Willie Henry and Graham Glasgow Combine Results

Willie Henry and Graham Glasgow Combine Results

Submitted by Space Coyote on February 29th, 2016 at 10:22 AM

We've looked a bit at Glasgow's numbers. He measured in quite well for an interior OL, and his test scores, while not great, likely won't hurt him either.



Height: 6'6

Arm Length: 33 5/8"

Weight: 307 lbs

Hands: 10 3/4"

Discussion here


40: 5.13 (9th)

Bench: 23 Reps

Broad Jump: 106" (13th)

3 Cone Drill: 7.63 (13th)

20 Yard Shuttle: 4.63 (12th)

Essentially, solid showing, but not a standout athlete. Glasgow certainly didn't hurt his draft stock, likely helped it a little with his measureables and maybe even a little with his test results. Solid showing. Would like to see a little more upper body strength. Still think he ends up at Guard at the next level.



Height: 6'3"

Arm Length: 33 3/8"

Weight: 303 lbs

Hands: 10 7/8"


40: 5.00

Bench: 28 Reps (11th)

Vert: 30.5"

Broad Jump: 110"

3 Cone: 7.57 sec

20 yard shuttle: 4.53 sec

Henry has very good length and huge hands for what is a squaty body, so basically, the prototype for a DT. While he didn't place as a top performer in a lot of places, he was competing against DEs as well, so that's not a huge surprise. Overall, I think Henry performed well, but clearly didn't stand out in an otherwise stacked DT field. He's probably going to go around the mid-rounds if I had to guess.

*Note: I didn't watch any of the combine, so if people have other comments based on what they saw, this is a good place for that info. I'm just going off of the pure results here and what we've seen previously on film.

Graham Glasgow and His New Roommate

Graham Glasgow and His New Roommate

Submitted by Ma1zeandB1ue on October 9th, 2015 at 8:42 AM

Graham Glasgow made some poor decisions with alcohol and is paying the piper for it, but not in the way you would expect.  Instead of suspension or other conventional methods of punishment, Harbaugh made him move in with his Grandma. 


The legend of Harbaugh continues.



Detroit News: Graham Glasgow Violated Probation

Detroit News: Graham Glasgow Violated Probation

Submitted by M Fanfare on March 16th, 2015 at 5:16 PM

As part of the probation he recieved for his DUI last year, Glasgow was to abstain from alcohol for a year. He blew a .086 on Sunday morning (presumably during a court-mandated check, this was not during a traffic stop).



Comparing injuries across the Big Ten

Comparing injuries across the Big Ten

Submitted by m1jjb00 on October 13th, 2014 at 12:47 PM

Alum 65 asked what did we do to the injury gods.  I was thinking the same thing as it seemed like a lot, but then I asked myself how it compares to other schools.  Some Internet searches convinced me that reporting was too inconsistent across schools to have a good, comparable measure.  Plus, it was really time consuming.

The table below presents an imperfect measure of starts lost.  Michigan appears second to Maryland in terms of injuries in the Big 10.

“Starts” lost*




Starts lost

as %

of gm.

























































* excludes second-string quarterbacks

For each player on the team that records at least one start in the NCAA database, the table sums up the number of games played according to the same database less the number of games the team played.  So, for instance, Michigan has played seven games.  Jehu Chesson started at least one game (four actually, which doesn’t matter) and has played in six.  So, he contributes 1 to Michigan’s total.  Kyle Kalis started only three games, but because he has played all seven he doesn’t contribute to the measure.  The theory is that if a player has started at least one game, he probably plays in all the games even if he doesn’t start unless he is injured or suspended.  You can’t just take everyone on the roster and calculate how many games weren’t played because you’ll end up just with an estimate of how coach’s play their benches and how many blowouts there were.


The one adjustment I made to the count was that I treated quarterbacks differently.  If a starter is replaced, he may not be hurt but not play in the game.  Moreover, if you end up starting a second-string QB in one game, you’ll end up treating him as hurt in all the other games that he may not have played.  Shane Morris is such an example, as he started against Minnesota, but did not play against Notre Dame when he wasn’t hurt.  So, he otherwise would have been counted as injured for Notre Dame had I not just excluded second-string quarterbacks.  I did go back and add in any games not played by obvious 1st string quarterbacks.  Rudock, Leidner, and Lunt missed games due to injury, while it doesn’t appear that Etling, who missed two games, was hurt.  (The theory is that reporting on starting quarterbacks is good enough across teams.)  I didn’t add back in an injury for Morris for the Penn State game, which he probably should be counted, just like I didn’t do any comparable searches for other second-string quarterbacks who may be injured.

It’s useful to acknowledge all of the other imperfections in this measure.

  • It includes suspensions, so Glasgow adds one to Michigan.
  • It doesn’t include obvious starters lost for the entire year before the season started, such as Braxton Miller.  Note that Noah Spence also doesn’t show up, as although he played in one game, he didn’t start in that game.
  • It doesn’t include injuries to important people on special teams or important backups that in a perfect world would be counted. 
  • No adjustments are made for how good the player was that was lost.  Nor does it weigh injuries if for instance they occur in the same area, which may compound the damage.
  • No allowances are made for guys who play in some games but are obviously not 100% (Jake Butt?).
  • Teams that have instability in their starting lineups will have a bigger pool to have a chance to show up as injured. 


The advantage is that it doesn’t depend on a detailed knowledge of the teams, which might then be biased as I at least know more about some teams more than others.





Glasgow Sentenced

Glasgow Sentenced

Submitted by Everyone Murders on July 14th, 2014 at 12:20 PM

Graham Glasgow got sentenced today for his drunk driving foolishness earlier this year (ARTICLE).  He drew a pretty hefty sentence for a first offense:  12 months' probation, MADD impact panel session, $800 fine, and six days of community service.  He also has to abstain from alcohol and take alcohol awareness classes, and also is subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

He made a serious mistake, and he's paying a price for it.  (Nothing compared to what he would have faced had anyone been hurt.)  Let's hope this is a lesson learned, and that he has a great year on the field and in the classroom.

Graham Glasgow pleads guilty to misdemeanor charge

Graham Glasgow pleads guilty to misdemeanor charge

Submitted by BlueCube on June 16th, 2014 at 2:23 PM

Graham Glasgow pleads guilty to a lesser charge of Operating while Visibly Impaired which is a misdemeanor with a potential penalty of 93 days in jail and a $350 fine. He will be sentenced July 14.

He admitted to drinking 10-12 beers and taking a hour and a half nap before driving to get a pizza.

MLive Link

Details Emerge On Glasgow DUI

Details Emerge On Glasgow DUI

Submitted by Everyone Murders on June 4th, 2014 at 1:09 PM

MLive has an ARTICLE giving further details on Graham Glasgow's Ides of March DUI arrest.  According to the report, he had a 0.13% BAC, and claimed that he had had 5 Natty Lights that evening. 

Glasgow, 21 of Ann Arbor, was driving a white Chevrolet Suburban SUV on William when Officer Pat Maguire observed a woman, Alexa Dannemiller, hanging out of the front passenger window.

“As the vehicle turned, Maguire saw that there was a white female hanging from the front passenger side window,” the report stated. “She was sitting on the lap of another passenger who was in the same seat.”

Dannemiller, a Univeristy of Michigan volleyball player, was screaming at pedestrians and not wearing a seatbelt so Maguire began following the vehicle, according to the report.

He said the rear tailgate to the SUV was open and, as Glasgow continued driving, it started to open more and more with items coming out of the trunk. Eventually, the falling items started to obscure the license plate and Maguire initiated a traffic stop.

Needless to say, 0.13% BAC (i) raises a serious safety issue, and (ii) probably takes someone Glasgow's size more than five Natty Lights to achieve (although he would not be the first or the last to fib about how many drinks he had when pulled over on a night out).  I'm in the camp that believes that drinking and driving is very serious, but also recognize that college kids do such things.  It's probably worth noting that with the rolling party going on in the SUV Glasgow was driving, it seems like a blessing in disguise that the police intervened before anyone got hurt.  One incident doesn't make a pattern, but I hope Glasgow uses this as a wake-up call and never gets behind the wheel again impaired.  (All of this assumes the police report is accurate, of course.)

I suspect Glasgow will get typical first offender punishments from the judge after pleaing the case out, based on his lawyer's assertion that he expects this to be resolved quickly.  And I'm sure that the dorm viking crowd will be appalled at whatever punishments the Michigan staff doles out (IIRC, it stands now at some Spring Practice suspension and missing Appy State).


Graham Glasgow suspended for part of spring, season opener

Graham Glasgow suspended for part of spring, season opener

Submitted by dnak438 on March 20th, 2014 at 1:04 PM

Per UM: Graham Glasgow has been suspended for a portion of spring football, will miss season opener for a violation of "team expectations"

— angelique (@chengelis) March 20, 2014

EDIT: Also being reported by ESPN.