2014 PG : Edmond Sumner

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Name: Edmond Sumner
Year: 2014
Position: Point Guard 
Height/ Weight: 6'3/145
Hometown: Beverly Hills, MI (Detroit Country Day)
Offers: Massachusetts, Toledo, Kent State
Ratings: 4 star, #1 player in Michigan (ESPN),  4 star #96 nationally (Rivals)


Tremendous has a nice write up on him if you click the link above, he visited for the UMASS game this past weekend.  It sounds like he had a good time and would be a Michigan lean if offered.  One thing that stuck out to me was:

On a scholarship, "Coach Beilein said he wasn't offering me a scholarship right now, but if I show to him that I at least trying to get bigger and stronger I could earn one. That's the only dilemma right now"

If you look, he is listed as 6'3/145 lbs.  WOW!

Regardless, he is the #1 recruit in Michigan and a top 100 recruit, so it's nice to see the tides are turning for the in-state recruits.  



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I love the world in which Michigan basketball can respectfully tell a top 100 prospect and potential Mr. Basketball what he has to do to earn a scholarship.  


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quoted that he had the athletes at Michigan so that he "didn't have to" run it at M.

I am guessing that top 100 players probably like the idea of man defense as a way of showcasing their talents for the NBA also.

(No I can''t cite the exact article but I remember it clearly.)


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That's some growth spurt. Both ESPN and Rivals have him listed at 5-foot-10.

I'm always in favor of pursuing in-state players, but it's at least debatable whether Michigan needs a point guard in the 2014 class. Walton and Albrecht should still be around for the 2014-15 season.

Blue boy johnson

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How about a Civil War era politician. Charles Sumner was the Senator from Massachusetts, caned in his senate chamber

by South Carolina Representative Preston Brooks

who took offense to Sumner's portrayal of the South in general, and his Uncle, South Carolina Senator Andrew Butler, in particular.

Brooks got after Sumner with that famous SEC speed and layed a beating on him more severe than the one suffered by Michigan at the hands of Alabama


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6'3".. that kind of length at the point would be awesome. With Derrick Walton coming in next year, PG isn't a huge need but the way Belien PG like the NBA more then Michigan for some reason (not bashing just wish we could have an upper classmen pg for once) make me think he will probably have an offer by signing day.


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not bashing my friend. I was just simply saying that I would love to see a Michigan team run by an upper classmen. I tried to point that out in the original post. I'm glad the kids are making it to the league and achieving their goals and that is a huge recruiting tool for Michigan. I hope one of those guys can go to the league and make an impact. That would be huge!


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I don't know if he needs to put on a minimum of 25 pounds, that would mean 170.  Caris LeVert is 170 on our current roster at 6'5".  Granted, he should put on some beef too, but he's 2 years older and 2 inches taller.  

At 6'3", if he can get to 160 by his senior season, which would be 15 more pounds, he should be in good shape.  Since it sounds like he had a very recent growth spurt, that should be a no-brainer for a kid his size.  I think your 25 number would be better, but I highly doubt it's the minimum to get an offer.  

Hell, depending on how often that stuff gets updated, he could be 150+ today.


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Granted, it's only about 90 seconds of highlights, but he looks like he handles the ball pretty well on the outside and if he did grow another few inches and put on 25-30 pounds, I could see "combo guard" here....


Blue boy johnson

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Sumner resembles a skinnier verision, (hardly seems possible), of incoming M freshman Caris Levert. From the short amount of video on Levert and Sumner, their games seem pretty similar: sweet shooting set shot threes, and a decent handle.

Big Caris Levert: