Mike Cox Injury/Hopkins discussion

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I don't know if this information has been stated before and as I read this (http://www.annarbor.com/sports/um-football/rich-rodriguezs-lone-win-against-penn-state-one-to-remember-plus-michigan-football-injury-report/) mgo.licio.us article I noticed an interesting point on Mike Cox by RR. "Rodriguez disclosed Wednesday that running back Michael Cox has had “a knee issue” for the past few weeks, and that his growth and practice has been limited." This could be why we haven't seen much of him and why Hopkins has emerged as the big back. I for one have been more than happy with Hopkins and I think we will see a lot of him this coming week against Penn State.



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 reading anything about an injury to Cox, maybe he was injured in practice? 

But when I put my tinfoil hat on I get to thinking.  Mike Cox is talented it's been printed that he may not know the play book that well.  This may be a redshirt situation like DG and RR might want to keep him around who knows.


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Here's what Brian said about him in Preview 2010: Tailbacks:

The story was much the same in spring, when Cox alternated impressive days that lent themselves to a thirteen-year-old's idea of the perfect headline with more of that stuff. Cox is the opposite of Mike Hart right now, a guy who has a ton of physical gifts but little idea how to use them. Michigan will have to put him on the field to see if he can use that upside. Whether or not he takes advantage is a mystery. His career could go like Chris Perry—a frustrating waste of obvious physical gifts until the light goes on and then BAM. Or it could just never go on. Cox is the Darryl Stonum of the running back corps; the difference here is that Michigan has a bevy of options instead of just the one potential deep threat. His role is crazy frustrating guy.


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I think Cox will be gone after 2011.

He will be a RS Junior in 2011. He was not a RR recruit (Lloyd holdover) and he apparently can't remember the plays. I have a hard time believing he will ever see meaningful minutes for UM and will likely not be brought back for a SR season.

I hope that T. Rawls is able to get his academics in order, so he can get a UM offer and commit to Michigan. I would really like to see UM have two "power" backs on the roster at all times and he would fit the bill nicely along with Hopkins.


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He has good speed, he runs really hard, and he's got a tiny bit of wiggle in him.  A lot of practice reports have indicated that he's perhaps the most physically talented runner, but he hasn't picked up the offense as quickly as the coaches would like.


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Smith: Injured

Brown: Injured

Minor: Injured

McGuffie: Injured

Cox: Injured

Fitzgerald: Injured

Shaw: Injured

And if you want to expand the category a bit: Denard: Injured

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Mike Cox is a very talented RB, but he does not seem to able to grasp the offense enough to get consistent touches.  I hope all of his physical gifts continue to get him playing time then he can just burst through and continue to get reps, because I beleive we all think he has the ability to be an absolute stud in the offense.