Tim McCormick tweets from MBB practice

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Tim McCormick tweeted a few thoughts from practice: https://twitter.com/TMcCormickESPN
Heading to A2 for @umichbball practice big question is the annual rebound concern now a strength w/ McGary Morgan Horford #norebound-noring

New facilities for @umichbball incredible 2 yrs ago substandard today a game changer no chance to recruit McGary & Robinson w/o the upgrade

First impression @umichbball most talent since the Fab Five - 5 legit NBA prospects 11 deep tremendous size loaded with athletes on the wing

#michiganbasketball practice thoughts Jon Horford is 260 top 5 bigs in the Big 10 Trey Burke has added leg strength Hardaway improved handle

Nick Stauskas @umichbball has not missed - Best M shooter since Lou Bullock? - like Jon Diebler from OSU but better athlete/handle #starter?



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I know Jon didn't have quite the high school reputation that Al did, but if you told me in high school that Al would have two national titles, multiple NBA all star appearances and become the third overall draft pick, I would have said that you were out of your mind.  Since Horford committed, I have pegged him to be a late bloomer with virtually unlimited celing and I stand by that stance today.  With the NBA family background (his father Tito was also no slouch) and the training with the Dominican National Team, I expect Horford to be at worst a very solid player in his last 3 years at Michigan, with a high probability of passing Morgan.


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The 5th is: Stauskas... or Horford.

So that's 6, and I'm excited. That's Deep talent.

But it's all up to one man to manage that talent: Burke.

If Trey gets Hardaway & "Tre" to gel, we're a 2 seed. 


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Living down here on tobacco road, I can't wait to play NC State at the beginning of the season. After years of taking the backseat to UNC and Duke the Wolfpack appear to be the frontrunners in the ACC (not sure if I agree with the experts on that one). I have to say in the last several years I have lived here their fans have become exceedingly obnoxious about their teams.

I'd love to get some payback after having to sit through a loss to them the last time we met down here for the challenge. It should be a far cry from Amaker's pass it around the perimeter for 34 seconds and launch up a prayer offense. I don't miss those days. Exciting times for hoops in Ann Arbor.


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The kid can hit 102 threes in 5 minutes. You don't get that way by being unreliable.

In all seriousness, if you watch the video of his high school scrimmage against Baylor last year, you will see him knock down plent of shots with college defenders on him. I know it isn't an every-game basis, but this kid isn't like anything Michigan fans have ever seen.


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Really liking the makeup of this year's team as it appears we have a legitimate 3-big rotation who all can do different things, two legit NBA prospects on the wings in Hardaway and GRIII with some deadeyes off the bench. Plus, you know, Trey Burke.

Biggest concerns are staying healthy, somebody who can spell Burke for 10-12 minutes a night, and a lack of Novak.

Still, I'd be shocked if this team isn't a Final Four level squad.

Mich Mash

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...is a pretty impressive claim also, at least by recruiting rankings.  The 1994 class dubbed "Fab Five II" was pretty hyped coming in as well.  This was the #1 class of 1994 and Fisher's second top-rated class in 5 years.  Maurice Taylor, Jerod Ward, Travis Conlan, Willie Mitchell, Maceo Baston.  And for the record, I am not implying that this class will be controversial at all, just fact checking the statements made by McCormick.


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When I was in elementary school (Pattengill), Bo used to bring athletes one evening each year to hold a charity raffle. As a kid I got to meet Jim Harbaugh, Bo, Roy Tarpley, Butch Wade, etc. I still remember Tim McCormick holding me up to dunk a basketball.