OT: Interactive map of every championship in the history of MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL

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From Slate -  Thought it postworthy during the NBA and NHL finals. Lots of sorting and filtering options. Too bad there's not one for college sports:




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People say that the rust belt and Northeast are dead. However,  from this map, those regions have been dominating professional sports for a centruty now. At least we have this claim to hold onto.


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Really cool.

- Detroit is one of four cities to win a championship in all four major sports.

- Montreal has more Stanley Cup wins than Detoit has championships in all sports.  In fact, they have more Stanley Cup wins than ANY city has chamionships, aside from Boston and NY.



NY - 54

Boston - 34

Montreal - 26

Chicago - 26

Detroit - 22

LA - 21

Philly - 17

Toronto - 15




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One interesting feature is that if you click on the dot fot a city, a sidebar will appear giving percentages of championships won in a given sport in that city, so for example, 65% of the championships won by a New York team were in baseball, and 50% of Detroit's have been in hockey. If you click on Raleigh, NC, 100% of their one championship was the Hurricanes' magical 2005-2006 season. 

Interesting data really. Thanks for sharing it!


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Detroit is great sports city. Also, as a young person, it's interesting that the Lakers first championship was in 1972. It's weird to think for people 50 and older, the Lakers went from zero titles as a child to 11 now and being considered a historically great franchise. The NBA is really young compared to the other leauges. Edit: Forgot the Lakers played in Minnesota before Los Angeles. So they have 16 titles.