There are...

Submitted by Denarded on January 15th, 2011 at 12:00 AM

days until the 2011 team joins Perry and Braylon as Big Ten Champs fufilling Coach Hokes goal.



January 15th, 2011 at 1:34 AM ^

I really fucking hated Drew Sharp's question about Hoke's goal.  As Hoke said, you don't win the B1G, you ain't going to the NCG.  Of course your goal is the conference, because that gives you the oppertunity to play in AT LEAST the BCS, and possibly the NCG.  I would LOVE to see Drew Sharp ask that question to Bo.  Bo would probably kick his ass himself and ban him from further press conferences. 


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Do you limit your countdown to 12:01am on MGoBlog, or do you share this countdown with acquaintances during the day? For example, some people say, "Hi, how are you?" I picture you saying, "Hi, there's 231 days until kickoff. Go Blue." That's how my dad greated friends until he got sick and tired of the seat license fees, ticket price increases, and the feeling that it was becoming more and more about money than Michigan. I hope you hold on to that youthful exuberance and joy about Michigan football. I moved to LA several years ago and lost that closeness with the team as a result. Thanks to the Big10 network and this blog, I feel like I'm getting that connection back.


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My faith in college football in general and Michigan in particular took a BIG (B1G?) hit after this year.  Idiocy and corruption at every level, and the bad guys won far, far too many times.  MGo's been like my candy, keeping me in the game.  I'm sure I'll be OK by the time September rolls around but I'm still really upset with the way this season turned out, both at the Big Ten level and the national level.


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is exactly why Brady has - and Bo always had - a goal of winning a B1G championship. You can somewhat control how the B1G operates, but the SEC is a cesspool of corruption. If you want to compete with them on a regular basis for MNCs, it's awfully hard to do within the rules. I'm just waiting for the day the book gets thrown at OSU for all the crap they've been getting away with. They are the 1 and only team in the SEC North division.


January 15th, 2011 at 1:22 AM ^

I'm still mad at DB for throwing the fanbase under the bus with that bogus search business, but he isn't an idiot.  He knows the deck is stacked enough against a program like Michigan even at the Big Ten level because of tSIO's shenanegins and general competitiveness of the conference.  RR was brought in to change all that, but let's be realistic.  The SEC has won SIX (count 'em) national titles in a row.  To say that they are not head and shoulders above the competition is absurd and homeristic.

One of the things that stuck out in Brian's original "It's Hoke" post was "Michigan has thrown in the towel on being a national power..."  Yes.  Yes we have, Brian, because we aren't willing to cheat to win.  Not saying RR was that kind of person, but look at Demar Dorsey.  He would never have even been given a second thought before 2009.  I think the old guard saw the writing on the wall, and DB could sense the will of the masses.  We seem to like boring ol' 2-tight-end sets, handoff-handoff-fades, and 10-win seasons.  We'll always have the best university in the Big Ten, and tSIO will never, ever, EVER be smarter then us.



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May end up as the smallest recruiting class in history, thank you DB.Even the "locks" are now visiting elsewhere.Enough with press conferences and interviews, let's get our staff in place and get on the damn recruits.


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But I would have to disagree. These posts show great shots of M players. Hell if a paper in that state down there has a frickin count we could at least have our own. I'll love the day when we can have a count of how many days we beat them.


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We need to take this in steps..231 is such a big number..cant we countdown until signing day,then spring game,then fall practice ..that way i wont be drepressed becuase i wont see numbers like 231