OT: College football crime report - Jan. 22

Submitted by Alaska Hokie on January 23rd, 2011 at 7:01 AM

Here's a roundup of notable arrests and incidents related to college football during the past week. Most of these are not eligible for the Fulmer Cup, but nonetheless might be interesting to you, the informed college football reader. Be warned: Some of these may be somewhat grim.



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You hate to see this stuff happen in college football and to young men, but as long as it doesnt happen at Michigan Im good. This thread is pretty interesting, and gives us fans some more material when we argue college football with another arrogant jackass OSU/MSU/Iowa, etc fan...


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It is surprising to me to see a few Iowa players on there, especially DJK.  

The guy always had issues with Ferentz for no apparent reason...NSFMF, maybe Ferentz knew something everyone didn't until this came out.  Even ESPN hyped this guy this year, but now he is hoping to pull of a late 5th or early 6th round draft pick.


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Nice try, dipshit.

Let's take the easy ones.

• Lyle McCombs - UConn - not offered by UM

• O'Connor -CU not offered by UM, not even in Rivals or Scout database

• Sipili - CU- not offered by UM, note even in Rivals or Scout database

• Adam Robinson - Iowa - not offered by UM, was late 2008 commit to Iowa, didn't even visit UM; no offers from WVU, either

• Henderson - T A&M - not offered by UM

• Citadel players - It's an FCS school for fuck's sake, so no UM Offers

• Bartley, Arizona Western - same as above, asshole

• Cuomo - Toledo - no UM offer, can't even find him on Scout/Rivals database

• Harris, Williams - New Mexico - no UM offers; Conley not listed on Scout Rivals database

Here are the ones that did receive UM offers:

• Jefferson - OK - offer from UM, Penn State, Notre Dame

• Stills - OK - offer from UM, PSU, Stanford

• Richardson - offer from UM, host of other SEC schools

• Johnson-Koulianos - 2006 recruit; offer from WVU and UM (Lloyd Carr)


So to recap: there are 17 players on the list in the OP.

Rich Rodriguez, while either at UM or WVU, offered a grand total of 4.

Of those 4, one was also offered by Joe Paterno and ND, and one was offered by PSU and by Jim Harbaugh at Stanford. These are schools not renowned for recruiting thugs.

One - Richardson - was offered by RR at UM along with a bunch of other SEC schools.

The remaining RR recruiting target - Johnson-Koulianos - was offered while he was at WVU, and this recruit was also offered by Lloyd Carr.

In summation: blow it out your ignorant ass. The last thing Brady Hoke needs is vocal support from morons like you.


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Whatever you say captain. You are entitled to your opinion as am I. I was a pro RR guy all the way to the end. I also wish him well in his future. J wasn't trying to paint him in negative light, only the first thing that came to mind with those recruits he went after. Carry on good sirs


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Not in any way defending the abovementioned tomfoolery but I wonder what the population to legal trouble ratio is for athletes versus the rest of the student body?  Or even more telling, athletes versus the entire male (for the most part) population 18-22?

My guess is that while their misadventures are made public thanks to the media, the actual ratio of bad apples to good apples is probably better than the other two larger groups they are also a member of.

Alaska Hokie

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According to this article, there were 604 student arrests at Ole Miss in 2010. Now, there are 19,536 students at the University of Mississippi, according to the school's figures.

That works out to one arrest per 32.34 students. For argument's sake, let's say one arrest per 33 students. Each Division IA football school is allowed 85 scholarship players. Walk-ons and the rest mean we could probably move that figure up to 100, just for the sake of argument.

Working with those quick and dirty figures, you'd expect three Ole Miss players to be arrested in 2010. According to last year's Fulmer Cup standings and my own quick Googling, the only arrest I found during 2010 was a player named Scott.

Can you find any other arrests? Also, can anyone else find another school's arrest information so we can figure out another data point?


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Georgia's team had eleven arrests in 2010 as of October. Their enrollment is roughly 35,000, though I couldn't find arrest numbers for the entire student body.

Also, were Ole Miss's arrests only counted if on campus? The entire student body surely had even more that happened off campus. And most of these football players get in trouble off campus as opposed to on campus, fwiw.


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I honestly don't know and i don't think I've ever seen any statistics on it one way or the other.  I would think it would be relatively easy (key word relatively) to validate though for someone with the time and inclination to do so.   I just know that media spotlight tends to make us think things are far worse than they usually are upon closer inspection (see any year's pandemic flu threat for proof).

I'm talking to you MSM.


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A lot of college athletes come from economic backgrounds that wouldn't allowed them to attend the schools that they do without an athletic scholarship, so their social and familial backgrounds aren't entirely comparable to the rest of the student body. That sort of skews the results. That difference is going to be much slighter at mid-major level schools and FBS schools(especially in this case, since there will be athletes who don't have full rides), though. I don't think you would get much information if you looked at Michigan, for instance.

I'm surprised someone hasn't looked at it from a vast statistical standpoint, though. The schools and the NCAA would probably be less than cooperative, fwiw.


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Take a drag off that marijuana cigarette, hold it, and relax. No matter how many times you tell yourself it isn't, marijuana use, possession, and distribution (medical use the exception) is a crime. Thus, it belongs on a crime report. We can all judge for ourselves the severity of the crimes listed.


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I don't feel bad for any of them. They are given such a great opportunity that any of would love to have. All they have to do is not get arrested....not that hard.


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College student/athlete get a medical marijuana card? If so someone needs to really push this on the recruiting trail! Jk. Maybe this has been key to the rise of oregon? And maybe they are just really over doing it in colorado.


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How dumb do you have to be to rob somebody who can ID you in three seconds to the police? That coach is lucky they didn't just kill him.

Put them in jail and don't let them out. Ever.


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I'm only out of sorts when asswipes continue to imply that Rich Rodriguez was some sort of shady character who only recruited thugs and drove off Ryan Mallett and shredded irreplaceable documents, all without a single fucking piece of evidence or fact to back up their insinuations. I think RR did a lousy job overall of being HC, and I'm not too upset about him being let go. His record was hard to defend, and I'm done fighting the battle of Rodriguez Hill when it comes to on-field performance. It's the mendacious bullshit about off-the-field stuff that is the issue with me. And I don't hug men, even family members.


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Then we'd make quite a team cause I'm 6'5" and go about 250 and whenever I wear my Michigan gear people always ask me what position I played and when did I play. 

Don't you have a kid at BG?  My youngest is going there next year - maybe we can have a beer there sometime next fall and argue about this in person.  No hugs!


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Yep, my daughter is a first-year grad student at BG. FWIW, she likes the school quite a bit. She did her undergrad at Wisconsin, and of course BG as a town doesn't have nearly the amount of stuff going on that Madison does, but she and her fiance like it anyhow.

I regret not getting to a game at Camp Randall, but I did go see BG host Kent State this past fall at Doyt Perry Field. Going to a game in a stadium that small when you're used to Michigan Stadium is sort of bizarre. If you plan on going to any BG games next year let me know. Do you by any chance know Bill Dufek? IIRC, he was related to Bob Chmiel by marriage.


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I'm sorry I don't know him.  Is he Don Dufek's brother?  I've been to three games at Camp Randall (one when I was in school, 2 since) and have had a BLAST every time.

I'll buzz you next fall.  More likely I'll be picking up my son to go to AA than going to games in BG!