OT: RGIII Helps Girl Ask Boy With Cerebral Palsy to Prom

Submitted by boliver46 on June 2nd, 2014 at 3:23 PM

I must admit I haven't been the most admiring of RGIII to date, but this was pretty darn cool - no matter what:

Griffin helped two local students invite a classmate to prom, and on the second occasion, the quarterback showed up at the school, Centreville High in Virginia, to do the honors in person.

This is pretty much the "norm" these days right?  Kid asks celeb to prom, celeb goes (or doesn't).  Or celeb "helps" someone ask another person to prom.

What is unique here, and endearing is this:

Morgan Assel wanted to ask her classmate Juwaan Espinal, who has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair and is non-verbal.

Good for RGIII and good for Miss Assel!!!!


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Space Coyote

June 2nd, 2014 at 3:51 PM ^

Has actually been a great member of both of the communities (Waco and Washington) he has recently played in. He works a lot with charities, with a lot of disadvantaged youths. His father was a military man and RGIII was raised as such. He's been nothing but respectful and beneficial to the communities he's worked in, which is what is expected but not always seen from sons of military men.

For someone who has been in the spotlight a lot in the past few years, and has even been stupidly attacked by some members of his own race for not being "black enough", yet has done nothing but put himself, where he's from, and the people that surround him in a better light, I don't understand not liking the guy.

And this is the problem that sports present. Tim Tebow, RGIII, LeBron, for each of these guys that genuinely help improve the lives of many around them, people mix personal feeling with feelings from sports and media. They should be seperated. For every one of guys like those, there are a dozen who people perceive as role models that have no business being so. And they're only made worse by the spotlight. It's not saying these guys are perfect or should be approached like saints, but there are many people that have done far, far less to help those around them than these guys.


June 2nd, 2014 at 4:14 PM ^

if this was a criticism about what I said, or in general.

If directed to me, I would say that I am separating the two - athlete from person. Clearly, I feel he is a good guy and valuable to the community.  RGIII has gotten waves of hype before accomplishing a whole lot.  I get that he is a great player and still has lots of potential...but the narrative that he was going to "change the NFL" is premature at best.  

I feel the same way about Manziel.  Supremely gifted young man with a lot of hype surrounding him.  As long as he is an asset to the community, I will think of him positively as a person.  Until he proves it on the field, however, I withold judgement.

I guess I am the type of person who wants someone to prove themselves worthy of the hype....BEFORE they get the hype.

Space Coyote

June 2nd, 2014 at 4:43 PM ^

But RGIII was a great prospect coming out of college. One of the more accurate deep passers combined with good ball velocity with a top notch athlete. Maybe the hype didn't match the performance, but the hype certainly matched the potential of what he could become. Sadly, we may never see that with his leg being absolutely destroyed.

His college stats are borderline ES Sports-esque. 

JR: 3501 yards, 67%, 7.7 y/a, 22 TDs to 8 INTs + 635 yards rishing and 8 TDs

SR: 4293 yards, 72.4%m 10.7 y/a, 37 TDs to 6 INTs + 699 yards rushing and 10 TDs. 

Then as a rookie well, rookies are supposed to perform like:

65.6% passing for 3200 yards, 20 TDs to 5 INTs for a league best 8.1 y/a, On top of that, he ran 120 times for 815 yds (6.8 y/a), for 7 TDs. He needed to fumble less, no doubt, but if that's his rookie season, the hype train is going to start growing if progress can be made on something like that, a type of player that could bring some serious diversity of styles to the NFL. Instead, though, his injury likely set it back quite a bit.


June 2nd, 2014 at 4:47 PM ^

for the clarification.  And I agree his career has been somewhat derailed/delayed by his injury.

His rookie year was pretty darn good - the hype I spoke of was more coming out of college.  Yes, great numbers...Heisman...but how many Heisman winners end up being amazing in the NFL?

Just since 2003 the list isn't super impressive...so my take is "yes, you were AMAZING in college.  Now show us what you can do in the NFL!"



June 2nd, 2014 at 3:42 PM ^

That was a very nice thing for that H.S. girl to want to do.   It is not commonplace. The reality is that there are a lot of mean kids and rather clueless parents out there.

I hope some nice person like that might ask, or accept, my autistic son to the prom in a few years.  He really likes to dance.



June 2nd, 2014 at 3:50 PM ^

I was moved by it as well.  I suppose I am not exactly impartial, as my soon-to-be step-daughter has Cerebral Palsy...so it hits home.  Wondering whether she would ever get asked to prom.

And yes, that just made me really sad inside.