MGoPodcast 8.2: Go Ahead, Give Him a B


UCF hitting harder. [Eric Upchurch]


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Maybe Scott Frost is quite a tool after all. Nevertheless the game was decided by scoring points, which Michigan accomplished through the air because that’s what UCF left them.


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Winovich and Gary over-pursued, Glasgow has some range, Dymonte had a bad angle, McCray should kill more receivers, Peppers should have been in there instead. The corners are good.

Special Teams

starts at 40:22

When was the last time Michigan blocked four kicks? What is the fourth-last blocked kick for Michigan?

Talking Big Ten w/ Jamie Mac

starts at 49:54

Iowa crushed Iowa State—AIRBHG has his work cut out for him. Northwestern doinked. Purdue congratulated for above-average loss to Cincy. Ohio State plays competitive 48-3 game vs. Tulsa. Pitt is not worthy of Penn State’s rivalry. Brian is doing better than Howard. Rote Wisconsin, Maryland, Nebraska, Minnesota blowouts ignored.


"Drunk Dreaming" — Open Mike Eagle & Paul White
"In Bloom" — Strugill Simpson
"Germany to Germany" — Ratatat
"Across 110th Street"




September 12th, 2016 at 3:06 PM ^

There was a Twitter post going around that made it look like Frost avoided Harbaugh; didn't see the handshake until well after we recorded this yesterday.

The postgame comments still lend credence to the "okay, fine, this guy is kind of a jerk" theory.


September 12th, 2016 at 7:33 PM ^

Brian - after listening to the podcast there were three things about the special teams I was surprised you didn't talk more about:

1- Our first glimpse at the punt team showed a weird hybrid formation between pro/spread. Thoughts?

2- The Kenny Allen muffed punt.

3- The other kickoff that wasn't a touchback was tactical. UCF had a penalty and as a result UM kicked off high and short, where Jordan Glasgow seemed to force a fumble. It looked like a very smart strategy.