Chris Singletary New LB Coach?

Submitted by GBOD79 on January 28th, 2010 at 1:09 PM

Chris Singletary has spent 4 years as recruiting coordinator for U of M but never a coach. This meant that he could not phone recruits or do in home visits. However, Sam Webb is reporting that Chris called Brennan Beyer and is doing an in home with RR in Demar Dorsey's house. This is important because Demar recently commented on the rapport he and Chris have, according to Sam.

So this is either a case of RR using his vacant coaching position as a tool to lure a recruit, or he has permanently promoted Chris to LB coach.

Either way this looks to benefit Michigan in the hunt to land Demar.



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In theory though he could hold a glorified coaching position when in reality G-Rob is handling the LB's. He could then continue to do all of his recruiting coordinator duties with the added bonus of being able to make calls and visits. I think this could be a great thing.


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I dont see how this is playing around with NCAA recruiting rules at all. We would not be sending someone we shouldnt be to the houses of recruits or asking them to make phone calls.

He would hold the position of LB coach and therefor be allowed under NCAA rules to make contact with the recruits. How is this playing around?


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Many teams have position coaches who are also recruiting coordinators. In this G-Rob is the DC, technically his boss, so no, I dont think the NCAA will have a problem with that. Its not like we are promoting Singletary to LB coach and then hiring Blackwell.


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There is no issue. Teams do not HAVE to have a LB coach, or an offensive coordinator, or defensive coordinator, or any other specific kind of coach. They are only limited in the NUMBER of assistant coaches. The NCAA doesn't care if the ones listed do nothing at all... And this makes perfect sense. There is NO incentive to have a coach on staff who coaches nothing, since the number of spots are limited. In this narrow instance, UM is simply taking a step to not be DISadvantaged by having one fewer body who can recruit. They will, by doing this, violate neither the letter nor the spirit of any NCAA rule.


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Here's my problem, though. The point of only coaches going on recruiting trips is that the players get to meet those who they would be playing for, presumably.

Now, if we just had nobody coaching LB's, then whatever. But if these guys sign to play for this LB coach, and then get to school and find out he's only the LB coach in title, but he's not REALLY their coach, that won't be an issue?

I mean, if it's not, fine, good. But it seems to me like SOMEBODY would have a problem with that.


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Scout is saying he was made a temporary coach (I'm actually just inferring here, I signed up for a free trial and still get their "teaser" emails) so your post helps me connect the dots. Tom VH RT that former South Fla. DC/LB coach David Blackwell is the new hot name.


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That's unlikely, I think. There's no point in hiring Singletary as a coach if he's not going to coach anything. And Greg Robinson would be coaching FOUR positions (Quick, WILL, MIKE, and SAM). That wouldn't be an easy task when you consider that they have very different roles.

We need a linebacker coach, whether it's Singletary or someone else, and we need a recruiting coordinator, too.


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will not be the LB coach this season. he was temporarily promoted to asst coach so that he could recruit people while RR searches for a new defensive asst. once a new, permanent defensive asst coach is hired singletary will again be the RC

Maize and Blue…

January 28th, 2010 at 2:00 PM ^

From everything I hear Singletary is young, energetic and the kids on the team love him. With a open coaching vacancy it only makes sense to make him a temporary coach to fully utilize his talents to maximize our recruiting class.


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I'm not nearly as concerned whether or not "the kids on the team love him." Can he COACH? Our LB play needs to improve dramatically and I don't think we need a figurehead at that position just so he can make calls and in-home visits.


January 28th, 2010 at 2:52 PM ^

because he's not the new LB coach. he's been temporarily promoted so that they an extra guy to recruit during these last few days of the 2010 recruiting season. singletary will especially come in handy tonight when he and RR drop in to see demar dorsey for his in-home visit.

Maize and Blue…

January 28th, 2010 at 5:20 PM ^

I thought using the word "temporary" and the phrase "use his recruiting talents to maximize the class" would have made it obvious that he would not be the LB coach next year. My bad! He's not even giving us an extra guy just bringing us up to the normal amount any FBS school can have.
If RR and Singletary can help pave the way with cuz DRob's help I'm sure we would gladly welcome Mr. Dorsey to A2 with open arms. Then pull in Parker and I would be ecstatic about this class.