MICHIGAN 2007 Recruiting Class No. 6 Biggest Underachieving Class in Decade

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From Matt Hinton as Dr Saturday on Yahoo NCAA Football.......

His top 8 underacheiving recruiting classes of the Decade


6. Michigan (2007). If they weren't scarred for life, the members of Lloyd Carr's final signing class were at least traumatized enough by the Wolverines' loss to Appalachian State in the first game of their college career that they went into a shell and never came out. Four years later, only five members of the entire class, cornerback Donovan Warren, defensive end Ryan Van Bergen, offensive linemen Mark Huyge and David Molk and cornerback Troy Woolfolk, had even emerged as regular starters, much less good ones.

Of course, the gem of the group, five-star quarterback Ryan Mallett, quickly fled Ann Arbor and the specter of Rich Rodriguez's spread offense in 2008 for a record-breaking career at Arkansas. But no one could have imagined then that his teammates – the top-ranked incoming class in the Big Ten – would sit so idly by as the program descended into the Dark Ages.

So, guys, while we may all wish that the current 2011 class was higher rated, let's remember that highly rated classes can have their issues too!



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That class was acknowledged as being subpar at the time. Outside of the 2 5 stars (both of whom panned out) the only 4 star guys were Michael Williams, Toney Clemens, Van Bergen, Webb and Austin Panter (a JUCO). 

I mean, yeah, we didn't get much production out of the class, but I don't think anyone really expected it to be an awesome class on signing day. 


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I guess if you use ESPN's ranking some would consider Hemingway a disappointment.  I other the other hand think Hemingway has been a good player for us.  He will be big for us next year.


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that class emphasizes the importance of signing day.  It was a thoroughly "meh" class that had 2 headliners and little depth.  It basically needed everyone to pan out to be a good class . Instead, Mallett transferred, Clemons transferred, Williams was a bust, and the three star guys didn't really step up. 

It's a class that demonstrates why getting a ton of top tier guys is pretty damn important.

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It was still the top-ranking Big Ten class that year.

Also, I'm a little confused by your argument:


It basically needed everyone to pan out to be a good class .

Then you go ahead and name four things involving a ton of players from that class that led to its disappointment. Do you honestly think the class would be terrible if ONLY Williams busted? If ONLY Clemons transferred? If ONLY the three-star guys didn't overachieve?


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So, guys, while we may all wish that the current 2011 class was higher rated, let's remember that highly rated classes can have their issues too!


Thank you.


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True but MW is a sick talent. #5 DB by scout I believe too. Some guys just aren't football players though. I did think he had a chance to break out last year if healthy, as he was pretty young prior to that, but it was hardly a certainty. Some guys just don't have the instincts and understanding of the game to match their natural talents and athelticism. You take guys like that every time out of HS though. 


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problem i have with the article is that the ones that did end being starters are actually very good. I think sometimes people become so reliant on those ratings. I mean nfl scouts are wrong quite often, let alone college ones. When you are talking about the big picture, yes a higher % of five stars will be playing on sunday than three stars. But when you are talking about one kid vs. another, when you are talking about small sample sizes  those rankings mean very little. Too many factors go into the evaluation, and add on top of that the development of players is so unpredictable.


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I remember that class basically being Mallett plus a couple of other big-name kids, so the fact it struggled doesn't really surprise me.  Carr was running a little on fumes toward the end.


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Yah Carr didn't go too all out the last 2 years with the Parkinson's and everything else. I'm not sure the class is a complete bust as advertised, but oh well. I think it will be redeemed a bit if Hemingway and Woolfolk have the SR. seasons they are expected to. It's really too bad Warren didn't stay another year. Him and Troy at CB would have changed the whole D


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Some data as food for thought on Lloyd Carr, RR, and how our recruiting has been over the past 9 years or so......












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That might have been Lloyd's last full class, but a good chunk of the '08 class is his, too.  Similarly, part of this year's class should be considered RichRod's.


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This just shows how much recruiting is overrated.  The rankings don't mean anything if the coaching staff doesn't develop them into the players that they can be.  Ask anyone on the Michigan defense the past couple of years.    It is unreal that so many of these players make their signing a big deal using all these different props yet some of them won't even see the field next year.  


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I think it has more to do with the coaching change and transfers than a specific lack of talent.  I think there's no doubt it underperformed, especially for Michigan, but there are more factors than simply the players lacked talent.


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i don't see why everyone sees hemingway as a bust. the offense he was playing is was designed to get the ball to the slot receivers. In addition he had Darryl Stonum in front of him on the depth chart. Roundtree is obviously the best WR on the roster and played in the position that received the most targets. This really means Hemingway hasn't underachieved simply been behind a better player at his position and played a secondary position for the reciever spot.

Hemingway's 2010 stats.

2010 32 593 18.5 70 4

Roundtree's 2010 stats.

2010 72 935 13.0 75 7  

Stonum's 2010 stats.

2010 49 633 12.9 66 4  



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I would argue that Roundtree is "obviously" the best WR on the team. He was presented more opportunities to shine in RR's offense, but in crunch time I feel better targeting Hemingway or Stonum. Roundtree's drops at the end of the season were too numerous to overlook.