Kam Chatman will play in the Jordan Brand Classic at 7:00 on ESPN 2 tonight

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on April 18th, 2014 at 4:58 PM

I don't know how to embed a twitter message, but UMHoops posted this.  It was news to me, so I thought I'd pass it on...Also, FWIW, he's listed at 6'8" 213lbs on the game roster.




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Yeah - that's bigger than I thought for him too. I'm backing off my stance that Chatman won't be a 4. I saw him as a guy with an Irvin sized frame, but now he's looking pretty big.


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Hope they measured him at the game and its not HS stats.  6'8 would be an awesome 3 ;) (or 4)  Bigger then GRob already.  After that f***** UK game I'd love 6'8 and above at all 3 front court positions  -  I am greedy!  Thanks for heads up. 


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How about

  • C: Doyle 6'10
  • PF: Donnal 6'9
  • SF: Huff 6'8
  • SG: Chatman 6'8
  • PG - :)

as a group if Irvin goes in 2015-2016... (and yes Irvin you can stay for your junior year!)

A boy can dream no?


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I am not agreeing nor disagreeing with you but assuming Walton Jr is a ball handler, it sounds like Chatman has a pretty good handle from the quotes I posted from his dad and godfather/coach (it sounds like they think of him as a PG).  Let's say his handle is similar to Tim Hardaway Jr.  (I am guessing).  If you put those 2 together you have the ball handling and I think all but Doyle are shooters in that scheme.  But we'll see. 

Anyhow I am excited - this was a guy Arizona was after so it's not a light recruit.  Don't want to drink too much maize kool aid but difficult not to thinking what happens to these wings and guards under Jordan and Beilein.


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He was 6'7 200 per Scout so it would not be a reach to have gained 10 lbs and an inch in meantime.  Dad says he was 6'7.5" back "then". Sounds like he could be anything from a 2 to a 4. Looks like ironically his shooting is one issue but with the shooting guru as our HC that is fixable.

Chatman benefits handsomely from outstanding height and length. He's not only long, he plays big because he doesn't mind contact and has a knack for using his knees, hips and elbows to clear space. His rebounding stands out. Chatman is a conscientious boards-man on both ends, and he's especially dangerous on the offensive glass. His jump shot can be hit or miss, but the southpaw wields a very high-arching shot that's difficult to block.

Other comments:

As a 4, Chatman has the passing and ball-handling skills necessary to operate out of the high post. Once he is able to pack on some weight at the college level, he should be able to back down defenders as well. A smooth turnaround jumper, which Chatman flashes at times, will help him score over opposing forwards.

From godfather/coach:

He’s listed as a small forward, but he’s a guard, he’s a playmaker,” Metoyer said. “He’s not necessarily a big-time scorer, but he could be. He’s more adept at his skills for the game and making plays. That’s kind of why he fell into that point guard camp. You’ll see him at the next level on the perimeter, making plays. He can post smaller guys up and knock down shots on the perimeter and just be the ballhandler they need him to be. Michigan had a system that fit his skill set really well.

From his dad:

Kameron is a perimeter player who just happens to be extremely tall and has the gift of rebounding. ... Coach Beilein sees him playing one, just because he does have the ability to facilitate; he’s a great passer, he handles the ball extremely well. He’s six-seven and a half right now. By the time he gets to school, I know he’ll be a little over six-eight, might be closer to six-nine. So he might move a little bit off the ball, but his skills will be in place.



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So Duke is becoming 1 and done next it appears from this roster with 4 of these dudes, matching UK.

Also playing defense appears optional in this game.


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Havent heard Kam's name once.  Too busy fellating Duke and UK players. Okafor does look ridiculously beastly.

It is amazing how loaded these classes have become with a few schools dominating.  Duke has 4 of the top 21 ? Cmon now.

Arlo Pear

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It's funny with all the talk about bigs wanting to play back to the basket since Horford's post transfer interview it seems a lot of them sure love to show their range. Not just from this glorified pick up game but, just from watching basketball there are not many guys that are true back to the basket guys that you feed and allow operate in the post. It seems like developing your versatility would be an asset in recruiting bigs and not a hindrance.


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Feels like in 5-10 years the difference between a 2 (3) and a 4 in college will be negligible - these guys are all 6'7-6'9 with ball handling skills.



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Chatman's a wise fellow for thinking Beilein's offense is a great fit for him. He looks tailor made for Michigan just from what I've seen in this game and heard about him.