Players we might poach from Miami?

Submitted by mackbru on August 17th, 2011 at 1:26 PM

It's far too early to determine how the Miami scandal will play out in terms of the NCAA, penalties, etc. But it's not too early to wonder to what degree Michigan might benefit. At minimum, the scandal will damage Miami's current recruiting class (now ranked among the top five). 

As noted in previous posts, four-star RB Wes Brown is down to Miami and Michigan. He was said to be a Miami lean -- but that was before the scandal broke. So that could be great for M, especially since Brown is from the program that gave us Blake Countess (and that also boats Brown's friend, Stefon Diggs, a blue-chip receiver still considering Michigan). Beyond this, however, are there any other top Miami recruits/leans that might now go M's way?

And assuming Miami gets hit USC-style, many current Canes will be permitted to transfer without sitting out a year. Were any current Canes big on Michigan? Or would this be a non-starter for Michigan, given its stringent transfer rules? This year M did take a transfer from Hampton. Yes, he'd previously been an M player. But still. 



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For the immediate future, any high-ranked kid that transfers out of Miami is going to have a real taint to them.  If you eliminate the players who were specifically mentioned in the Yahoo article, is there anyone else left on their roster that we would even want? 

Personally, the way that Hoke & Co. recruit, I would just as soon keep the roster spot open.


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does anyone know where we stand with wes brown? i think diggs is a longshot.. he doesnt like the colder weather so he will prlly end up down south in the SEC but it would b nice to add them both or just one of them


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I seen an interview a couple weeks ago on scout and he definitely has Michigan at the top with Miami. Even before the story broke on "da U", I got the vibe that if we get him on campus we could get him. (If Dunn stays commited) His grades also check out so no problem there.


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It would be too great a risk to take anyone from there right now.  Until further notice, they are all "tainted fruit."  Low-hanging, but tainted nonetheless.


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NONE! they didnt pick M. and sorry to say, them picking a school with that rampant cheating is very tainted. if they wanted Michigan, they would have picked Michigan first...not an over glossy, cheating program


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There's a big difference between a kid in high school who hasn't finished the recruiting process and a bunch of kids who have already signed letters of intent and who have already enrolled at another school.

Also, the Ohio State scandal seems to have scared off Kalis to a certain extent.


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although I did not articulate it that well...was on my phone, bad typer, whatever.  This may be totally dumb, but as much as I hate tsio, Miami just seems slimey.  If a kid picks them, they're picking a slimey, bling wearing, mouthy, cheaty, yadda-yadda program.  Once they pick em, that's what they pick--and it seems telling what they want.  That is not the same as Michigan--night and day different.  With that said, I might be totally high--I don't know those kids...I just have an impression.  BUT, with what we have going on right now with recruiting--so many quality guys and a seeminly big momentum shift towards accountability and "team," I just like what we have, and who we have potentially joining us for the few remaining spots. 


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That would be great if we can get this kid.  I am all for Brionte, but also would like to have a fallback if Brionte does not Go Blue.  We really need a stud rb in this next class.


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I doubt we will realistically get any of The Us decommits.  The SEC, and most certainly Florida State, are going to pick Thug U's corpse clean if they get hammered.


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As far as current Miami commits, 4-star LB Raphael Kirby is the only one that has a Michigan offer (per Rivals) but our LB class is loaded [probably the best of any school] so we are set there and don't need him.