February 16th, 2014 at 6:39 AM ^

The Chicago Tribune also reported on this here - LINK

Terrell said the ordeal was “pretty embarrassing’’ especially because he had to sit down and explain it to his 15-year-old son “Little Dave’’who is now a freshman at Loyola Academy High School when word of his Aug., 2013 arrest hit every news station in town.

From reading this passage, I definitely hope he sees this as an opportunity to move on and move forward, because he certainly has a very good reason to do so. 


February 17th, 2014 at 5:30 AM ^

We fans, almost to a fault, treat UM athletes like we do our children in regard to how they are perceived. I was actually going to post a comment, not complimentary in nature, but a few posts here made me actually think about the shit I pulled,-which, thankfully, has never been unearthed- and I came away, especially after learning he has a teenage son, that hope for his future decisions is a much wiser and far more humame decision than poking fun at a mistake he made while young. Hell, it took me so long to grow up that sometimes I forget that famous athletes are awarded the same protection, under the law, as us mere mortals. Additionally, our one day of having our name posted in the local paper for a DUI is not nearly as intrusive or demeaning as having your name dragged through the mud based simply on the fact that you took advantage of your superior athletic talent. We all deserve a "Freebie," and let's not forget he was found "not guilty," and as easy as it is to say same does not equate to "innocent," I will toss out the fact that a finding of either ends with the same result and the fortunate defendant cares not about semantics. If he does not follow up with a "low speed" white Bronco evading and eluding, I say good look mi amigo and take advantage of that all important monopoly card, but remember to only play it once,  You gave us some great times, David. Good luck.