WR Jerald Robinson pleads guilty to misdemeanor

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Sounds like this pretty much closes the book on the Jerald Robinson parking gate kerfuffle.  Pleaded guilty Monday morning to a misdemeanor malicious destruction of property charge, and if he does not violate the terms of his probation, no conviction will go on his permanent record. Sentencing is in September, but it sounds like he will get a fine and community service similar to Will Campbell (who was hit with the exact same charge last month).

From Mike Rothstein of ESPN Wolverine Nation:



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The best way to treat your sarcastic question, I think, is with a serious answer.  Because that puts it in perspective.

And that answer is [I think] that the coaches can require it of an individual, in season only, and that they aren't countable hours as long as a coach like, uh, Brady Hoke, isn't part of it.

What you don't want to have happen is to have J-Rob push a 45-lb. weight disc 200 yards for up to 20 minutes a day.  Out of season.  Because, as we now know, that is a major MAJOR violation of NCAA bylaws.

Incidentally, without knowing more about it than anygbody else; I presume that this is the kind of deal Frank Clark's lawyers are trying to negotiate.  A plea, to a misdemeanor.  Virtually nothing else would get Clark back on the field this year.  If there is to be a felony trial, Clark won't be reinstated until that is over.  And if there is such a trial, I don't expect it would happen until the season is over.  And that is why there would be such urgency for all concerned, to get to a resolution.  Frank Clark's life and schedule is not like any usual defendant's.


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Willie Campbell Duke was merely relocating a poorly parked car a little closer to the curb (for safety's sake) when he accidently slid across the hood and momentarily blocked the late-evening passers by from using the sidewalk.  Nothing to see here.  Really nothing.  


Damn I'd like to have seen that.


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Will Campbell slid across the hood of a car in order to push a little kid back from going into the street. He had heard Michael Floyd had been seen driving in the area, he saved the kids life.