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Submitted by Indiana Blue on October 19th, 2015 at 1:20 PM

OK, been on the fence about heading up to Minneapolis, but after sitting in Michigan Stadium for about 30 minutes in stunned silence I now realize that I will need to be there for the Minnesota game.  I have never attended a game in Minnesota so I would appreciate some help / tips from anyone who knows.  

Planning to drive up on Saturday morning then stay maybe in Eau Claire, WI after the game (shorten the return trip).  Are there "public" tailgating areas close to the stadium ?  What sections are some of the MGoUsers sitting in ?  Any other tips are welcome.  Since this is to restore my mental status, I'll probably turn the cost in for medical reimbursement !

Thanks and Go Blue!



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My ticket post is up. I'm told that the only real tailgating spot is the fairgrounds in St. Paul, from which you can shuttle to the game. I have not done this, but I can affirm that there are no good tailgating options for non-season pass holders near the Stadium. You could, alternatively, park near Dinkytown and visit a restaurant there; it's not a bad walk.

The Stadium is nice. It's a good trip.


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The away ticket section at TCF is in the lower 200s. I got my tickets through the M ticket office in section 202.

That said, the stadium doesn't have a bad seat in the house and MN fans are not of the offensive type. 

As for tailgating, your best bet is to get a parking pass from eBay or some other source. The St. Paul campus can be reached using the campus connector, but isn't that close to the stadium and is likely going to take some time to get to post game.

Jayme in MN

October 19th, 2015 at 2:00 PM ^

will be in section 203, row 9. 

Can't help you with tailgating. I am not really sure. When we go, we hang out in a bar beforehand or at my son's apartment that is a few blocks from the stadium. 


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I'm going. Last time we just wandered around the stadium--and got wings from the BW3 that is practically in the parking lot. Haven't gotten tickets yet but will echo that the stadium is nice, as are the fans

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As long as ya'll bring back the jug I think you'll have a wonderful time.  I'm envious but I've already used up my football roadtrip weekend this year(I think the NW game was worth it though).

Unfortunately I apologize I cannot be of help but have a great trip.


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Correct.  Tailgating is at the fair grounds.  The only areas around the stadium are by permit.  Agree on the "not a bad seat" part.  It's a small stadium so even the 200's aren't terrible.  Sat in the very corner (246?) for the Kent St. game and it was better than I expected.  

Also, Eau Claire only buys you about 1:15 on the drive.  Up to you whether you think that's worth it if you're leaving the stadium closer to midnight. 


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I have a companion voucher on Delta. A ticket Friday night to Sunday night from DTW to MSP is $354. If I could split that with someone I might be willing to spend the money to go. Now I need to find someone who wants to go to Minneapolis.


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I'm very familiar.  There is no good tailgating area for non-season ticket donor's.  Dinkytown bars are the best bet.  About a 1 mile walk to the stadium; easy walk. 

BWW is too busy as it is too close...especially for a night game.  You won't be able to approach it by the middle of the afternoon.

Nearby (but maybe too far to walk) is the Surly Brewery in SE Minneapolis.  Won't find a better micro-brewery anywhere.  Bar and 2 restaurants.  Google it.





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I'll be in Section 210 (Visitor side, 40 yard line) row 30 with three friends. None of us have been to Minneapolis before, so will be checking this thread for activity ideas. 

Bob Probert Owns You

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dressed as Jim Harbaugh. I think all Mgoblog attendees should do the same, and perhaps get a group photo.

I am sitting with a bunch of rabid Gophers fans. (My friend is the son of the U Minn CFO and has great seats). I will be tailgating right next to the stadium, albeit surrounded by Gophers fans, if anyone wants to join.

Indiana Blue

October 19th, 2015 at 7:00 PM ^

but NO tailgating in the public lots ?  Is there an alcohol restriction around campus ?  So Minnesota has ruined the gameday experience ?  I'm thinking that the best bet is to buy a public lot pass in advance and find a pub somewhere within walking distance to the stadium.

I hear the stadium is very nice - but Saturday football normally is built around the entire day /

Go Blue!


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From where I am it's a 12 hour drive but only 3 hours if the weather is good and I can fly the bat-out-hell turbo Mooney. Due to work travel, this could be my only shot at a game this year. Hmmm.

It's rude to arrive empty handed, so I'll be sure to bring several cases of CO microbrews. Will trade for Shorts.

rob f

October 21st, 2015 at 12:42 AM ^

jorts, someone here likely will be glad to trade. (j/k, as Shorts has at least a half-dozen varieties readily available anywhere in Michigan beers and ales are on the shelves---and a few other varieties if one asks)

Right now I'm about 80% sure of going.  Trying to finalize plans in the next 2-3 days, including the ticket(s).  Probably the single biggest potential obstacle to making the 8-hour drive, though, is late October weather. 

BTW, Do you prefer AUTHENTIC jorts or is Huma Lupa Licious more your style??