 10:05pm What is this stuff?!?

What is this stuff?!?

12/23/2012 - 10:02pm Fuck yeah, go hawks!!

Fuck yeah, go hawks!!

12/08/2012 - 11:41pm This

They pointed it out but he was truly Paul Bunyan of sports. Cool, he killed his priests pig with an apple! But c'mon, his legend was the marketing. Great athlete but...

10/18/2012 - 9:51pm That's bullshit! If you are a

That's bullshit! If you are a highly sought after doctor graduating from UM and Beaumont says they will off you X money and you say yes, then UM offers you with more upside, and you say sorry Beaumont then what? Doesn't matter even if it's reverse. You have a choice what you want to do and it doesn't matter what the fuck the nurses think. And money is just relative. Not saying SEC offered money.

10/18/2012 - 9:29pm Recruiting is a joke because

Recruiting is a joke because kids can make a commitment with no binding agreement. It's not the kids fault, it's the institutions.

10/18/2012 - 9:26pm Thats ridiculous. There is

Thats ridiculous. There is nothing about the real world that says words are binding commitments. There are rules/laws that govern that.

10/18/2012 - 9:13pm His commitment doesn't mean

His commitment doesn't mean shit until February.

10/18/2012 - 9:05pm This is a really embarrassing

This is a really embarrassing thread for the Michigan fanbase. The kid has had a ton go on in his life, more than probably most on this board had happen to them at 17. I thought we were leaders and best? I thought we were classier than State fans? There are hundreds of kids that get recruited each year around the nation, showing a little class used to be the difference. Not now I guess. I'm 34, so not Herm, just confused why you all are being dumbasses all of a sudden.

10/18/2012 - 8:48pm Top 5s on mgoblog are non

Top 5s on mgoblog are non binding but apparently anger inducing.

10/18/2012 - 8:47pm He didn't make a decision, he

He didn't make a decision, he made a top 5.

10/18/2012 - 7:17pm I don't either but get the

I don't either but get the tweets from Ace and Tremendous telling people to relax on the kid. I don't blame him one bit for jamming it in our faces about OSU, he probably followed this board and saw us calling him all kinds of shit for just rumors. We need to all grow up a bit.

10/18/2012 - 7:13pm Yes

Seriously. Don't you remember being 17?

10/18/2012 - 7:09pm How?

How is that odd based on the comments on this board. Kid changed his mind and people treated him like shit on twitter. Now we're surprised hes doing it back?

10/18/2012 - 7:01pm Thats what we get for a bunch

Thats what we get for a bunch of our fanbase being dipshits about his change of mind. He's a HS kid.

10/13/2012 - 8:07pm I've heard him say before

I've heard him say before it's the polar opposite of the "intent to blow whistle" rule in hockey. For the whistle to matter it has to be so obvious that players stopped playing.

10/13/2012 - 7:49pm Whistle irrelevant per Mike

Whistle irrelevant per Mike Perreira.

10/13/2012 - 7:47pm Nope

That was a clear TD. Not even close.

10/03/2012 - 6:14pm I agree

However I think Miggy only bats until they announce the closure of the triple crown race in KC. Leyland wants to give him a nice curtain call. If it takes 1 AB into the game, that's all he will get.

10/03/2012 - 6:07pm 5 hits

He only can with with a 5-5 game if Miggy goes 0-3, 0-1 or 0-2 and Trout needs 6-6 to pass him. Miggy is not getting 3 AB tonight.

10/03/2012 - 6:05pm Correct

But with likely either a Trout out or Cabrera hit putting the batting title out of reach, we could very well know the ending before the first pitch in KC.

09/29/2012 - 9:50pm It's highly unlikely that

It's highly unlikely that your judgement of Leyland next year will have anything to do with the Tigers.

07/22/2012 - 10:15pm Haha

Not big into the recruiting scene, but hold on...Trent Dilfer runs a QB camp called Elite 11? Hahaha!! Trent Dilfer? What a joke.

06/24/2012 - 7:46pm Not sure what's going on, but

Not sure what's going on, but reminds me of the Sarah Phillips fiasco. Hoke Magicians interviews him/herself and ends up being the same person. Gets out of the game and ends up getting a job with another M website. I think RDT is this Sarah Hughes character.