Scalping Tickets at (Sugar) Bowl Games

Submitted by UMGooch on December 4th, 2011 at 11:07 PM

Alright, I know everyone's thinking about it, but nobody's posting. For those Bowl veterans out there, what is the scalping environment typically like? Am I the only one who thinks the cheapest ticket being $97 is a little ridiculous?



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I went to the Sugar Bowl 2 years ago with Cincinnati vs Florida and I know people who scalped tickets and got some good seats down low not very expensive.  I do not know how relative that is because of the Michigan fan base bringing so many people but the BCS games I have been to have had decent amount of empty seats making scalping easy.


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Went to the Super Bowl in 1997 (Packers and Patriots, Desmond MVP).  I was surprised to see scalpers selling their tix right outside the dome right in front of the cops.  Perfectly legal to sell them above face value.  A Pack fan offered to buy my two tix for $4500.00 and I was tempted, but didn't.  Being legal to scalp right outside the stadium definitely helps to keep the price down. 


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You might get lucky, but if you're travelling for the game, it's a gamble. The Superdome only seats about 80k, and both teams have large, loyal fanbases. The timing of the game might bring down prices, but 100 bucks for a big bowl game isn't bad at all.

EDIT: Additionally, NOLA is a popular NYE spot, and I've already heard a lot of my M friends doing a NOLA NYE then heading to the game. I'd expect a lot of Hokies to do the same.

Look Up_See Blue

December 5th, 2011 at 12:07 AM ^

I know this isn't a scalping question.  But the tickets that go on sale through the athletic dept is that 8:30 EST time?  I live in CST and want to make sure I don't mess up the time and then have the tix be sold out by the time I get online.  Does anyone know how many tix UofM has to sell?  My guess is 15-20K?


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I was working in NOLA last year.  With nothing better to do, a couple of us decided to go to watch Ohio play the Razorbacks.  With almost no effort, we picked up nosebleed seat tics for $20 a piece.  It was kind of nauseating to sit amongst so many Ohio fans as they took Arkansas apart.  Who knew that I was just advance scouting for this year's game.  Go Blue.

Elno Lewis

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they will be tickets everywhere.


If you go, head down to whatever hotel M is staying at and catch some of the pep rallies and stuff.  I went in 84 and had a ball. 


Do not mess with the cops on horses down there. Ever.



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I live in NOLA and can attest to this fact. You touch a horse... you will get punched by a cop. Been had seen it happen. 

Bourbon Street Rules 

1) Do not pee on the street 

2) Do not fight in front of the cops 

3) Do not touch the horses.