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03/06/2018 - 5:35pm Also 11 wins in the big ten

Also 11 wins in the big ten tourney. Which certainly has to be the most.

03/06/2018 - 3:36pm 4 Regional Sites

I think that softball should go the way of hockey.  Could you imagine 16 pre-determined locations and 8 pre-determined Super-Regional locations?

Coming to you live from Boise, ID we have game 1 of the Super Regionals between Michigan and Florida!  Announced attendence: 84.


02/25/2018 - 11:46pm Narrative is already written

The teams in the big ten that perform poor in the big ten tourney and reach sweet 16 will be saying that they just needed the batteries recharged.  While those that get bounced early in the big ten tourney the rust card will be played upon no end.

09/01/2016 - 3:05pm Statue Going back up

They are putting the statue back up on campus, right in front of the library to remind students to Keep Quiet.

08/01/2016 - 10:36pm So, the question is, do you

So, the question is, do you have 7 or 8 fingers?

04/06/2014 - 7:03pm What do I win???  Just

What do I win???  Just pride??  Crazy I'm still in 26,000th place!

03/30/2014 - 9:05pm So if no one leaves early

So if no one leaves early from MSU, they will have Trice, Harris, Valentine, Dawson, Costello that is a pretty smooth starting five, and looks even better if McGary, GR3, and Stauskas leave early.


However, Burke, Stauskas, Levert, GR3, McGary would be a fun team to watch next year.

11/22/2013 - 10:05pm Agreed, and the defensive

Agreed, and the defensive boards were great and a bonus.  I know we heard a little big about Irvin being a defender early in his career, and just thought it might be interesting to see another 6'6" guy, still pretty quick closing out on those corner 3's,

That said, I'm no basketball mind at all, just seems like all that length could be used in some sort crazy defense.  The non conference should have us tested for big ten play!


11/22/2013 - 9:17pm With Caris running the top of

With Caris running the top of that 1-3-1 it looked really good.  I'd love to see another 'bigger' guy running the baseline.... Irvin?  With truly how effective that was we might being seeing it a lot more.  

A nice win tonight against a probable tournament team, great to see the team make that comeback without Burke and Hardaway to go to down the stretch!  Hope to close it out sunday, and then finish this non conference schedule strong!

09/11/2013 - 3:32pm What does Drew Henson have to

What does Drew Henson have to do with it???  #NameDrop

07/21/2013 - 9:09pm Ari Gold went to law school

Ari Gold went to law school at Michigan. Hug it out bitch.

07/08/2013 - 11:24pm Wouldn't it be the Shoot 'N

Wouldn't it be the Shoot 'N Run????

06/16/2013 - 12:11am Sorry no picture, but besides

Sorry no picture, but besides the degree:

1) A UM #1 nike jersey circa 2004, with a BO signature, down the #1 on the front


2) A framed picture of the 100th game signed by both Bo and Lloyd with a personal note from both!

05/30/2013 - 7:02pm I don't think it matters,

I don't think it matters, from the video she can flip it both directions multiple times in a row....

04/19/2013 - 8:55pm I was really hoping one of

I was really hoping one of you amazing film makers was going to do this if we won the whole thing.  I'm so glad that you did this!  Thank you.

04/07/2013 - 6:57pm Likely the michigan mascot

Likely the michigan mascot also loves this song and would have a similar reaction as you did!

04/07/2013 - 6:48pm Here it is!

03/29/2013 - 10:41am Guys can live in

Guys can live in Stockwell???  ugh, I'm not even that old...

03/21/2013 - 9:59pm THJ

Michigan improves to 16-1 when Timmy scores 20 points!

Just a single loss back in his freshman year against Minnesota!

03/11/2013 - 7:50pm New Low???  I figured for

New Low???  I figured for sure they were going to name it the Ron Mason cup again...

But, its just a trophy..

maybe the guy at the trohpy store can put a little hockey guy on there!!!

03/11/2013 - 6:56pm I always thought that there

I always thought that there must be a certain thing as a shooter that is more effective than just yelling.


Personally, I think anything that would be distracting (like a car horn during your backswing in golf) or anything to take your mind off the shot..  If the entire stadium was silent and then one or a select few members of the Maize Rage yelled something to the shooter, or just had one person scream before the shot (like a screeching yell).

03/10/2013 - 11:01pm Always kind of plugged this

Always kind of plugged this team around #10, so Sweet 16 would be slightly underacheiving, and the Elite 8 would be slightly overacheiving.

That said, I think that 30 wins for this team would be a nice total, granted if they get 4 in the BTT and then lose in the 2nd game of the NCAA it would be a terrible disappointment.


At least a BTT semifinal, and sweet 16 would be minimal and anything past a BTT championship and a final four would be "gravy"

03/10/2013 - 12:35pm interesting that if penn st

interesting that if penn st beats wisconsin they get a rematch in round 1!

03/09/2013 - 8:53pm Trivia: who scored the last

Trivia: who scored the last penalty shot goal for UofM?

03/09/2013 - 8:47pm Penalty shot coming up!!!

Penalty shot coming up!!!

03/09/2013 - 8:03pm This is a dominating

This is a dominating performance so far!!!  Keep it goin boys!

03/09/2013 - 7:42pm We want MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE


03/07/2013 - 1:12pm Early Round Games

What could prove to be interesting is if Michigan St and Michigan both get placed at The Palace.  I know there will be an afternoon session and evening session, but carry over fans from both teams will gladly cheer for whichever directional school we are playing.

03/02/2013 - 10:11pm Shootout Win: 7th

Shootout Win: 7th seed

Shootout Loss: 8th seed

Sound right?

03/02/2013 - 9:53pm Interesting Thought

Ferris is really only playing for 3 points tonight, and nothing else matters...  What are the chances they pull the goalie for us in OT if it goes that far???

Could be a pretty crazy ending to get us home ice in round 1!!

02/20/2013 - 4:27pm Michigan 81 - IL 60

Michigan 81 - IL 60

02/09/2013 - 2:57pm Spike

Not positive, becuase I don't think they track the stat, but I thought he played pretty well today and sparked a couple runs for us in both the first and second half.

I know the missed layup wasn't good, but Mitch hitting those outside jumpers could prove to be really big in the future for this team.  He seems to keep having "his best game of the year"


An angle I haven't read too much about is THJ taking that 3 at the end of regulation, I understand we were rewarded today, but that's two games in a row in a tie game with the ball and we took 3 pointers, I feel like burke should be able to get into the lane and take an easier shot.  And also it seems like after the under 4 media timeout we go into a shell and stop running the offense.  I know Stauskis passed up an open 3 early in OT and I'm sure we ran the clock down for a similar contested shot at the end of the possession.


Just have to somehow get over that one quick and regroup for msu!

02/01/2013 - 6:46pm Not to pile on hockey,

Not to pile on hockey, but:
1. What are we wearing?

2. I know for some other games section 22 is sparse, but its pretty sad to not see the 'ole barn all filled up for msu.


Go Blue!  Lets work to get some home ice in round 1 and go from there!

01/08/2013 - 12:35am "it's your mom, she says, YOU

"it's your mom, she says, YOU SUCK"

12/07/2012 - 8:56pm 2-0 now!!! GO BLUE! close it

2-0 now!!! GO BLUE! close it out!

11/30/2012 - 7:47pm JOKE

I wonder whats going to happen if players start getting "sick"???  Are they going to have league doctors checking everyone out to see if they are sick?  or if they are having back spasms?  or any other generic excuse players make to sit out of games.

11/28/2012 - 10:57pm Any reason you stopped at

Any reason you stopped at 2002?  Because going back the previous 4 years you would add an additional sweet 16 and 3 Final 4s.

Izzo's biggest accomplishment in March is winning the 2nd game of the weekend.  He does have a few 1st round exits, but most of his exits are in the 1st game of the weekend (only 3 exits in the 2nd game of the weekend).

But the past week and a half have not been great at all for Sparty!


11/24/2012 - 9:39am Pot meet Kettle...

Pot meet Kettle...

11/18/2012 - 5:11pm Week 4, Tate moved up the

Week 4, Tate moved up the depth chart because that's when Devin got hurt, which is why he is trying to get a medical redshirt, not a regular redshirt.

That's like saying coach Hoke shouldn't have used him last year becuase they could have redshirtted him...  He obviously used him as the #2 QB, maybe coach rodriguez just thought he was better than Tate and in that regard you can't fault him.


All in all coach rodriguez MAY or MAY not have burned his redshirt in his freshman year, but Hoke most certainly did LAST year.  I understand they were different circumstances and Gardner won us/helped us win a few games, but if we're comparing an extra year to a probable win against Illinois there is no discussion.


Coaches make decisions that they believe are the best for the team.

11/11/2012 - 10:11pm Know who the computers

Know who the computers HATE???

FLORIDA STATE!  Sagarin has them ranked 34th!!!  That is just brutal!

11/11/2012 - 9:42pm Also if Oregon and K-state

Also if Oregon and K-state win out, 5 teams infront of us will pick up a loss in the last 3 weeks of the season!!

Again, BEAT ohio!!

And Iowa too!!!

11/11/2012 - 9:39pm I think this top 14 scenario

I think this top 14 scenario is very interesting.  All of those teams in the SEC and only 2 can go to a BCS game.  By my math:

Obviously matchups don't mean anything:

K-state v. oregon

ND v. Nebraska

Louisville v. Florida State

Alabama v Oklahoma

LSU v Clemson

With the only other team available being Stanford (to replace Oklahoma or Clemson), but if they lose to Oregon, they will more than likely fall from the top 14.


My prediction is BEAT ohio, and back to the Sugar bowl vs. LSU!!!

05/24/2012 - 8:13pm Simple

Heisman or President.

#2, #21, #48, #98

04/13/2012 - 2:43pm For those of us unable to

For those of us unable to watch/listen, what did AJ do now? and whats up with this batters box?  Sounds terrible.  Absolutely hate the sox, they probably slide in right behind ohio for me.

04/08/2012 - 8:22pm As an Actor!!!

I just love this scene from "The Insider"



03/25/2012 - 4:38pm Michigan alum, currently

Michigan alum, currently attending Ferris State - college of pharmacy.  I'm happy one of my two teams made it out of green bay!!!


Go bulldogs!

03/24/2012 - 11:05pm OH MY, please tell me you

OH MY, please tell me you just saw Ferris State score their first goal, almost identical to our disallowed goal.  Except the goal was allowed....

Is this some new tournament rule?  Hunwick got ran so many times as like every goalie, since when do they review this call...

UNREAL, but go Bulldogs!

03/19/2012 - 3:13am michigan state's senior class

michigan state's senior class finally made it to the dance, but what is pretty incredible, they have yet to win a playoff game.  4 sweeps in a row in the CCHA playoffs..  How scary is it they could finish with a 4-8 record in playoff games and have a national championship...

Comparison, our seniors are 19-6 in playoff games heading into the tournament...and I just got sick thinking of the 3 tourney losses...


whoever said they don't know if they can handle another year of single elimination hockey was spot on!  LET'S GO BLUE!!!!

03/01/2012 - 11:14am 2005 IL???  Are you thinking

2005 IL???  Are you thinking MN?  Gary Russell 60 yard run on 3rd and 10 with their backup QB in as they were trying to run out the clock.


Unless you are an IL fan and speaking of their homecoming in which case I think they were pretty terrible in the Mid 2000s, so i can't imagine one game being that much of a heartbreaker.

02/08/2012 - 8:11pm Let me see what i'm able to

Let me see what i'm able to do for you, i'll have to find some deep in the closet!  Where would you like the pictures???