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Submitted by TomVH on February 8th, 2011 at 10:23 AM

Chris Pool from ESPN is reporting that 2011 Illinois OL Graham Glasgow (6'7", 295 lbs.) is visiting Michigan this weekend. He's been to Minnesota and Ohio State, and he was also at Michigan for the Iowa game this year. 

Here's his film. I'll have more later.

**EDIT: I confirmed with Graham that he will be in Ann Arbor for an unofficial visit this weekend.



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WOW... i read about this dude on espn insider a few weeks ago, and wondered why we weren't all over him, ESPECIALLY since his coach played for Michigan... heard he is a late bloomer like lewan.

Here is some of what Chris Pool wrote on ESPN


Buckeyes interested in Graham Glasgow

As signing day approaches there is one prospect who isn't getting caught up in the sense of urgency that others in his class are feeling right now. Offensive tackle Graham Glasgow(Aurora, Ill./Marmion Academy) isn't your typical recruit. He is a basketball player, turned football player with one year of experience under his belt. Glasgow helped lead his team to a state runner-up finish in 2010 and now football is his sport of choice.


His parents are the team doctors for the Northern Illinois football team and that's why new Minnesota coach Jerry Kill brought him up for an official visit. Now Ohio State has entered the picture.

"Coach (Doc) Tressel came to my basketball practice [Thursday]," said the 6-foot-7, 290-pounder. "I had a great conversation with Coach Tressel and it looks like I'll go there next week for a visit. Right now I think it would be the same situation as Minnesota. I would be a preferred walk-on."

Glasgow's offensive line coach at Marmion is former Chicago Bears lineman Kurt Becker and he says the sky is the limit for Glasgow.

"[Glasgow] has unlimited potential," Becker said. "I played at Michigan and in the NFL. I think I have a good feel of what a Big Ten type offensive tackle should look like. With some development and coaching, Graham could end up being a multi-year starter at the next level."

Webber's Pimp

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I love it!!! At 6"7 - 295 the kid is a monster! Sounds to me as if he's ours to lose if we could find a scholarship for him. We certainly have the edge over OSU since they're only offering preferred walk-on status. Coach Becker may swing this kid our way...In any case this would be a hell of a consolation prize after the loss of Fisher...

MI Expat NY

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This isn't to bash the kid, even being considered for a preferred walk-on spot at the likes of Michigan and Ohio State is far better than I ever accomplished.  But lets be serious, there are projects and then there are projects, Glasgow is the latter.  Not one D1 school is offering him a scholarship, according to Rivals.  Coach Kill, who has had a working relationship with Glasgow's parents at N. Ill, is only offering a preferred walk-on spot at Minnesota.  Neither Rivals, Scout nor ESPN even rank him.  

Is there a chance that all available metrics are wrong, and that Glasgow will be a stud?  Of course.  But at the same time, right now we're only looking at 15-20 available scholarships next year, and that class needs to be huge after two rather dissappointing ones.  Using a scholarship this year on such a long shot probably isn't worth it.  Hopefully the kid is smart and the lure of a Michigan education is enough to get him on campus as a walk-on.


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Yeah, there's no way you can offer this kid a scholarship when he might not ever be ready to hit the football field. By no means am I saying that he won't pan out nor am I saying that I don't want him. He'd be a nice addition to the class, but I don't think it's worth burning a scholarship on this kid at this point.

I just feel like this kid looks dominant at the HS level because of his size more than anything. At the college level, he would have to improve his footwork and his technique. He seems like a pretty athletic guy for a kid his size, especially considering he played basketball. However, he's too much of an unfinished project to use a scholarship on. Preferred walk on is probably the right call. I do hope he comes here.


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This would be an OT we could take this year, so would be adding one scholarship to the twenty we already have out.  


Kid looks like a beast!  Wouldn't be the first time a basketball has successfully transitioned to  football.  Different position, different level, but can anyone say Antonio Gates?


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A side thought... yesterday I said repeatedly in other posts that our hoops team is only one big man away from being a major program.  

Can he play both sports? Is he any good at hoops?

STW P. Brabbs

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Yep, he played basketball, so he's just like Antonio Gates. 

You know, not everyone who plays basketball in high school is actually good at basketball. 

What, exactly, about Glasgow's game reminds you of Gates?


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...a response to Michigania's to allow him to edit his comment. You're a little heavy on the premium content cut and paste. Board rules are to paraphrase and cut and paste snippets, not whole passages.

That said, the fact that both of his parents are doctors and that they're NIU's team doctors means two things that are positive: 1) he's probably pretty bright; 2) growing up, he's probably spent a fair amount of time in and around the NIU program, which might make his transition a little easier.

Sounds like a project, but sometimes projects pan out. Given Michigan's OL depth, this would be a great use of a 2011 scholarship.


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i agree, and i am sorry... although i only posted 1/3 of pool's article, it was 100% of the relevant info, and i wasn't thinking, for was too excited at the time.  a few weeks ago i read about this kid and that former M star kurt becker was coaching him and wanted us to jump on the kid. i will edit it if i'm able to do so.


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which in a lot of cases is half the battle.  Pair that with good athleticism (he's a basketball player first) and we just might have a solid prospect on our hands.  A project no doubt with such little football experience, but his highlight video was impressive.  He shows a lot of grit (zing!!) and toughness in the trenches (again!!), throws guys around.  


I'd like to see how things go on campus first but if the coaches want to offer this kid a schollie I say why not?


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around like rag dolls.  Bring him in, teach him, bulk him up and watch out.  BB might use him in the middle, too.  They need some beef inside.