OT - Pat Forde Knows All

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Or, at least he thinks he does. 


Pat Forde does his best at trying to not sound like an SEC homer.  Just kidding, he says that the Big Ten shouldn't expand to 14 or 16 teams because they won't get Notre Dame or Texas and no matter what they do the SEC will raid the best schools in the south in reaction.  He Completely ignores the fact that the ACC just signed a huge deal (with ESPN, his employer, mind you) which will make their member schools that much less likely to jump ship.



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he is even more so when you hear him talk.  he is entertaining to read sometimes, but man if you hear him on a podcast or on TV, you just want to dropkick him.  maybe its just me and I'm being too harsh.  Nah.  FROM THE TOP ROPE . . . . . .


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pat forde is a bimbo.  i know that word is typically reserved for women, but it suits forde.  i've never seen a reporter with a worse Xs and Os knowledge of the game.


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i don't really get how a male bimbo is a mimbo.  this implies that the b in bimbo somehow represents word that is used for female gender, like babe or b***h. but these words are not of the same sort of strain of regard as male or man.  Dude or guy would be equivalents of babe, but then you get Dimbo and Gimbo.

i think it is better just to let the noun carry the gender and allow bimbo to be the genderless adjective.


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I'm hoping I'm at work too late and missing some sarcasm, but I'm afraid not. Mimbo? Seriously? This means nothing to you? This whole genderization nonsense of the letter "b" is you two way over thinking things. Anyways, Mimbo, is in reference to Dan Cortese's role on Seinfeld as Tony (or "hey, Tone-eh!") the dimwitted male bimbo. Also referred to as the Mimbo, Elaine's boyfriend and George's non-sexual crush.


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I need no education from YOU on where Mimbo comes from.  While you were popping pimples wondering about Ross and Rachel and what happened to the first Becky, I was neck deep in Poppy, Moops and Tiny Instruments from El Paso! For you to say that I should just blindly agree with a term invented by Seinfeld as gospel proves that you are merely a pop culture spoon-fed sponge rather than a critical thinker involved in the day to day propagation of a meme!  in fact, the discussion on the best name for someone described as a male bimbo is more "Seinfeldian" than informing someone on the backstory of mimbo and therefore, META!  you are gonna tell me about seinfeld... You, sir, are Veronica's Closet or Just the Ten of Us, I am the Simpsons 95 thru 99 or Arrested Development. 

in the immortal words of Tony "Step off, George."



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I do wonder what, if anything the SEC can do in response to the Big Ten expansion.  Does anyone really think Texas will join the SEC?  My thought is that they will continue with the newer, weaker Big 12 only because of their stranglehold on the conference revenue sharing.  They won't get a deal like that in any other conference.  It's the whole Big fish, small pond thing.


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Easterbrook = The kid you beat up in high school that somewhere along the line got a sense of entitlement.  Sort of like Colin Cowherd. 

Forde = The jock in high school that slept with Freshmen girls regardless of his age (think Matthew McConaughy in Dazed & Confused).

That being said, Forde is a dirtball and if I had a daughter I would not want her around him. 


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Down here interestingly, the ACC views itself as a learned conference as well. They constantly carp about the low brow SEC scholastic expectations.  I am guessing FSU and maybe Clemson are on the lower end of ACC spectrum, but Duke, and UVA are highly ranked, and many of the ACC schools reportedly would prefer not to be included in the SEC pool.

Similarly, Texas may feel the same way. Plus they get the lion's share of the Big 12 earnings.

I am thinking that Texas or ACC schools may not fall on there knees at the SEC's beckon, as easily as some would assume.


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For some reason people seem to overlook the academic side to college sports.  For universities to change conferences, it would involve far more than which teams they play against in sports.  Like it or not, academics still drive universities trajectory far more than athletics ever will.  The ACC schools such as Duke, UVA, Maryland, et all are in the upper echelon for academics. 


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a highlight of my week during the season is his Forde Yard Dash where Pat takes an irreverant look at college football, listing 40 (a homonym of his name) teams or players who deserved praise or shame.  he always has one reserved for his Dashettes, which are beautiful babes, because men like football and beautiful babes and to have them in one place is even better.


one of those assholes with the thing in their ear that talks about annoying shit and wears suspenders, sometimes.


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The way Forde obsesses and drools over his "Dashettes" in his column leads me to believe that he stalks these women.


Oh, and he sucks at journalism.


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Pat Forde also wrote that the hottest rivalry in the Big East was Seton Hall-Rutgers... Not Syracuse-Georgetown or UConn or Pitt or Villanova or pretty much anyone else with a relevant basketball program. Yes, Pat Forde is an idiot and I'm embarassed to even know who he is.


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Vinnie (ATL)


Adam, Did you read Forde's article on Delany, the Big 10, and expansion? Does the Big 10 hatred ever end?


Adam Rittenberg
  (4:22 PM)


I read everything Pat writes, and I would advise you to look closer at his column and what he proposes (adding Nebraska for a 12-team league). Makes a lot of sense. Pat's just having fun with the Big Ten. He had a great time at media days last year in Chicago, where we saw Rich Rodriguez, Brian Urlacher and Jamie Foxx during dinner one night. Good times.