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Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on here so I thought I'd share. This morning Sam Webb said that Dearborn Fordson WR Baquer Sayed turned down Ball St. and Ohio U. offers and will walk on at UM. Not earth-shattering news or anything, but it is nice to get a decent (3 star according to Rivals, 2 on Scout) prospect without having to use up a scholarship.…



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Fordson had the biggest punks of any school I ever played against. They'd pinch, scratch, squeeze your balls in the pile, etc. Some of their fans set off a small bomb in a garbage can at our stadium. When I worked in Michigan, I scouted a Dearborn High vs. Fordson game at Fordson, and it was the most ridiculous display of poor sportsmanship I've ever seen at a high school game. High school girls dropping F-bombs at opposing fans, chants of "Overrated" from Dearborn's side even as they were losing, etc.

Blue boy johnson

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Fordson is cool, it is on Ford Road near the Ford World Headquarters and one of there rivals is of course Edsel Ford. They are also only 15 minutes from Detroit Henry Ford High and also Henry Ford Hospital. If you go over to the Rotunda and Oakwood area you will find The Henry Ford. Of course right next door to UM Dearborn is Henry Ford Community College.


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I just watched Sayed's video, first 4 games of 2009. It'll be interesting to see how they use him. I'm thinking he'd be great in the red zone with Tate at QB, being as accurate as he can be, because his hands are fantastic, but there's NO way he's fast enough to get seperation in college. He's got a decent leap, so put him in at wide once we're in the red zone and have Tate put it about 2 feet over his head, and watch him come down with it all the time.

Definitely seeing a little bit of Avant there. Tacopants has a new best friend!


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+1 for the chicken sharmuta..who doesnt love a chicken slut(yea im arabic)...also +1 to Magnus, the least I can do for a man who admits to having his balls squeezed on by another dude


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I am really familiar with the player, no doubt one of the best receivers to ever go to school at Fordson. I dont know how much that is saying considering Fordson has had a history of great high school backs and running the football. But he does have great ball skills and is an exceptional route runner. How bad he wants it and how bad he wants to succeed at Michigan is the question for me, I hope he has a successful career individually and on the team level as well. The community is proud of him that is for sure. My only issue with him and this may not be an issue to other people is his lack of emotion at times. I think football needs to be played with emotion and frankly the kid is as dry as a wall. You never know if you are up by 100 or down 100 with him. Good Luck Baquer!


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No offense, but for anonymity's sake, I'd rather not say what schools I went to and/or worked for. Suffice it to say that we had you and Fordson on our schedules regularly.

Personally, I never had much of a probably with Dearborn High, although your fans were the more obnoxious ones in the game that I mentioned, which was in 2006. Fordson was who we really hated.


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Its been too long to remember everything in high school but i know Fordson was kicking our ass every year and we actually beat them one year and everyone went crazy. I think thats how it went down I might be wrong tho


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I was excited to see this in the paper. Was going to post it, but saw it had been mentioned. Don't know if he's ever going to contribute as a walk on, but good to see a Tractor on the squad (After a couple of near misses in the ...hmmm, not so recent...past).

As to some of the other points and questions-

Fordson's rival is whoever else is good at the time, as Fordson is almost always good. So, locally Dearborn, Edsel Ford...but, in Conference ups and downs...Monroe, Allen Park, Belleville...back in the day Wayne, Lincoln Park...they come and go, but all want a shot at Fordson.

And if they're chippy, they're undersized and not particularly fast (for a good team), and face more racist comments and acts from opposing teams than just about any other team in America. The things I've heard at games...the one thing the Detroit schools and hillbilly schools can agree on...they all hate the Arabs. (That, and in most years the Detroit schools are facing Fordson in the playoffs and getting eliminated by them...this year an odd exception).

And as for the "campus", as Gordie Bell points out, it has one of the most beautiful high school designs around...done by the same person who did the Law Quad.

Not too long ago they went from their traditional uniforms to wearing the Winged helmet (the old coach and Lloyd were Riverview tight), but went back to the old uni's. Which is fine, not being copycats, but still have great colors. ;-) They've gone from a old school running team (set a record for fewest passes in a winning State Championship game), but have gone more spread, so maybe we'll see more players coming our way...


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Fordson does probably get a lot of hate for their ethnicities than anywhere else. I'm sure of that.

That being said, their football teams deserved the hatred that I had for them, and that doesn't have anything to do with race. They were dirty and unsportsmanlike and - right before we kicked their ass my senior year - they gathered on our team logo in the middle of our field and started stomping on it and digging it up with their cleats.

They might have been good on the other weeks, but we kicked their asses every time I played them.


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For some God forsaken reason we played them 3 years on the road. Our Bus would get rocks thrown at it, then we would have to walk down this fence line and get spit on bye the crowd (good times), then play on a sand pit (there was sand on the field w/ the grass). Again this was late 80’s early 90’s my HS team was 50/50 black white and we pretty “dirty” ourselves and made into a “Holy War”. Looking back they were some great games.


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Because while Allen Park had a good little streak there, a lot of those games were close. Not exactly ass-beatings. And before and after that down period, there's not really anybody with anything near 4 year streaks against them. (I mean, when I was in school, we never lost to Monroe. And Allen Park left the conference on a similar down period, so I don't really count that final ass beating as a true reflection of their program).

Unless it's just a playoff Catholic Central thing. In which case that's probably true vs. 99% of the schools in state. Because CC recruits, and the regular schools can't.


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Just that it's kind of hard to pinpoint all these "ass-kickings" if you can't even say where you went to high school.

Sorry if it sounded like I was call you a dirty dog, flat out liar.

But then, you're not exactly being all touchy-feely yourself...


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I'm not saying you're calling me a liar. I'm just saying it's not BS.

Regardless, I'm not being touchy-feely because I hated/hate Fordson. I'm sure they produce some intelligent and friendly people, but on the athletic fields, they were a team I despised.


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So, all the scuttlebutt I've heard on this kid is that he resembles Jason Avant, but slower. Wouldn't that make him Marquise Walker? I sure could handle having him back on the team.


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Walker was probably a half-step faster than Avant (and taller, too). A slower Avant might be someone like LaTerryal Savoy.

(And for the record, Walker was a 5-star recruit, the #1 WR prospect in the country. Sayed is a preferred walk-on. I'd love to see him make an impact, but let's be realistic here.)