DT Tommy Schutt visiting Friday? (*No longer visiting, possible commitment?)

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Steve Wiltfong- Major changes regarding Top247 DT Tommy Schutt and his recruitment. Could visit Michigan on Friday. 247sports.com/Article/Change… via @247Sports


Steve Wiltfong- Just got word that Tommy Schutt will no longer be visiting Michigan. The staff asked him not to. Things could be developing in AA.


Reports now that there is no commitment.



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And it's also a blunder to just assume the coaches have everything under control 100% of the time, and everything goes according to plan. We're not talking about Ace Williams here. Wiltfong is a very reputable writer from a very reputable site. So unless Schutt flat out lied to Wiltfong (yes, this is possible), I believe what was reported. Just because I can't see what the coaches see doesn't mean everything else reported is wrong.
<br>So I stand by my statement. What the fuck is going on? Unless another DT is committed, I feel it's a mistake turning away a VISIT from a very good player.


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Wow...just signed in and read this thread. At first, I was all like "Hell Yeah...Give me another 5* baby."

Then I was all like "Huh?"

After that, I was all like "Hello:?"

Now, I'm all like "Beer me."

Rollercoaster of emotions

Look Up_See Blue

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I love this blog drama.  The funny part about it all is it's all speculation.  We don't know a damn thing about what's going on right now.  But it's still fun to sit here and read everyone's reaction.  Talk about addicts.  Haha, although there's nothing about being addicted to Michigan Football.  I say fuck it, take Pipkins, O'Brien and Schutt.  


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If the staff really said no to him visiting, then my Ace Corbin rumor was true.


Ace Corbin:  Ondre Pipkins loved his BBQ visit so much, he decided to commit on the spot, but Wormley beat him to it.  He didn't want to steal any of Wormley's spotlight, so he decided to wait a few days, before making it official.  But, he gave the coaches a heads up.  The coaches, wanting to only take 1 DT in this class, Schutt the door on Tommy.


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If that be the case and they really turned away a 5 star recruit becase a 4 star already has it then I cannot say anything but "integrity, class and character". I would hate to see how quickly one of these teams from the south would spit on a 4 star to get a 5 star. I can't wait until the only people in the world that don't love Hoke are the teams we play against.

Look Up_See Blue

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There's already one ficticious Ace on this blog already, do we need another one?  Although all this talk is surrounding what's going on in the Ace Duece so I guess there's room for another one.  Sorry I had to throw that in there I didn't want to but I had to!

Mr. Yost

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Is simply AWESOME. This kid is a player. Using playing on a 2 or 3 man line and still getting a push or breaking double teams. He plays EXTREMELY low for his size, I mean he breaksdown like a LB should on a couple of those tackles.

No way I would turn this kid down...he looks like a future NFL player without question. I definitely see him playing DT (outside) for the Steelers, Jets or Pats in 4-5 years. Big praise? Absolutely. But, wow, unless he's playing against middle school kids, that was DAMN impressive.

No way I'd turn that kid away, especially since we really only have 2 options at DT. I'd take him over Washington, Dunn, Stanford or any of those WRs. This kid is a PLAYER. What the hell is wrong with taking him AND Pipkins and letting O'Brien walk since he wants to take all of his visits?

Or take this kid over Reeves any day of the week, especially seeing our DT vs. DB situation. Unless Will Campbell is all of a sudden Suh or Fairley, I don't see it. At least let the kid visit. Day just took a spot at ND, now is a great time to at least get in this kids top 3.

Goodnight all, unless we have "hello" posts for Pipkins AND O'Brien tomorrow morning, I just can't get behind this move. I'm sorry.

Blue in Yarmouth

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It doesn't make perfect sense unless Pipkins has committed or is absolutely 100% sure to do so. Otherwise you just threw away a plan B. An extremely gifted 5* plan B. That make no sense, not perfect sense. All the kid wanted to do was visit and gave UM a chance to get back in the thick of things for his services. Saying no at this point when there is a spot that isn't filled is bizarre to say the least.