"Pride Buckeyes" A "shoe" story

Submitted by trueblue262 on November 20th, 2018 at 10:13 AM

It's OSU week, and its an even year, which means some of us will be making a trip down to Columbus to sit in "The Shoe" this weekend to watch a football game. I like to post this story that Brian shared many Novembers ago, just to remind everybody that the atmosphere will be a bit different than what we are used to up here. These fans are literally NUTS. That said, I commend all that are going and "taking one for the team" Go Blue!




Mike Damone

November 20th, 2018 at 10:24 AM ^

God bless all of you who are donning the Maize n Blue and entering the Shoe this weekend.  You have my appreciation and support, while I sit in front of a 52" TV in a lounge chair with a cooler of beer nearby.

Want to give you the same encouragement and words of wisdom the sergeant on Hill Street Blues would give to his beat cops before they hit the street to battle the criminals/slimeballs:

hill street blues.jpg




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I'll be the dad in the student section in a Michigan hoodie. I went two years ago and had a great time. (The administration has really been working the kids to be better hosts, and the winning streak probably helped too.)

This time, they might be a little saltier, but we'll see.


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Wanna know what it's like to be a Michigan fan in The Shoe? Lifelong Michigan fan that grew up an hour west of Columbus. When I was 10 years old, my friend and his dad (both huge OSU fans) took me to the 1987 OSU-Michigan game. Remember, I was 10. Well, sometime in the 2nd half Michigan scored. I stood up, clapped and threw out some kind of kid-sounding "woo!". The guy next to me, a 50-something OSU fan, looked at me and in his scariest voice (I was 10!) told me to "shut up and sit down!". I didn't like OSU before that moment, but I have hated them with my entire soul since that moment 31 years ago! And I have that POS stadium and their shitty fans to thank! Fuck OSU and that shithole stadium!


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i wasn't always a michigan fan, i grew up elsewhere in flyover country. but even before my UM days, I lived a summer in a Columbus suburb and was shocked at how pretentious and shitty the OSU faithful were, in spite of their poopy campus and stadium. I developed my hatred of OSU completely independently of my UM allegiance -


all this to say, their shit objectively stinks, doesn't take a wolverine to tell! F OSU!


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This is the story I always think of when the Ohio State fans I know say that Michigan fans are just like Ohio State fans.  No, no we aren't.  There is a low-grade mass psychosis that afflicts many Ohio State fans that causes them to abandon their concept of right and wrong when they see maize and blue, and I have never seen evidence of the reverse being true. These are otherwise normal, everyday people, who will verbally abuse a 12-year-old that they have never met just for wearing a Michigan hat.  In April.  

It's a reflection of each school's football legacy.  Michigan had Bo Schembechler, a tough-minded hard-nosed bulldog of a man that believed in dedication, teamwork, and building moral Michigan Men.  Ohio State had Woody Hayes, who wouldn't buy gas in Michigan, had players tear down the Go Blue banner, and punched an opposing player in the neck for intercepting a pass in a second-tier bowl game, but he could coach football.  Seriously, they named their athletic center after that guy.  

It's about what each school values, and what their fans value.  Ohio State has shown time and time again (especially this year) that it's wins first, character second (if at all).  I for one am proud that my university has a better set of values.


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This game is what I look towards more than any other any year... That being said I will never step foot in that sh*thole... Ann Arbor yes but Columbus no... Rather save my coin and go to B1G Championship or National Championship game than that...  I love each and every last one of you that do go though but count me out...


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I am going to Columbus for the first time. I will be with a large group but am still concerned.

3 yearas ago, i had my 15 year old son and one of his friends in the big house for the game. In the fourth quarter two separate drunk osu fans came up to us dropping fbombs and making fun of the boys while we sat in our seats. 

Last year the osu guys in front of us were so drunk one coud barely stand and threw up on his friends feet. 

I am sure there are some human osu fans but based no my small sample, i am concerned.


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They’re a bit humbled right now but that’s of little comfort. I took my wife and then 8yr old son in 06 and never again. We had beer cans thrown at us and a half glass of what I hope was beer thrown at my 8 yr old. Screw that place. I travel all over the country for work and any fanbase that’s ever had dealings with them says the same thing. Most classless assholes on the face of this earth. 


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God bless all of you willing to make the trip down there. I've been to 2013, 2015, and 2017 at the Big House and the Buckeye fans were insufferable assholes. I can't imagine how bad it is in their own place.