Michigan Over a BCS Team?

Submitted by RONick on November 26th, 2010 at 3:26 PM

With West Virginia beating Pittsburgh today in the Backyard Brawl, UConn, of all teams, now controls its own destiny to get to the BCS.  This is due to their two victories over the above referenced teams.  Now, I know that we all expected UConn to be a decent team this year, but after their showing in Michigan Stadium, did anyone really expect this?

The Big East is a joke and doesn't deserve an automatic BCS representative.



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The Big Least doesn't suck this bad every year.  This year is definitely an outlier.  They still deserve a place in the BCS on a regular basis, but I would rather see a playoff to take care of all the BS. 

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The problem is that the Big East has gone for too long having it's best coaches get hired away to places where people care about football.  Bottom line, Big East is a great b-ball conference, and a crummy football one.  No way they deserve an auto-bid, and that's been true for several years now - this year ist just punctuating the point.


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The biggest thing about this is that the Big East could have a representative in UCONN, but also the SEC could have South Carolina, and the ACC could have NC State.

It doesn't meant that those conferences don't deserve a bid, it has to be taken as a whole.  There are definitely some problems though.  I just hope that they don't match TCU or Boise against the Big East.  I'd love to see those teams play some legit competition!


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 I just hope that they don't match TCU or Boise against the Big East.

That'll never happen.  None of these bowls are insane enough to pick a Big East team over anyone, which means the Big East champ will fall to the bowl with the last pick.  Which is the Fiesta, already locked into the Big 12 champ as its other team.


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There should be some rule that a conference has to have a team in the top 15 or 20 or something in order to receive their automatic BCS bid.  UConn (or any team from the Big East for that matter) in a BCS game would be a joke.


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It seems likely that James Madison will have beaten the ACC BCS representative, so why not?  It's been a crazy season (and Alabama is currently doing their darnedest to make it weirder).


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but it bears repeating. Prior to this year, the last time the Big Ten was rated higher than the Big East as a conference, according to Sagarin, was 2005.


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The Big East is having a down year, but this constant talk about its BCS bid is ridiculous.  The Big East has more than held its own.

Regular season record, final ranking, and BCS bowl result:

2000 - Miami 10-1, finished #2, won Sugar Bowl

2001 - Miami 11-0 National Champions

2002 - Miami 12-0 Lost National Championship

2003 - Miami 11-2, finished #5, won Orange Bowl

2004 - Pittsburgh 8-3, finished #25, lost Fiesta Bowl

2005 - West Virginia 10-1, finished #5, won Sugar Bowl

2006 - Lousville 11-1, finished #5, won Orange Bowl

2007 - West Virginia 10-2, finished #5, won Fiesta Bowl

2008 - Cincinnati 11-2, finished #17, lost Orange Bowl

2009 - Cincinnati 12-0, finished #8, lost Sugar Bowl

So in the last 10 years, the Big East champion has finished in the top-10 eight times, top-5 seven times, only had more than 2-losses once, and is 6-4 in their BCS games (In the same stretch, the Big Ten is 4-10 in BCS games)

After the split in 2004, the Big East is 3-2 in BCS games, and its champion has finished top-10 four of the five years.


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The BE has more than held it's own during the time of the BCS auto-bids, however, they no longer have Miami or BC, and this year the upper tier of the league all seem the same. Play this season 10 more times and my guess is that you'll get 10 different results as far as standings go. There really isn't a strong BE team this year.