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02/19/2016 - 3:36am Enslavement???

How in the world do you dot the lines to even remotely bring enslavement into this issue??? Citizens of this country have always enjoyed their privacy, EXCEPT in the issuance of a court order... OK, I get it. Courts are evil, the government is evil, law inforcement is evil.

I hope that there is, in fact, a network of like minded killers unknown to us at this point.... A network that was not uncovered as a result of "our rights". And I pray to God (which I assume is part of your "Grand Government Slavery Conspiracy") that they take out your wife, children..... Hell, your 3rd grade English teacher.

Perhaps then you would understand. Perhaps then you would begin to comprehend the suffering of the victims loved ones.

I trust our government and law enforcement to protect its populace more than I adhere to your concerns of enslavement.

But, you my friend are safe.... That tin foil hat of yours will protect you....

Putting down my drink and going to sleep now.....


03/06/2015 - 1:43am Well....

We need to start drinking now, because we lose an hour on Saturday....... Cheers!

03/04/2015 - 5:41pm Unlikely to get off this

Unlikely to get off this time. Resisting arrest = not good.

02/28/2015 - 4:48am Shit....

Grab won't let me download that.

Anyone have the capability?

02/28/2015 - 4:45am Dude.....

You are nothing short of a God to me....

I have been looking for that video for the past 30 years. Seriously.

When I first saw it, it was broadcast from UM-Flint.

Mesaline was involved.


02/27/2015 - 9:22pm Maybe someone can help me here....

I saw a short perhaps 30 years ago. The basic premise was that four stick figures were each in separate corners of a planar (planer?) square surface floating in space. In the center was a safe, or perhaps a pot of gold. When each tried to get to the safe, it affected the others. Not sure how else to explain it.... But if you have a link to it, it would make my day.

02/24/2015 - 6:04pm The original intro to the show

They left out "the Professor and Mary Ann". 

Sorry... That was supposed to be a reply to #16.

02/22/2015 - 2:23am I had no idea

How is that even possible?.... Will have to look that up...

02/13/2015 - 11:26pm Awesome

Waiting for the football team to do the same.

02/13/2015 - 10:41pm Careful with pewter

Does it contain lead?

02/13/2015 - 9:14pm I just ran out of bourbon.

I just ran out of bourbon. Rum will have to suffice.

02/13/2015 - 9:13pm Good Choice

re Stouts. They hide many flaws. Not to say that your beer will have flaws. Ha.

For that reason, light lagers are the hardest.

I think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of your beers.

Go all grain, if you can. Trust me, not that hard, and the quality of your beers will increase immensely.

02/13/2015 - 8:06pm Homebrewing

Any homebrewers out there? I have been doing it for a number of years, all grain. If anyone out there is local to the Rochester, MI area and wants to brew (or to learn how), contact me.

02/13/2015 - 8:04pm Guinness Draught

It never gets old....

02/13/2015 - 5:09pm Go Organic

They use sugar rather than corn syrup. Makes a huge difference. 

02/12/2015 - 9:53pm No question about it

A couple of early highly ranked recruits could set the tone for the whole class.

02/11/2015 - 9:09pm Fascinating story

I had no idea. Thanks.

02/10/2015 - 3:34pm Troll?

I have bled Maize and Blue for 48 years and counting.....

02/10/2015 - 3:05pm I know that I am not the only one

I can't wait for this season to start. The nightmare is over.

02/09/2015 - 11:42pm Wow....

Talk about dated. Crazy to think of what was state of the art back then. And to think we put a man on the moon prior to that.

02/08/2015 - 8:44pm Jealous

I guessing something in the Rum family....

02/08/2015 - 8:41pm Drinking the good stuff tonight

Rochefort 10

02/06/2015 - 8:15pm Going High Class Tonight

Ten High and generic diet ginger ale

01/10/2015 - 8:13pm Final Absolution

There is a place close to me that has 1/2 off bar tabs on Saturday nights. 

Can get a 23 oz glass for $4. Can't beat that.

12/27/2014 - 11:37pm I have to admit - I check his

I have to admit - I check his webpage multiple times a day. When days were dark, he kept me optimistic.  

12/27/2014 - 10:55pm Hopefully, the nightmare is

Hopefully, the nightmare is over....

12/27/2014 - 4:03pm Awesome.....


12/27/2014 - 4:48am Jim is coming home.....Relax.

Jim is coming home.....Relax.

12/26/2014 - 10:04pm Who else has a headache???

Who else has a headache???

12/26/2014 - 7:37pm It becomes more real with

It becomes more real with every new bit of information......

12/26/2014 - 6:10pm Curious...
Do anyone know if


Do anyone know if the hired search committee will play a role in the search for possible assistants?

12/24/2014 - 1:46am I am not sure that money is

I am not sure that money is the be all and end all.

There is a statue of Bo in AA. A building bearing his name.

Legacy. Immortality.

Jim now has that chance. 

There are some things that money just can't buy.

12/22/2014 - 7:34pm I was just about to post

I was just about to post these exact thoughts.

Is it not common practice to keep any and all negotiations secret?

If not, what are the motivations?

03/22/2012 - 3:32pm If you are into Belgian beer

Try The Malt House. Also hear that Brasserie V is good, but I have never been there.

03/21/2012 - 3:48pm Wow

We lost a large percentage of the team in the last four weeks.

03/21/2012 - 2:21pm Enjoyed watching the Bo film

Back when maize was maize

02/28/2012 - 11:29pm Re: Nesmith

I thought the same thing.

01/30/2012 - 10:42pm Thanks

Thanks for another great interview. Always enjoy reading them.

01/26/2012 - 6:42pm The worst thing that can happen

Is that we have more slots open for next year. And with Shane helping with the recruiting, we should be fine.

01/23/2012 - 1:37am Happy Happy

Joy Joy

01/22/2012 - 11:09pm Awesome

Thanks for the update. Now we wait. Fingers crossed.

01/18/2012 - 12:59am A great read

Thanks - can't wait until he takes the field.

01/18/2012 - 12:55am Without question

Not a Michigan man.

01/11/2012 - 2:35pm NSD

Feb 1 - April 1 I believe

01/10/2012 - 11:56pm Could it be

737 days since OSU last beat us in football?

10/06/2011 - 11:42am With Shane on board

I have to believe we will pick up some big time receivers. 

10/06/2011 - 12:42am And another,13488/

10/03/2011 - 12:55am Dude

That's way cool. 

09/29/2011 - 11:48pm Hmm

Sounds like there is more to this story. Time will tell.

09/20/2011 - 11:25pm Indeed

Must complete more of his passes.