MI vs. Syracuse Open Thread

Submitted by zxcvbn on November 26th, 2010 at 7:49 PM

So the 3-0 Wolverines face their first test tonight as they take on the highly rated Orangemen of Syracuse. Syracuse has struggled their last two games, and the young Wolverines hope to catch some luck against a good Big East team.


The game is on HDNet also, so if you have an online stream, that would be helpful.



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Thoughts on the game:

#1) Darius Morris is DONE.  DONE.  DONE.  DONE.  DONE.  DONE. done.  He can't shoot.  He can't penetrate.  He operates at about 20mph on the highway.  Brundidge or Burke, I don't know.  But if either of these guys can freaking penetrate, draw a double team, and dish to a shooter, they're going to play over Morris.  For some reason, I think that Burke is the guy.

#2) Douglass, Novak, Vogrich...and even Smotrycz...and even McLimans...and even Hardaway...are more or less the same player.  They can shoot about 50% from the three.  They can't create for themselves.  Not a terrible thing.  But something of note. 

#3) Team defense - it was excellent.  Syracuse is a good team.  Most big ten teams tonight, we would've beat.  Our offense is going to be a complete toss-up this season.  We're a three point shooting team.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Who knows what's going to happen.  But, if we keep playing defense like this, we're going to win about a third of our tough games. 

#4) Freshmen.  Smotrycz - appears to have been a little overrated.  I'm sure he'll develop into a less athletic/smarter DeShawn Sims.  But, it'll take time.  Hardaway - seems to be nothing more than a spot-up shooter.  Might become a poor-man's Manny someday.  But it won't be tomorrow.  Christian - doesn't seem to be as super athletic as we were told...and makes bad decisions.  His future reminds me of a Canadien that once played for us...  .  Horford.  Ugh.  I'm not expecting a single thing out of him, ever.  McLimans.  double Ugh.

#5) Morgan.  Excellent game.  Not a stud by any means, but he boards, he has some decent moves inside - and will become a better finisher in time - boards, hustles, etc.  He'll be a useful player his entire career.

#6) Good lord does this team need a legit big man.  The difference between us being mediocre and us being great.  Shame about Plumlee and Amir.  Please someone talk to me about 2012 big men.  Is THERE ANY HOPE for a transfer, a EURO, an African, an Australian!?  If we can somehow get a legit big, we'll be instantaneously better next season.

#7) 2011/12 team?

C: Morgan(So.), McLimans(So.), Horford(Fr.)

PF: Smotrycz(So.), Christian(So.)

SF: Hardaway(So.), Vogrich(Jr.)

SG: Novak(Sr.), Douglass(Sr.), Brundidge(Fr.)

PG: Burke(Fr.), Morris(So.)

Morgan's going to be our starting center unless something miraculous happens.  He'll probably be a little bit of a better finisher next season, but more or less the same otherwise.  Smotrycz will probably be our starting power forward next season.  Sky's the limit for him.  He could improve tremendously, or not at all.  Hardaway will be our starting small forward next season.  Novak will probably be our starting two guard next season.  Douglass will get a lot of minutes for those two.  Brundidge probably should as well for both, and both points.  Vogrich probably slips behind him.  Burke, I think, is going to be our point.  He can penetrate and dish.  That's exactly what we need.  We'll be better.  But without a legit big man, we won't be good.


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So is the only way to see this game to pay for HDNet on line?  (Because Comcast is the worst service provider on the face of the planet and apparently I'm in one of the few Comcast areas where HDNet is not offered - of course.)


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Under 16 time out.  Morgan with 3 buckets and 6 points.  2 of them coming off real nice passes by Morris and the 3rd off an offensive rebound put back.  Novak with a 3 pointer.  12-9 Syracuse.


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Not a terrible start.  Hardaway has to hit atleast one of those wide open threes and we can't have Darius making poor decisions like he did early on the fast break, but nice start nonetheless.

Morgan isn't the most athletic guy, but man he looks great down there compared to what we're used to as far as true big men go.


November 26th, 2010 at 8:06 PM ^

Ugh.... I really hate the long leash Beilein gives on 3pt attempts.  2-7 from downtown, though probably 3 of them were very poor shots...

As I write that Metrics hits 2 straight to make it 3/8...


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Belien's teams live or die by the three.

It's hard to beat a team when you're shooting 33%, but they held a pretty talented (not sure if they're really the #10/9 team) to just over 40%.

Meh, it wasn't awful, and it gives me hope that this team might surprise a couple people.


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Jordan Morgan with a great hustle play and Darius falls asleep and can't get back on our side of the half...  Gotta like the start though.