Where was Karan Higdon?

Submitted by MainStreetMagic on October 2nd, 2016 at 9:41 AM

Watching the game yesterday I couldn't help but notice that Karan Higdon didn't get any carries,  and I never found him on the sidelines. Did I miss an injury report on him or something?  I was surprised to not see him after last week's breakout game, and I looked through the board and didn't see any information about it.



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I wondered the same, had to be an injury from practice or something. He looked great last week, albeit, PSU. Looks to have good combination of speed and power. Hopefully he's back soon if injured.

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yep knee injuries are common in football, and at times a random thing. However a proliferation of knee injuries is a sign of a training flaw. There is an issue in how leg work is being balanced to develop the entire leg properly to reduce the risk of injuries. This is actually one of the things Barwis was great at. Not saying they are doing a bad job, I think the overall strength and explosiveness is greatly improved vs wellman. But I am sure it's something they are looking at.
It's the second thing you do when setting up your S/C plan. Look for trends as the season goes on and adjust as needed.

Cali's Goin' Blue

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Clark, mone, and Newsome now all have knee injuries. But as a former soccer player who's had a significant knee injury, there is nothing your S&C coach can do to prevent it. Clark's injury was non-contact and Mone's was an injury on a play that no one in particular can point to. It's not an issue with their leg muscles and/or flexibility but just random luck. The average NFL player with an ACL injury doesn't have a (statistically) significant difference in future ACL injuries


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and I pretty clearly stated there are just some knee issues that are football as a whole and unavoidable issues. But with ACL, swollen knee, and I don't have a list, but more than a few struggling with knee problems, it does come down to S/C and how you develop tendons, how you balance muscle growth and training etc. 80% of leg injury is due to muscular imbalance. There is a science behind it you won't read on a sports blog sorry to say. It's not meant as a blame, it's meant as a "hey red flag" need to look at what we have done, where we are in the season, and how to offset the situation.
Even Harbaugh as the head coach understands this by directing Drake to run hurdles to strengthen his knee (forgive the forklift incident!). Bottom line a few obscure jnee injuries happen. When you see a rash of specific i juries its something you are doing or need to do/adjust. I ask my athletes weekly how they feel, wqtch their game performance, check with the trainers on red flags that aren't brought to me and adapt with different accessory movements, and even at times eliminate big lifts late season as we peak toward state tournaments etc.


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Football is high impact and at the level these kids play, odds of bodies doing what they weren't meant to do is always a possibility. When one or two go down with a twist, torq, odd hit, well...crap happens and not a plan in the world could prevent it. When you continue to have the same "types" of injury to the same joint, it is something that has to be looked at. I address it that week and going forward each week. Make note of it for the following season and keep working. At times it's just wear and tear season to season.
Each athlete has scar tissue, each position group has different stresses, so in one way you create sport specific strength. Then you layer positional adaptations, like line backers/Rb vs OL vs wr/db groups who do different things onfield. Then individually(team) you look at trends in performance goals and address injury issues. My programs have always started with a base foundation. Barwis is a master of this developing core strength and connective tissue early on. Then layers of strength are developed with base exercise and specific ancillary movements for each position group. I like to address the athletes individually because they can share issues without judgement from peers and coaches. It helps me help them, and it's something I have been very successful with.
How long does it take? depends on the issue, and what you can do. Rest ALWAYS helps with injury but it's not always an option. One athlete in particular struggled with issues to a point post workouts were fine but 24 hours later they could barely walk and it kept getting worse. We adjusted and within two weeks the issue resolved itself and they returned to normal play. Phenominal athtlete with crazy work ethic...she was the biggest difference in recovery due to how hard she pushed.
its honestly an athlete by athlete process but thats why you plan and build a base, and as red flags pop you treat what you need to treat, because it's a matter of time before others fail if you don't head it off. out of 120+ football players, having ten with knee issues is significant, yet still very manageable in two weeks of training.


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If I was never the strongest dude at the CCRB like yourself...but just because your 'expertise' doesn't understand such a concept, yeah, it's possible. And AGAIN... point being overlooked, one, two, three random sport specific oh shit injuries, SURE that happens, it's just the body being put in a position it shouldn't blah blah blah. BUT there is a second level where say 10% of your players are experiencing similar traumatic injury and you have to stop and say...what is the common denominator, what are we doing within our training to address/prevent/develop the muscle group. I spent my undergrad in Kinesiology with focus in biomechanics and athletic development. I completed my masters in exercise physiology and exercise science...I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn or develop my understanding reading muscle and fitness...and if NFL teams DO NOT understand this...yeah they are doing it wrong too and probably should hire better S/'C guys. Though going back to my original point...most of them DO get it, most teams DO get the random two or three injuries that were simply unavoidable...however it's RARE to have an NFL/NCAA team have multiple injuries at the same joint. If they are, the athletes aren't being properly prepared and need to adjust or include specific training. Then again I am having an internet argument with sports fans. Off to the gym to train some folks and continue preventing injury and developing performance. Some people can't be reached. And that's OK, that's what keeps me working.


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The first knee injury, it happens, when it continues to happen is when I started noticing the issue. It's not that anything is being done wrong, I think the current S/C crew is solid. Just a point to me, if this were happening to my teams and athletes it's more than random and needs to be looked at. Easy fix honestly. Not a critical statement. I look at football differently, it's a reflex. sometimes seatmates don't want to hear it when I see a player go down, I can tell with reasonable accuracy just seeing it happen in motion. Usually if it's like Clark people tell me to keep it to myself:(

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the knee joint takes an awful amount of stress in doing every day activities.  And if you add in people not taking care of themselves well (like being overweight or not exercising much), that can put more stress on the joint.  I had a minor knee operation while in my 30's and it was due to some really minor twisting I did to it while getting up off the floor.  But with athletes, who can put a huge amount more stress on the joint, I'm not that surprised.


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Maybe I missed something, but Maurice Ways hasn't played in 2 weeks, and Ian Bunting also didn't play this week according to the participation list.  Does anybody know if they are injured, or just moving down the depth chart?



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He is shoring up treatment on his knee subsequent his surgery in July. He is available and was a coaches decision not to play yesterday if he wasn't "needed". The argument about need is one for debate but Isaac did run the ball very well. He is practicing and will be available this week. Coaches may throw him back in the rotation Saturday or he may rest the full 2 weeks and be full throttle for Illinois. Depends on his response to treatment and Coach Wheatley.


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From everything you said about the kid since the time he was in high school, Karan seems like a really good person and I'm happy to see him playing meaningful snaps and doing so well.

Thanks for all the extra insight over the past few years.


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I wasn't a believer in Ty for exactly that reason but I'm coming around and I'm really glad to see what he is making of his opportunity. I still think he goes down a little too easy sometimes and I feel like he doesn't have the burst of Smith or Evans or Higdon but he impresses me with his shiftiness for a guy that size. I wonder if he can catch the ball out of the backfield--I'd love to see him become a multi tool weapon.

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I noticed that too.  It was so good to see him show some emotion.  Running back is one position where mentality matters a LOT.  Seeing Ty run with passion and desire actually exposed what has been missing in his game to this point .  Felt like he turned a corner a little bit.  


October 2nd, 2016 at 10:47 AM ^

Thanks for the inside info. Karan has really been a highlight for me this season so far. His potential is really high and I'm super excited about his future. Seems like a great kid and I love that he's getting a chance to contribute. This RB crew seems to have the makings of something great when they all get going.

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October 2nd, 2016 at 10:32 AM ^

Isaac ran a whole lot harder yesterday. That's my only knock on Evans so far, not going to get you that extra yard, almost looks like he was on the losing end of Red Rover sometimes. Smith was a beast.

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