Vernon Hargreaves says Shane Morris was the best QB at the Opening

Submitted by althegreat23 on July 11th, 2012 at 12:50 PM

247 sports asked No. 1 CB Vernon Hargreaves to break down some of the players at The Opening

On Shane Morris:

"He's a baller. He was definitely the best quarterback here."

Others of note:

Alvin Bailey - "Bailey has been doing good. He makes the big catch when we need it."

Kendall Fuller- "He plays a lot like I do. He's aggressive, not a lot of balls go his way. I guess a lot of people know not to test him."



July 11th, 2012 at 1:58 PM ^

Magnus always sticks up for his fellow recruiting analyst..

I'll take the word of someone who plays the game and competed against Shane over these hit or miss analyst any day... Farrell is the same guy who finds no flaws in that PSU recruit who threw about 20 interceptions over the weekends... I'm with you he can SUCK IT and SWALLOW


July 11th, 2012 at 2:06 PM ^

Yes, I always stick up for my fellow recruiting analyst...just like when I said Derrick Green is way overrated on Rivals.

Rivals has the best track record of any of the recruiting sites.  I'm not saying they're always right, and for all I know, Vernon Hargreaves III is the best talent evaluator in the history of mankind...

...but none of the recruiting sites think Shane Morris is better than Max Browne.  Zero.  I hope he's the #1 NFL draft pick in a few years, but that really has nothing to do with it.


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magnus what say you to devon allen if LQTIII commits?  does he take spot #24 or is he told not to visit a la anzelone?  i say take him anyway i love his sprinter speed and let wilkins and green go.  but i am not very bright and have poor listening skills so await your insight thanks.


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I don't think Allen is a kid that we should take on top of Treadwell.  If we get Treadwell, I think we should be done at WR unless a bigger fish wants to come (like Robert Foster, Leon McQuay, etc.).  Allen is a decent player, but his ceiling isn't particularly high, in my opinion.


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You should have led with the fact that all the recruiters thought Browne was the best but that Farrell was enthused with Morris than everyone else by placing him in the top 3 qbs rather than solidly at number 2. Also, you should mention that Hargreaves was probably more focused on his performance than evaluating others. The biggest discrediting of Farrell would be that his evaluation completely disagrees with every other evaluation of Taco (at least the evaluations that have been put on the board).


July 11th, 2012 at 2:34 PM ^

Magnus always agrees with other recruiting analysis... unless those analysts disagree with each other, in which case Magnus disagrees with them, but only so he agrees with them. Which he doesn't, because he really agrees. Or disagrees. I forget.


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dissagrees with everyone.

There were some analysts that liked Morris better...especially in day 2. If Morris made the finals we might see different rankings. The one knock on Browne is his athleticism. Some say Morris has more upside. Morris also has some intangibles that wont show up until game day.

MF tweeted that Morris and Browne were top 2 but not sure who leads after day 2.


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So taking the word of "someone that competed against Shane" is a moot point.  And as someone that saw both QBs play, Shane was just as erratic as Hackberg and threw his share of picks as well.  The people that said he was to blame for their knockout loss weren't too far off.  Granted his defense didn't help him out too much, but he had lots of bad passes in that game.


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haha well according to Jim Comparoni from, Shane Morris had a terrible 7 v 7, 'choked,' and demonstrated some Red Flags....




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I'd trust multiple analysts with decent track records who've spent many years looking at many players over the words of one (albeit elite) recruit.  The crowd can be very wise especially when everyone has the same information!


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Plus, who ever said 7 on 7 drills was ever a good predictor of success in a college football game.  Especially those lineman drills, since the defenders don't have any run responsibilities and the o-linemen have no help these drills aren't the greatest at predicting success (at least in my mind).  This camp circuit business is a shanda if you ask me.