Braylon Edwards tweets apology to Ruiz and Patterson, But...

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Going to be that guy and send my post to the top. I became a Michigan fan in 2004 after watching Braylon and that trio of freshmen (Henne, Hart, Long) take down Minnesota. I liked their colors, the trophy they played for, and the backflip Braylon did at the end of the game. Hence my username. But I am over this guy. He's been in the news here for his negativity far too often. Can I change my username?

Other Andrew

September 4th, 2018 at 4:31 AM ^

Same old Braylon...

What about when he dropped a pass on 4th down, ending the game vs OSU?

What about when he booted a pass into the arms of a USC linebacker?

Despite some fantastic moments, he was never perfect on the field (and generally quite far from perfect off of it). This is what galls me most about his attitude.


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I remember the great "#1 Jersey" debate around these parts, and people were adamant that Braylon was right despite all evidence that a grown-ass man shouldn't care which player wore a jersey number he previously wore years ago.  And he was an asshole about it then, and over the years he hasn't changed a bit.  


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That is probably true today. This team could use a few assholes. Say what you want, football is a mean game. Plenty of people that still display top notch character, but were still mean mofos - take Bo for example! Top notch character doesn't mean you aren't a mean SOB, just means you're a mean SOB with integrity.

Watch every player interview, who seems like a mean SOB? Who's presence during an interview intimidates you? Khaleke Hudson maybe? That's it...

Don't get me wrong, Braylon is a moron. But he's also not wrong. Braylon is a moron because his repercussions are different than ours and he doesn't seem to understand the size of his platform. 


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Okay, you're right, I didn't need to sound like a dick and I'm sorry. I just think the guy is acting like an internet troll and embarrassing the program. His statement may be correct but it isn't insightful at all, that was my point. I honestly have never seen anything from him that represents any kind of serious serious analysis, but he attacks the players and coaches without hesitation.

Mocha Cub

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Yeah and don't get me wrong, Braylon seems like he can be a grade-A dick ESPECIALLY when he's had a few too many. He def was wrong for calling players out. I don't really see the point in the fanbase detaching from reality and acting like he didn't ball out for Michigan. Acting like a few drops somehow made him a bad player. It's sad and it's petty. He's literally one of the last great receivers this program has had. 


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Braylon has admitted he was "inebriated" when he posted on twitter Saturday night. 

He is now suspended from BTN. His responses today may lead to his dismissal. 

He was fired from the Valente show on 97.1 FM for showing up to work impaired. 

He has had three previous DUI's.

It should be clear what the issue is here.



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So one of those "sorry you were offended by" apologies?

Also, I shouldn't have attacked them hard or at all means you fucked up the first part.  Screw him.  


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Jimbo took a few shots while he was at Stanford.  He wasn't wrong either.

There seem to be a lot of snowflakes on this board.  You all get salty when someone doesn't say nice things about our shitty football team.  Just waiting for one of you to start shouting "fake news"!

Also, how many of you are one of the best players in the history of Michigan football?  Seems like Braylon has room to say whatever he wants.

Lastly, if we didn't shit the bed in big games, former players wouldn't have to call the team out.


September 4th, 2018 at 1:48 PM ^

Hey Cousin Larry, you need to put that old joke to bed.  Sparty earned the right to talk over the past ten years.  And honestly, he's not wrong either.  Braylon shouldn't have called out players by name, but everything else he said was accurate.  I'm glad someone said it.  Jimmy wasn't so nice while at Stanford and everyone got their panties in a bunch, then the same folks rolled out the red carpet and bent over when he took the job.