Sam Webb on Sean Parker

Submitted by itself on January 22nd, 2010 at 12:31 PM

On today's RR Sam Webb maintains his gut feeling on Sean Parker.
We'll see. Did say that Washington may get a visit from him.

Did also confirm that Torrian Wilson is not coming in this the other brian said



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All work and no beer make Homer go crazy!
All work and no beer make Homer go crazy!
All work and no beer make Homer go crazy!
All work and no beer make Homer go crazy!
All work and no beer make Homer go crazy!
All work and no beer make Homer go crazy!


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Does anyone know if RR has used his in home visit with Parker yet? Next week would be great timing for one. Even bring Greg Robinson and his super bowl rings.


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Dews, Gibson and GERG visited Parker this week.

RR was in Louisiana, Florida and North and South Carolina this week visiting commits for 2010 (Carvin, Cone Bone 2.0) and recruits for 2011 (LeMay?).

RR is using his in-home visit with Parker as close to the end of this live period as he can, since he knows that Kiffin and Orgeron are going to break every NCAA rule they can regarding dead periods to sign Parker.

This makes me wonder if RR would, in recruiting against slime like Kiffin, would bring a copy of the Rule with him and show it to the recruits and their parents, in order to say, in effect, "Look what the rules say, look what I'm doing, watch what Kiffin does." For a kid with a 3.8 GPA who wants to go to Business School, this could be rather effective.

J. Lichty

January 22nd, 2010 at 12:48 PM ^

the coaching change did not affect his decision (although that was before the reported visit with Monte).

Of course, Sam's gut feelings are only as good as the information he gets from the recruit, which is not cast in stone and can change.

When Grimes likely gave Sam a reason for a gut feeling, at the time I am sure it was true, but then Grimes experienced playing in the cold and did not like it, and his outlook changed.

Sam was not wrong, but things changed. Tom VH was unable to get any read from Parker, but if Sam Webb talked to Paker after the Kiffin visit and still has the gut feeling, you should feel pretty optimistic.


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For what it's worth Scout had an article today where 2 of it's gurus predict where they think the top 20 or so big names will land. They both think Parker will go to USC. Not sure what they're basing it on though.
Also they both think that Jibreel Black is a Bearcat.

Sextus Empiricus

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Sean is an excellent student and is aiming at Business school (like Hagerup). Score one for the biz school please.

Hopefully RR makes that point again, along with other sundry football points. If academics rule the day...Ross wins by a nose over Haas (Berkley). Sounds like Sean and co. are heavily weighting the academic piece.

Sounds like a Michigan man to me, but there's more to it obviously.

If he does come...Will and Sean would follow in the footsteps of the Space Emperor and others (Fitzgerald, Heininger, North, Olesnavage, Therman...) as future millionaires. Go Blue!


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The issue really might come down to business school. Michigan cannot gaurantee acceptance into Ross, however Kiffin might be able to gaurantee acceptance into Marshall. USC is a private school, they will do anything to make profit, believe me I went to both Universities. It is unfortunate but I believe in the end of the day Sean Parker will go with USC because the will offer him a spot in their business school. It is pure speculation, but if I'm sure Kiffin has mentioned it. I will say this for college expereince USC is not even close. It is in downtown LA, all concrete, it feels like going to school at a maximum security prison. The campus is nice, but it is nothing like Ann Arbor, a beautiful college town with culture and niche. If Parker cares at all about the college experience than this one is blue. However most 18 year kids don't understand things like that.