Sugar Bowl grades

Sugar Bowl grades

Submitted by Magnus on February 12th, 2012 at 4:19 PM

It's been kind of a slow weekend for football-related news, but last night I sat down and graded the defense in the Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech.  Two freshmen (Frank Clark, Jake Ryan) graded out the best with two seniors (Mike Martin, Ryan Van Bergen) coming in just behind them.  It was not a great night for the secondary.

False read on the fake punt

False read on the fake punt

Submitted by Blue Blue Blue on January 4th, 2012 at 7:28 PM

there is a very interesting comment by Beamer in his post game transcript.


when asked about the fake punt that failed and lead to our field goal, he said it was a play they practice, and that on short yardage, the puner reads the outside cover guy.  If that player is set up to retreat and block for the return, the punter is supposed to go.

Beamer said the Michigan man outside gave a look like he was going to retreat, but then rushed the punter, and that fooled the punter into holding the ball and starting to take off.

Who made this heads up play?

Sugar Bowl Victory Shirts as Seen On Players For Sale

Sugar Bowl Victory Shirts as Seen On Players For Sale

Submitted by tdcarl on January 4th, 2012 at 2:26 AM

The shirts and hats the players had on at the end of the game are now for sale at the Big Ten online store. Other Nike BCS gear is available as well for those of you who are Nike fans. Unfortunately they need to be printed before they ship, so it will be a little while before orders are sent out.


Brady Hoke Presser

Brady Hoke Presser

Submitted by MGoShoe on January 1st, 2012 at 6:07 PM

These are all from Kyle Meinke's ( Twitter feed.

  • Hoke was surprisingly revealing today. He typically clamps down on info as game day approaches, esp. on players gaining/losing starting jobs:
    • Will Heininger "probably" won't play in the Sugar Bowl.
    • Will Hagerup has held off Matt Wile, will start at punter.
    • Thomas Gordon will start at free safety. Troy Woolfolk also is expected to see time.
    • Should a long field goal be attempted, freshman Matt Wile, not Brendan Gibbons, would be the guy.
    • J.T. Floyd joined Denard Robinson in submitting paperwork to the NFL draft advisory board. Hoke expects him to be back.
  • Denard used to get too hyped before games, a problem he's mostly solved by listening to slower music like R&B during pregames.
  • "Spent my New Year's Eve watching Arrested Development in my hotel room." -- Denard Robinson, showing off his superior taste in TV. [Maize and Bluth]



Michigan coach Brady Hoke provides updates on the team leading up to the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

Greg Mattison Press Conference Transcript

Greg Mattison Press Conference Transcript

Submitted by MGoShoe on December 31st, 2011 at 9:44 PM

Here's the transcript of today's Greg Mattison press conference. Four instances of "tremendous".

He had this to say about Will Heininger's health:

Q. We've seen Will go around on crutches, how much has he been able to practice? And do you have a limit of how much time he can miss before you may rule him out?

COACH MATTISON: That's really up to Paul. That's up to our medical staff. Over the years in coaching I've had guys that have missed an entire Bowl practice and all of a sudden they were cleared. And you now have another hand, you now have another guy that can play.

You can't worry about that as a coach. If you're a coach and all of a sudden somebody goes down and you start worrying about that, you're not going to do a great job. And it truly is, at our place, with Brady, and our staff, next guy. Next guy. These are our players. This is Michigan defense. This is how you play. You're expected to know what to do.

You're supposed to execute what we call and I'm very confident that they'll do that.

And this to say about his confidence in Will Campbell:

Q. Craig talked about how Will Campbell has basically his own personal coaching staff. How has he responded to that kind of attention in practice and the position he might be thrust into next week?

COACH MATTISON: Will has responded well all year. There aren't just three starting defensive linemen. You can't make it doing it that way. You've got to always look at it as if there's five or six starting linemen.

And you're going to be playing [??] whenever you put a defensive linemen in a game in a crucial part of a game he's a starter. The times are passed when one defensive lineman plays the whole game if you get ahead you mop up you put a guy in. Doesn't happen that way. And especially the way we do it, because we've rotated, we've tried from day one, even when guys weren't ready, we rotated guys in in crucial times.

So when all of a sudden it's time for you to say: Okay, instead of you coming in the second quarter, you're going to start the first quarter, that's about where it's at with Will. And I have utmost confidence. And I'm happy for him.

I'm excited for him, because he has an opportunity now to show what he can do, and that's what this game is going to give him.

[Update: GBW now has video of the presser.]

40-Car Pileup in New Orleans

40-Car Pileup in New Orleans

Submitted by Corey on December 29th, 2011 at 12:02 PM

For both your information if you're already down there, and in hopes that you're safe and can check in with those who might be worried.

NEW ORLEANS - I-10 West and East are currently closed at the Michoud Exit due to a multi-car fatal accident.

There were 40 cars involved in the pileup that killed two people.

A 54-year-old man from Springfield, La. and a man from Slidell, age unknown, were killed in the accident, according to the NOPD.

Tow truck drivers who arrived at the I-10 pileup scene shortly after it happened said visibility was extremely poor because of thick fog.

Minor to critical injuries caused 22 people to go to the hospital and 37 others received minor injuries that they refused treatment for.

A firefighter was injured during a rescue operations and suffered minor lacerations.

Westbound traffic is currently being detoured to Highway 11, while a better alternative may be Chef Menteur / Highway 90.

Eastbound traffic should exit at Chef Menteur / Highway 90.

Officials say that it could be several hours before the area is cleared and advise commuters to add extra time for their drive.

The cause is still under investigation, according to NOPD.