Does Michigan Have a Hall of Fame restaurant?

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on June 7th, 2010 at 4:04 PM

I just wanted to know if the University of Michigan has a hall of fame restaurant or cafe? I hate to use OSU is an example but they use to have Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe here in Columbus but now it's gone and demolished, but I was just wondering if Michigan has any of those places down on campus?



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I agree.  If done right, a place like this could really be a hit. If it was founded by a former star player, that would give it a better chance of success.  Who doesn't want to go to Woodson's after a game?



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I'd go to "Woodson's".  I would not go to "Woodson's Maize and Blue Cafe". 

Not a bad idea, per se, but a simplistic one that TONS of athletes have tried over the years?  Yes.  Very much so.

It would be a better idea than say, throwing a bunch of money into a trucking company that goes bankrupt though (Chris Kaman, I'm looking at you). 

st barth

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If a restaurant or bar is going to have an athlete owner, it would probably be better if it wasn't a superstar athlete just sticking his name on the sign but instead a former player who is doing it out of a sincere interest in running a restaurant and living in the community.

This probably isn't the best example, but would you rather go to "Tom Brady's All-Star Café" or "Driesbach's M Pub"? 

Marc 71

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For many years Ann Arbor had a restaurant named the Pretzel Bell located on the site of what is now the Champion House.  It had loads of great sports memorabilia covering the walls.  It was a true tribute to Wolverine sports history.  No professional sports or celebrity bullshit.  Good food and drink.  Can't believe it's gone.


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I don't see the need. Columbus is a different place... it's a big city where the Buckeyes are treated like an NFL team. Ann Arbor is a college town... virtually everything in the city is a shrine to the university. 


If a former player or coach opened such a place, it might be cool. I wonder if it wouldn't work better in suburban Detroit than downtown AA, though. If I recall, the Buckeye Cafe was in the burbs.


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The walls are filled with team memorabelia and photos. And the sandwiches are all M sports based:

  • J. Navarre’s Grilled Chicken Caesar Sandwich
  • Red’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Tony Gibson’s Cajun Chicken Sandwich
  • Hobson’s Stacked Ham
  • Milan’s French Dip
  • Bruce Tall’s Super Hoagie
  • Humel’s Tuna Salad Sandwich
  • Chris Singletary’s Chicken Salad Sandwich
  • J. Wangler’s Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Chris Perry’s Pulled Chicken Sandwich
  • Perry’s Georgia Reuben
  • Werner’s Club
  • Cookie’s Greek Gyros
  • T.J.’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Niko’s Pesto Chicken.
  • Laura’s BLT
  • Scott Schafer’s Italian Club