Michigan Wrestling beats Lehigh 21-13

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Michigan gets a quality victory over a nationally ranked team. Michigan not at full strength in this bout as neither Pantaleo or Lewan wrestled at 157 and 6 of Lehigh’s 13 team points came via injury default at 149. 



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It always surprises me that hockey and wrestling have so many small schools that are so successful. I just looked at the current top 25 and am surprised to see how it has changed since I followed it at all. Lehigh is the only traditional small school power that I recognize (maybe N. Iowa?) but several small schools, including Wyoming and something called Lockhaven, are on there, along with North and South Dakota States.

Meanwhile, Iowa State and Oklahoma are no where to be found. The Big 12 used to be very good, now they are almost unrepresented, just OK State (although Nebraska and Missouri are still top 25 programs in other conferences).

The Big Ten is extremely well represented with 4 of the top 5, 11 of the top 25 and Maryland getting a single vote. No Indiana or, surprisingly, MSU.


Steve in PA

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Wrestling is BIG here.  Lock Haven is about an hour from State College.  My son's HS baseball team had more kids that are D1 wrestlers than any other sport (Lehigh, Pitt, and Bucknell).  I don't follow it like I used to and was surprised Lock Haven is ranked that high.

A lot of big schools recruit this area for wrestlers.  I think it may be like getting Canadian hockey players.


***edit***  Holy Shit Rutgers is good at something!


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I'm from that area and used to wrestle in high school.  Wrestling was bigger than every sport except football.

It is like hockey in Canada. It's part of the culture.

It's a coal-mining region, and the eastern European immigrants that came over to work in the mines in the late 1800's and early 1900's brought the sport over with them.

It persists to this day.



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Pennsylvania is the best state (over the last generation) in terms of producing the highest absolute number of athletes who are All-Americans at the collegiate level.  Ohio & New Jersey are also up there.

Iowa, South Dakota and Wyoming are the best states in terms of producing the highest number of All-Americans at the per-capita level.

Oklahoma was up there but it's fallen off over the last decade.

Geography explains a lot.  The best collegiate programs tend to be where high school wrestling is at its best.

As for Iowa State --- they haven't been a well-run program for nearly all of the 2010s.  Trying to rebuild but that takes a long time.  They were a very good program in the late 2000s with Cael Sanderson as their coach.  But Cael left for PSU in 2009, that was right at a time where ISU was spending $ elsewhere (Gene Chizik left for Auburn and ISU spent a lot of $ to bring in Paul Rhodes).  So ISU couldn't come up with the $ to keep him. 

I wouldn't be shocked to see Cael back at ISU some day: he's still only 39 years old and it is his alma mater.