OT-Wings get Nabakov...kinda

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1 year deal, prorated salary of $250K.  Only problem is he needs to clear waivers (our position is around 28 I believe so unlikely that'll happen).  Another team could claim him, but that doesn't mean he'll play for them.  I don't mind this signing.  With Osgood's hernia, he's probably done.  Those are hard to come back from, especially a goalie.  Nabakov has never really been on an elite team (SJ was always a regular season wonder, collapsed in the playoffs) but he's good enough to where I feel like our defense could mask some of his deficiencies.  He's also a potential starter if Howard goes down or needs a break before the playoffs.  Not a bad deal if this goes through. 


Moofis Footbone

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He's a free agent.  Any team can sign him.  The Wings sign him but everyone else gets a crack first??  Dumb rule, not surprising coming from Bettman.  I blame everything wrong with the NHL on Bettman, warranted or not.  haha

Hardware Sushi

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Bettman is all that is unholy in this world. His sneaky little rat face always smirking like the a-hole that he is.

Almost everything he has done while running the NFL has pissed me off considerably. I can't wait until they hire someone to replace him. Unfortunately, he has some sort of wizard spell on the NHL Board of Governers and they just keep extending his contract....


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All the commissioners minus RG suck.  They get a bit of a pass though because they haven't made their league the buttend of every ESPN Sportscenter joke.  People also realize that more than two teams exist in other sports.  Thank God Bettman's contract is up in 2012.  I might boycott the NHL if this assclown get's signed again.  He's already pissed off one of his biggest supporters on the BoG in Boston's owner with questioning Savard's deal.  I honestly believe Stern sent Bettman to ruin the NHL so the NBA could take the 3rd spot in the Big 4 (well not really, but I just really hate Bettman).


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From what I have heard, there is a secret clause in the contract that if another team claims him, he becomes alot more expensive. That was why there were discussions on whether the contract was legal. This has happened occasionally in the NFL. I believe the Minnesota Vikings did the same thing when they got Steve Hutchinson. 

For example-Team A wants Mr. Brown but he is a restricted free agent for Team B, who wants him too. The contract offered by Team A is a good contract, but a secret clause states that everytime Mr. Brown plays in Texas, he is owed another 200,000$. Team B is located in Texas and so for every home game they owe him, going to the amount of 1, 600,000$ every season. These things rarely happen, but they do occur


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Last night after the Wings/Blues game, they were saying (if I understood this correctly) that some rule or clause prevents him from playing for the AHL... in essence meaning that whichever team signs him has to put him on their roster.   If true, that may be the Red Wings' best chance to get him. Wings need him right now, even if just for the one year.


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This is ot in the same way all other sports are ot. And women's softball is not by definition ot, as it can be M WS.

edit: this was supposed to be in response to steve.


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It is dumb, but at the onset of this CBA, there was no KHL in Russia poaching players who wanted a payday or teams so close to the cap (with a bunch of players getting more money than they deserve) that some guys could not find a place in the league. So this is a problem that was probably not foreseen....

I also think the chances he makes it to Detroit are slim...but crazier things have happened. I put my faith in Ken Holland.

Clarence Beeks

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It was.  This situation and the way that Nabokov's salary will work out is exactly why this rulle calls for clearing waivers (i.e. if the player really were treated like a free agent, without waivers, teams with cap problems could arrange with players for certain players to bolt for the KHL only to return at the end of the KHL season, at a vastly reduced salary that is more likely to fit into the cap structure, in time for the NHL playoffs).


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that the Wings were planning on putting language in the contract that would discourage other teams from claiming him off waivers.  Maybe something similar to the NFLs "poison pill".

Clarence Beeks

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Nabakov has never really been on an elite team (SJ was always a regular season wonder, collapsed in the playoffs) but he's good enough to where I feel like our defense could mask some of his deficiencies.

The quality of San Jose's team aside, a large part of the reason why San Jose "collapsed in the playoffs" was because of Nabokov; not the team in front of him.


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Moreover, it was a bad team culture in San Jose for a long time (and probably still is).  Poor leadership led to a directionless team and their lockerroom failed to exude a winning attitude.  That team was a paper tiger in the playoffs that could not overcome adversity.  Nabokov was not the primary culprit, and the knowledgeable Sharks fans I've talked to know this.

On the ice, San Jose's biggest problem in the playoffs has been their big scorers disappearing and, subsequently, their offense drying up.  Not sure how Nabokov can be blamed for that.


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As if the salary being as low as it is wasn't enough to attract teams I have read three other reason that it is EXTREMELY unlikely Nabby ever makes it to Detroit.

1. All teams (with cap room) have a chance to claim him, not only the teams lower than the Red Wings in the standings.  This is different from a player who is signed from the AHL or other North American league.

2. Nabby's old team the San Jose sharks lost their #1 goalie last night.  Antero Nittymaki pulled a groin and was immediately places on injured resure. Side story the sharks called a British Columbia University goalie to be a back up last night.

3. Teams like Los Angelos, St. Louis, Washington, and now the Sharks are playoff teams that are below average at the goalie position, and likely could afford Nabby.

Clarence Beeks

January 21st, 2011 at 11:56 AM ^

Apparently I have to be extremely explicit on my point here...  If you read this thread and the other thread on this there are a good number of fans who are extremely excited about the prospects of acquiring Nabokov.  Not just because of the injury situation, but because they actually think he'd be a good option.  Sorry for not stating that more clearly earlier; I thought it was obvious.


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If I believed it would happen I would be excited.  Given the outlined circumstance, he improves the goaltending situation.  He won't be asked to carry them through the playoffs.  He is just needed to keep them afloat until the injuries clear.  I feel he is still very capable of that.


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Below average goalies have had success in Detroit.  See Chris Osgood.  Love the Wizard but the man has had the benefit of behind some of the best defenses in the NHL for most of his career.  I wouldn't say I'm excited, but given the circumstances I think it's a good insurance policy with the potential to be a decent deal. 

I Bleed Maize N Blue

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but I do think it would be good to have a veteran backup to Howard.  Joey MacDonald did well in the game Fri @ Columbus where Howard went out with an injury (only let in the winning shootout goal), but the next game (Columbus @ Detroit) he gave up 5 goals.

Then he had a giveaway on the first Pittsburgh goal.  Couldn't decide whether to shoot the puck, or go behind the net.  Finally went behind the net, fanned on it, Kennedy stole the puck and sent it out front to Staal, BOOM! empty net'd, down 1-0, 3 minutes in.  Gave up 3 goals that game.

So it seems Holland thinks Mac is not yet ready for primetime.  Hopefully Howard won't have any more injuries (especially in the playoffs), but I think seeking a veteran backup who can take a few starts (hopefully limited to the regular season) is fine.

Clarence Beeks

January 21st, 2011 at 4:14 PM ^

Yeah, that was a weird sequence on that goal.  I'm not sure if the more disturbing part was the giveaway or the fact that (it appeared that) he gave almost no effort to get back out front.  Strange, to say the least!

I understand.  If it's excitement becuase he can come in and fill the backup roll, I get that.  It seemed like some people had much higher expectations than that, though.  That's what I was responding to.

I Bleed Maize N Blue

January 21st, 2011 at 5:07 PM ^

Inexperienced goalie, massive brain lock (up the boards? behind the net? up the boards? behind the net? - behind the net! - oops! OH SHIT!! *PANIC!!*.

IIRC he was facing towards the backboards, so backing up to the post while facing the guy who stole the puck, but bang-bang, the pass was by him, slam dunk goal.  It would have taken really fast reflexes just to get turned around.

Moe Greene

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I had my smoking jacket on and a cognac and was all set to talk about Humbert Humbert and Nabokov's portrayal of masculinity when I read this thread....... and find.....nothing.

I have been chastened by teh interweb.