Shittu live chat question and response

Submitted by Amutnal on August 11th, 2011 at 7:06 PM
Me: Have you thought about how world-crushing the tandem of you and Ondre Pipkins could be at Michigan?

Aziz: Yeah, a little bit

That made my soul-dong happy.



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Me: Did you see Die Hard? Where Bruce Willis had to cross all that broken glass without his shoes on and there was nothing he could do about it so he just walked on all the broken glass with his bare feet? Did you like that? 

Aziz: Yeah, a little bit 

Me: Me too. That was awesome.


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O'Brien.  Initial reports had Shittu ranked much higher than O'Brien, but he's a CA kid so that's not very surprising.  The two main reasons I like O'Brien better are:

Summer camp reports and videos have been better for O'Brien than Shittu.  Not by a lot, but by some.

Also - O'Brien is already at or very close to his playing weight at 295, and we know he can move well at that size.  Putting 10 more lbs on him shouldn't affect his mobility at all.  Shittu needs to put on 25-30 lbs before he's an elite DT size so there's more uncertainty with him.  It's possible he's just as explosive at 300 as he is at 275, but it's also possible he's not, and still yet possible he never gets that big.  O'Brien's got 20lbs on Shittu and moves just as well.


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Comment From Todd

Where does Michigan stand with you?

Aziz Shittu: 

Go Blue! ....


Aziz Shittu: 

I'm just looking at the situation they've got with their class and deciding my officials.

although he does kinda flirt with every team mentioned