Highlights of 2014 4* SG: Devin Booker (Basketball)

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on December 28th, 2012 at 9:49 AM

Here's a link for highlights from a recent game of 2014 4* SG Devin Booker, one of only two uncommitted players with UM offer.

Short background: Lives in Mississippi and his dad was a stud for the Tigers. Michigan and Missouri seem to be the two frontrunners for his services at this point, but Duke recently entered the picture. No real time frame for a decision as of now.




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I know these are just highlights, but i didn't see him pass the ball once.  You even see him take up a shot in a crowd of 3, when he could have dished it back out.  I don't see how you say he's a point guard.  He didn't show much PG vision or passing ability in these highlights.


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that I don't have much of a basketball background, and the kid seems to handle the ball really well, but he's a 4* SG??  Are my expectations of high school basketball a little too high? 


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I think this is a stereotypical case of doing rankings based on projections rather than on what's right in front of you. He has all the tools to be a stud, but a high school Burke and/or Walton have distinctly higher basketball maturity IMO.

I'm no basketball expert either, but it's pretty obvious that he has a lot of room to grow on a number of fronts (lots of missed passes to open teammates, poor shot selection, feet aren't set right on many shots, doesn't finish particularly well at the rim, etc). His height and natural ability give him the chance to be an elite guard in college, though.


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Looks like a talented kid, but he preferred to take step back bombs while double coverered instead of passing to a wide open teammate.

Maybe his teammates can't hit the proverbial side of the barn so his coach has told him to take any shot he can get. 

Edit: just saw the other footage, and he's very good at distributing when playing with better teammates.  


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I wouldn't classify that as a highlight video.  He misses almost every shot he takes, but I can definitely see the potential in him if he works on his shot in the offseason.  He already has the handles, but from what I see, he is not a guy I would rely on for closing a game or making a clutch shot (unless it was a free throw).

Lucky Socks

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He lives in Mississippi, not Missouri. You are correct in his Dad's alma mater which is probably why you mixed it up.

I know from,a pretty reliable source that his Mom is rooting for Michigan and absolutely loves what we can offer (and Bacari), but we all know that Mom ultimately doesn't make the final choice. He's our #1 target. Great, smart ball player and I hope he ends up ends up joining the fold.


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about how he would mesh with the team. He appeared to be selfish and took plenty of horrible shots. Our team exhibits a high basketball IQ and Booker just seems like a good athlete with size. Not a pure shooter and those handles could use some work also. Id like to see some more film, maybe this was a poor game...


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I think he plays on a pretty crappy high school team, which makes it difficult to judge him solely off of his video because he is asked to do a lot...but he has looked elite on his aau team, which is more indicative of his recruiting rankings deeming him a consensus top 30 prospect.


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You people who are ripping on this kid have to keep in mind that he is basically Moss Point's whole team. You can see him being double- and triple-teamed nearly every time he touches the ball in the OP's video, yet he still makes a number of nice-looking shots. Obviously it was probably a bit of an off-night with a lot of missed looks, but no one makes every shot. Trey Burke doesn't make six of every 10 he takes. Have to keep it in perspective.


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It really is amazing how much a player's looks affect who we compare them too. Obviously Booker looks pretty similar to Rivers, and I'm not saying I disagree at all with the comparison (I actually don't think it's a bad one), it is just weird that whenever most people try to compare somebody to someone else they almost always first pick out guys that look very similar.


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After watching the highlight video, I checked out a highlight video of Derrick Walton just to compare.  Holy crap, I'm excited for Walton!  I'm sure Booker is good and can be a very good player, but Walton seems like the complete package.  Sure, it was a highlight video so you don't see the flaws, but he seems to have incredible vision and yet can score at will if he wants/needs to. 

Booker could be a nice piece for class of 2014.  I'm not sure how long we can count on players to stay now that the level of recruit is higher, but if the whole class of 2013 stays for at least a 2nd year, Irvin could potentially play SF with Booker at SG and Walton at PG.

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Devin (2nd grade at the time) would always play basketball with his older brother Davon and us 5th graders.
Never would have imagined anyone from West Elementary becoming this good. Proud of the kid