ESPN: Rewriting history??

Submitted by bleednblue on January 12th, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Just read Schalbach's article on the Hoke hiring and this stood out:


The last time Michigan went searching for a football coach, it quickly focused on Rodriguez, who was the hottest name in the country. But the Wolverines sold their tradition for a big name when they lured Rodriguez away from West Virginia after the 2007 season.

It's my understanding that RR's hiring went nothing like that. He wasn't the first, or even second choice, and his agent contacted Michigan, not the other way around, right?


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Rodriguez's name was in the mix from the get-go.  I know that from someone who was advising Martin from before the time they spoke with/offered Greg Schiano.

It is inaccurate to say that Rodriguez's name came out of left field late in the search.

What happened was that Martin got a lot of advice suggesting Schiano.  Martin spoke with Schiano.  Whatever happened, whatever was said and/or offered, I do not know.  What I do know is that Schiano said no, and that thereafter Martin acted mostly on his own, and quickly, and went with Rodriguez.

What Michigan "tradition" was "traded" for Rodriguez?  None that I am aware of.  This is just more laughable nonsensical space-eating filler from a stupid and presumptive sportswriter.


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You really have to try to ignore things like this. I'm sure they will rewrite history saying that we begged Miles to take the job in this coaching search and that he turned us down. Thats just how it goes. With Harbaugh, there were reports from John Clayton that we offered $5.2 million and the Niners offered $6 million. Turns out neither was true. He signed for $5 million/year with the Niners and we most likely did not make an offer.


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that Michigan "sold their tradition" when they hired a Miami(OH) guy who had worked at Ohio State back in 1969, too.

I also recall this guy named Yost who was also a complete outsider to the program and knew nothing of Michigan's traditions, so he started some of his own.  Then there was another guy named Crisler who had nothing to do with the program's traditions before he got here.  Got this crazy idea of painting a yellow pattern on our blue helmets so the passers could see the receivers better.

Yep, the only good coaches Michigan has ever had have been insiders who knew the traditions and history of the program and kept them alive.

Indiana Blue

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wow I thought I as old !   FYI  -  be careful ... as soon as you admit to being old, any number of posters will label you as the "down in front " guy in their section.

In the end we all just want Michigan to be a football iconic program again., regardless of who the coach may be ..

Go Blue ! 

Mitch Cumstein

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I mean, I don't particularly think it is accurate, but it is only a small part and not really the focus of the article (the details of the RR hiring that is).  I think its easy to find skewed details like that in any article.


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Of the NFL reporters, I think Clayton had the worst information. He also reported that Stanford was counter-offering with $5 million, which makes no sense given the revenue coming into their AD.