January 8th, 2017 at 2:45 PM ^

I'm not sure why people are mocking Sam (and others). From what it sounds like from just about every site, Najee Harris told the staff he was coming to Michigan and in turn, sources on the staff let the recruiting guys know he was coming. He probably did the same thing with Alabama's staff or just changed his mind. 



January 8th, 2017 at 4:35 PM ^

I find recruiting exciting even when it doesn't turn out the way I want. I was simply saying how the recruiting experts were wrong about Najee not wanting to create drama. It's not a foreign concept for a #1 recruit to be in the headlines. Dude should know that and could have ended it a while ago if he didn't enjoy the drama. I don't blame him though, I blame the media

Mr. Yost

January 8th, 2017 at 3:12 PM ^

1. I'm very calm, you're the one whining because you're disappointed

2. He didn't need to say anything 3 months ago...he said something over a year ago

3. I'm not acting like it's normal not to care...have you checked the threads? Clearly I care...otherwise why would I be checking and refreshing? However I'm not going to cry about it afterwards or place blame on the kid when I didn't have to read or believe anything I read. That was my choice - Najee Harris didn't do a damn thing to me...or you.

Mr. Yost

January 8th, 2017 at 4:26 PM ^

You are whining. And what you stated was an opinion.

"Dude wanted all the fucking attention"

That is your opinion. Which you're entitled to - but that's the problem, you've somehow got it in your head that it's fact, it's not.

Mr. Yost

January 8th, 2017 at 4:17 PM ^

You could just as easily choose not to respond. By responding you realize that you're inviting a response from me?

Come on, you serious "bruh?"

You've responded to every single post just like I have...lol, if you don't want to continue - stop typing. You have that opinion - just like you had the opinion not to get caught up in all of this recruiting mess to the point where it got to you.

Mr. Yost

January 8th, 2017 at 3:18 PM ^

...it's so annoying when you have to copy every post just in case you get an error.

But to prevent there back and forth between you and I that I'd love to participate in (but can't because of the damn 502/503 errors)

I'll repost my thoughts on the whole deal from earlier this morning. My apologies if I don't respond...just tired of the site going down.


Najee Harris already made his announcement on where he's going to college - he did it 2 years ago.

So all of this now is just seeing if Michigan can flip him before it's official OR if he sticks with his committment.

Truly, this isn't much different from Michigan recruiting another guy who's committed. But we're not doing this with Hicks or Reitmaier or any other committed prospect that Michigan is still actively recruiting and trying to flip.

Plenty of committed guys have visited Michigan and not created THIS much of a stir.

We're only doing this with Najee Harris? Why? My guess is because he's the #1 player in the country and/or because these "insiders" keep dropping nuggets that get your hopes up on a flip.

But Najee never decommitted. Najee never made a statement that "I'm reopening my recruitment" like most guys do (i.e. Aubrey Solomon and every guy we've had committed in this class who decommitted). Harris never uttered those words.

I'm interested just like the next guy, clearly, I refuse to be "that guy" who bashes people for being interested in something that has nothing to do with them. HOWEVER, calling the kid names, saying he's a diva, saying he's doing this on purpose, acting as if he owes YOU something - that's garbage.

Harris made his announcement - he looked around (at Michigan) but never decommitted. He never reopened his recruitment or even said it was a soft commitment. All he's said since is that he's not going to announce - he's not going to do some video - why? BECAUSE HE ALREADY ANNOUNCED. You want him to announce twice?

Should Dylan McCaffrey make a video announcing to Michigan again? Or a better example, Kai-Leon Herbert...if he sticks...does he need to reannounce it?

Harris told you he was done with the media and was just going to show up and go to class. He's still on track to do just that. Blame these "insiders" for feeding you nuggets of info that swing your emotion or blame yourself for being too emotional - don't blame the kid.

I finish with saying, look...would I prefer to know if the kid is going to flip? Sure I would. Am I up checking and trying to get info? Absolutely I am. But I will not knock a kid for doing what he said he was going to do - if this REALLY bothers me, I'm grown enough to step back and not act like it's affecting my sanity. A few of you should probably take that step back.

I'm off my soap box.


January 8th, 2017 at 3:43 PM ^

Well he did say he was unsure of his commitment a couple months ago. That's the only reason I began to follow him. And what names did I call him? I didn't call him any names. Shit if I were in his amazing position I would probably act the same. 

Also, just a suggestion, but if you're the one copying and pasting paragraphs in response to a couple remarks I made, then maybe you're the one who needs to step back.

Mr. Yost

January 8th, 2017 at 4:20 PM ^

Wow, you thought that was about YOU?

Read...I said it was my thoughts on the situation and it was copied and pasted from THIS MORNING.

None of that was specifically about you. Can't you see the blue behind the text where I copied and pasted it?

So no, I know what I said...but I also know I never said you called him a name. I was just making sure you were lost and I was the one. 

Mr. Yost

January 8th, 2017 at 4:40 PM ^

No, it is not implied.

It would be implied if I copy and pasted that and left it at that.

But when I literally say "I'll repost my thoughts on the whole deal from earlier this morning."

That is me doing just that...reposting my thoughts on the whole deal. 

I literally told you what that was word for word - my thoughts from earlier in the morning. I didn't even know you were a user until this thread. So no, they were not my thoughts on anything about you. Rather - my thoughts on the whole (Najee Harris) deal. As I stated.

Just because I replied - it was because we were in a discussion back and forth on our thoughts about the topic. I gave you mine without having to go back and forth (and failed).

If I said "These are my thoughts from earlier this morning about how Amy Schumer is annoying and I can't stand these bud light commercials" that doesn't mean you said anything about Amy or Bud Light. It's simply my thoughts.

Mr. Yost

January 8th, 2017 at 4:52 PM ^

The whole pasted section had nothing to do with you.

Just like you think your opinions are facts...everything isn't about you (which is rich, coming from me...I know).

My whole pasted sections were simply my thoughts on the Najee Harris drama, nothing more - nothing less. If some of it hit home and struck a nerve with you - that's your problem, not mine. If none of it applied to you - that's great, too.

But I'm glad you're calling it an opinion now....earlier it was a fact. Welcome back to earth.

Mr. Yost

January 8th, 2017 at 4:10 PM ^

I honestly don't understand your question...why would bitching about 502/503 errors and sharing my opinion on this whole "process" be an attempt to be a mod?

That doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me.

There was no inside info, there wasn't some in depth analysis that would be useful to this board - it was just another persons opinion. If that's trying to be a mod - isn't everyone doing that?

And I feel like bitching about the website is the opposite way to be a mod - but that's just me.

I Like Burgers

January 8th, 2017 at 4:31 PM ^

The 502/503 errors on this site have gotten to be ridiculous.  It crashes every single time anything remotely newsy happens.  And yet, I've seen both Ace and Brian throw shade online at others who talk smack about them or MGoBlog.  Maybe fix your own shit before talking shit, guys.  At this point, MGoBlog is like an Uber driver whose alternator keeps crapping out.

Love the content here, but the site is becoming antiquated and generally unuseable extrememly fast.


And yes, I copied this comment before hitting "send."  'Tis the MGoBlog way...

Mr. Yost

January 8th, 2017 at 4:49 PM ^

I love both Ace and Brian...and this site - obviously (well it may not be obvious that I like Ace and Brian, but I really do - Seth and everyone else who contributes as well). My favorite site on the internet, even over pornhub (har har har).

I think the crashes are annoying as hell, but just like the Harris saga...I don't have to be here if it bothers me that much.

Which is exactly why I posted my thoughts on this ordeal and then closed the site on my laptop. I was over the error messages. So I decided to give the pups a bath, take a shower and run to the store rather than sit here and curse at my computer any longer.

None of this is really in response to your post - just how I feel about the topic. Same way I feel about Harris, I can choose not to pay attention or feed into the drama just like I can choose not to click refresh til the errors go away. In fact, it's doing it again so once again, I'm shutting it down.

...I, too, made sure I ctrl A  -> ctrl C'd before hitting save.