Junior Hemmingway you are one of my fav

Submitted by inshallah on November 26th, 2011 at 5:25 PM
You are fucking sick JR. I never got to watch Braylon or the full career of Manningham. We all owe him a lot over his career



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But my favorite reciever these last few weeks has been Odoms. The kid is 5'8'' and catching balls in our pro style offense. Has really stepped up as of late! Also, that Dileo reception today was pretty sick.


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I love Hemingway and Odoms and love that they got to have that as their final home game. They deserve it. That said, I think Stonum is the best of the three of them and our receiver core isn't going to drop off at all.


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I did a little research just now on Hemingway, who (as many know) was one of the rare players to see time in five separate seasons.


Here's question: Has any receiver in UMich history caught passes from more than six QBs? Here's Junior's list:

* Henne (all four of his '07 receptions)

* Threet (one of his two '08 receptions prior to the injury)

* Sheridan (the other '08)

* Forcier

* Robinson

* Gardner


Too bad he didn't hook up with Mallet in '07 (for seven).


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Hemingway is the shtit, if he was dominate all year wow too... good year by this kid


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Jr., Molk, Koger, Tae, Watson, Van Bergen, Woolfolk, Martin, Heineger (sp?)...  How can you pick a favorite.  I can tell you this, I've got a HELL of a lot more respect for Jr. Hemingway and Tae Odoms than I do for Manningham and Arrington.  When faced with adversity they didn't fold, transfer, or head to the NFL.  They stuck together and they accomplished something most thought was impossible. They stayed, and now, they're champions!


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I cannot blame/ or hold the fact that they went to the NFL against either of those two. If we are going to hold the fact that a player left early for the NFL, we are going to have a pretty long list of players whom we hold grudges against. At least they were drafted unlike one whom you left unmentioned. If Tae and Junior had been more consistent and less injured throughout their careers, they may very well be in the NFL right now.


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He will be missed. He's a great possession receiver, which is ideal for Denard. I don't think Stonum will be as effective unless Denard improves his downfield passing. Stonum is mostly a deep threat, so he will be at least partially neutralized without a QB that can hit that throw. Hemingway on the other hand just makes plays on the ball, whether it's thrown on the money or not. Great way to go out for the seniors.


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I think it is good for the program. I'll never stop admiring those who stayed though, and it goes double for this years seniors. I suspect Team 132 will be remembered in A2 along with some of the other memorable teams.