Olympics open thread

Submitted by You Only Live Thrice on February 10th, 2018 at 2:44 PM
General discussion for full day of olympics. Been nursing this hangover starting with Men’s luge. Women’s mini biathalon is always cool to see cause guns n stuff.


Tampa 2

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Haha. You are the biggest idiot on this board. Let's try again... your accounts are Julain, Maize and Ute, two true blue, Julian, Blue Skidoo, Supa Hot Fire and what else? Your banned accounts are too many to mame and all stupid as hell. This only live thrice guy is not you and not me, but you think he is me so you are so upset.

Minus The Houma

February 10th, 2018 at 2:59 PM ^

I'm only really watching and paying close attention to the Freestyle snowboard stuff. Mens slopestyle finals tonight and womens slopestyle qualifiers after. 

I'm rooting for Red Gerard to pull off an upset. I love his style and creativitiy but he is just a step behind the top guys in consistancy and big tricks. I wish they rewarded his unique lines a little more.

Shaun White may be USA's only real chance at a medal for the 3 freestyle disciplins for the men at least. The women's USA team are in "you're baller" mode. Team Canada and Norway are so stacked in slope and big air. The Japanese bring a couple big time contenders in the pipe along with several other countries.

Minus The Houma

February 10th, 2018 at 6:26 PM ^

I don't even care, I'll take any snowboarding!

I think the team aspect of the olympics is pretty cool and it is rare in snowboarding, since it is usually such an individual sport. The Dew tour does a team competition, it is a little more light hearted and fun, that is pretty cool. Burton vs Rome vs Nitro vs Solomon etc.

This slopestyle course is really sick though.


February 10th, 2018 at 3:00 PM ^

Wait, to nurse a hangover, you use men's luge? Call me intrigued. Here I was using analgesics and greasy food all these years. 

No matter, I've been watching curling on the CBC. I know some folks don't like it, but I could watch this for hours. Long track speed skating next. 

(By the way, now that Tampa 2 is in Bolivia, guess who may be next...)

Tampa 2

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LSa why would you send me to Bolivia? My threads have spurred alot of discussion and that keeps traffic coming to the blog. When people hop on and there's nothing to talk about they leave. Banning or taking away points from people who haven't done anything wrong is not the way to go. Let the other bloggers decide, unless I'm being inflammatory, which I'm clearly not or you would just ban me. I also agree that users should be able to hide posts from people they don't like. I would hide your posts and Timmaaays. Timmaaay does nothing except complain and talk shit to people and your posts are usually just terrible, pointless and a waste of my time to read. Try taking this advice.

Tampa 2

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I think you need the life, i mean you have alot of points on a blog, cool man. I hear the 2nd part of your post, but that is not me that has done that, but the mods are too dumb to figure that out. The guy who has wrecked this blog is so obvious, but basically ignored over and over again. The mods banning people for no reason is the other reason, but whatever. I've read this blog for 10 years and the two above reasons are the biggest problem, the other being whiney little girls like you. Just shut up and move along when you don't like something.


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Steal upon steal upon steal.

Been a weird tournament for the Hamiltons. They've beaten the Russians and the Norwegians, but lost to everyone else. A couple of the loses were razor-close, but they were also blown out. Kind of a tough week. 

Fun to see the win. Hopefully one of the teams will surprise and medal. Gold is pretty much out of the question--the Canadians are again heavy favorites--but a positive result would be good.



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Hard to believe there are people taking the time to figure out if somebody has more than one account.... It would take me a minute to think of a larger waste of time and energy. Fucking internet sleuths......just wow.