MSM flogging "SEC rulz" meme before games are even over.

Submitted by bjk on January 1st, 2011 at 7:00 PM
As the Gator Bowl crawled to a close, banners proclaiming (admittedly depressing) B-10 v. SEC score sums, comparisons, etc., etc., were already showing. It feels like all the ESPN hacks have been waiting a year after last year's results to get back to their old tricks.



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conference massacres of the likes of today haven't been seen in fricking years. i can't even remember a time where one conference just ripped two teams like we got 


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I'm not sure they understand rules. Or perhaps the Big Ten does not. Whatever the case, there is a massive discrepancy between scholarships/commits/medical redshirts and someone must answer for this. While we're at it, we should investigate having some bowl games in the Midwest. I commonly hear that fans won't travel, but we sell out our stadiums and all of us would be willing to drive a short distance to enjoy a quasi home game.


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I'm with you on this. Among the people I meet at church, school and work, there's not much of a proclivity toward complaining about outcomes. You accept the hand you're dealt, play it the best you can, and if you come out on the short end you learn the lessons of loss, regroup, get out of bed the next morning and give it a go again.

But somewhere, someone (outside of ESPN) should reconsider the "SEC rules" theme by asking themselves:

  • As we know, media promulgation shapes public opinion, and is it possible the relationship between ESPN and the SEC is not merely platonic?
  • Is it possible the longer layoff B10 teams have historically faced between conference play and the bowl game does have some bearing on bowl outcomes?
  • Is it possible that B10 teams (by a significant margin), which have to play higher ranked opponents in the bowl games than their SEC counterparts, affects the outcome?
  • Is it possible that SEC abuse of medical redshirting affects outcomes?
  • Is it possible that extreme SEC overrecruiting and an inordinate amount of SEC player "dismissals" affects outcomes?
  • Is it possible that SEC teams playing virtual home games during the bowl season affects outcomes?
  • And is it possible the "competitive imbalance" between the conferences is blown out of proportion when one considers the historic record?

Monday morning I'll get out of bed and go back to work, like all of us midwesterners do, and won't complain. But anything with SEC in it right now, especially if it has ESPN lips firmly affixed to its hinderparts, really makes me want to retch.


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was the perfect storm for a failure of the B10 in the bowl games.. mostly due to scheduling

Penn State plays hyper athletic but underachieving Florida, with a chip on its shoulder due to Meyers tumultuous season

Michigan plays a vastly underrated MSU team, that, with a few breaks here or there (ahem Cam Newton ahem) could have been playing 11-1 or 12-0 ball

MSU(ytMSU) plays the defending national champions. 


Matchups I would have preferred would have been Wiscy v Bama, MSU vs Arkansas, PSU vs MSU, and UM vs UConn rd. II 


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and whether they're better than conference X or whether ESPN shows bias towards them.  I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

However, as painful a pill as it is to swallow, two SEC teams were much better today than the B10 teams they faced.   The PSU game was at least competitive.  

Let's be thankful that TT isn't in the SEC.   And based on how the Rose Bowl has gone so far, might have to add TCU to that list.

SC Wolverine

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What do we expect?  We need to keep our mouths shut and put our house in order.  I live in SEC turf and hear it all the time, and there is nothing for me to say as of 1/1/11.  But I will bide my time and remember.


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Penn State was the only competitive team.

On the bright side, this makes it a lot easier for me to watch the Sugar Bowl. If Ohio State wins, that puts a dent in the media narrative. If Arkansas wins, well, how can that be bad?

Fuzzy Dunlop

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Yeah, that darn mainstream media, talking about how much better the SEC is, just because it destroyed the Big 10 in every game today!  Like that proves anything!

Seriously, wtf is your point?  Complain about the "MSM" when what they're saying doesn't comport with reality, not when they're accuratedly describing what's happening.


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They do have pretty attractive co-eds, there is no denying that.


Everything goes in cycles and I hope that this time next year we are seeing the Big Ten taking the SEC to the woodshed.


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but it was nice to see state get stomped. saw one of those dumb billboards in GR yesterday that showed the wisky game score. i dont think theyll be making billboards about todays game


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And they would be flogging "BT is better than SEC" to death if the BT teams had won all of the games. 

Such is the nature of sport.  Winners write history; losers ARE history.  Next year, when the addition of Nebraska and the projected improvement of Michigan even up the matchups, it could be a different story. 

I take three things from today:

1.  TCU proved that a smallish defense with speed can defeat a BT powerhouse with the traditional power attack.

2.  The matchups were terrible; Michigan proved that a top 50 team at best didn't belong on the field with a top 25 team. 

3.  Older Big Ten fans might find it somewhat humorous that Wiscy's two most memorable Rose Bowls involved comebacks that came up short, resulting in two Wiscy losses.  People who weren't around back then might want to google Ron VanderKelen or 1963 Rose Bowl. 

A Case of Blue

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Alabama 49, Michigan State 7.
Mississippi State 52, Michigan 14.
Florida 37, Penn State 24.

I mean, we played the games.  It wasn't like we didn't have a chance to win them with 60:00 on the clock.  I'd say we deserve whatever they say about us.