SIAP - Highlights for returning Defensive players

Submitted by canzior on August 17th, 2017 at 2:10 PM

Found a highlight video of Michigan's defensive players that are returning. It's pretty good to watch, and I'm excited about how little drop off there will be.


Everyone Murders

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Check it out at 1:50, a clip from the Maryland game.  The clip shows MD putting up a 40+ yd rush on Michigan, with a TD saving tackle at the 3 or so.

That left me ... unhyped. 

Overall, though, I'm feeling really good about the defense being in a "reload" mode rather than "rebuild" mode.  (Less confident on the DB side, but the DBs will benefit from lots of pressure up front.)


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over Gedeon is a net positive. Also assume that waht you lose in coverage ability from Sttriblings position, you gain in tackling ability.  Hudson might be a better Viper than Peppers as well, not because he's a better athlete, but more talented athletes are able to hide their mistakes with sheer athleticism...and those who are slightly less talented may be a little mroe technically sound. 


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DL will have any drop off. I expect all of them to be improved from last year and that is just scary how good our starting 4 can be. Winovich may have the biggest leap and will be a bookend for Gary this year. If Mone stays healthy and Hurst improves just a little no one will run on us.

Our LB's should be very good. I too am a little worried about the secondary, but our safeties both have played and have shown some good things. The CB's are young but they have talent and hopefully with the other 9 players wrecking havoc they will be fine. I expect Brown and company will have this team clicking when they take the field and we will see no drop off from last years D.


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A couple of notes of caution.  First, the D-line doesn't have as much experienced depth this year, as you noted.  Last year's experience level in the 2-deep was amazing (with the exceptional exception of Gary, of course), so it generated good pass rush even with some nominal backups in the game (especially Hurst and Gary).  Second, if Winovich has learned to stay in a disciplined rush lane, this year's first-string D-line should be very good.  Last year, the D-line gave up some big QB runs until Charlton returned to the lineup.  Hoping the younger guys can develop quickly; if they do, then the D-line will be a terror again.


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That's a great point. I see some Brennen Beyer in Winovich; he'll do great against some of the lesser competition, but I'm fearful power run teams are going to just bowl him over.


Unless Kemp has bulked up (thanks for the updated roster, Harbaugh!) from what we see on the roster on the team's website, Kemp has 10 pounds on Winovich. I can't speak to Kemp's style of play though and whether he's measurably better against the run compared to a hopefully improved Winovich.


It's tough to really speculate about the freshmen and if a guy like Jeter or Hudson can get some plays at DE. I know Marshall was moved inside to play some 3-technique. I wonder if against Wisconsin or OSU we might see him spelling Winovich more to try to stop the power run game. 


Or maybe Winovich shocks some people.


August 18th, 2017 at 12:11 PM ^

Was never a freakish athlete or much of a plus in pass rush the way Winovich is. Beyer was a poor man's Ryan Van Bergen or Craig Roh.

Winovich has the potential to be LaMarr Woodley good. A dominant pass rushing college DE who will be forced to play OLB in a 3-4 system at the next level because of his size.


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Less experienced, yet more talented = more mistakes early on, yet more big plays (hopefully more of the latter).

Bummer we don't have great coaching... /s.

Had to bust out a calculator to figure all the time McCray and Winovich spent in the backfield.


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was a good collection of clips, but I would have preferred if there was an interception or two mixed it, or perhaps even a batted down ball.  Or really just any kind of non-special teams play that features a defensive back that remains on the team this year.

Anything?  No?



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Wow. So many "cackle with glee" highlights. And these were just the highlights of the guys coming back. What a defense we had last year.

Hopefully, what a defense this year. I don't think it will be as comprehensively great (hard to believe that every single new guy in the secondary is going to leap up to very good or better status at the same time with how young they are) but it will be exciting. And the DL starters might be good enough to hide a lot of shortcomings in back.