2014 ATH Curtis Samuel to Ohio

Submitted by jscbus on August 16th, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Per all social media, Curtis Samuel (when originally thought to perhaps be cooling on the Buckeyes) has made a regrettable decision in going to Columbus...


Moves Ohio up to #2 in the 247 Team Rankings.



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It's good to see those Tressel sanctions really kicking in.

But yeah, OSU is a big brand and will continue to bring in top players.  This also goes to show that if you are not OSU or UM, your recruiting efforts might not amount to much. 


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I presume you are being a bit facetious, but there was 0% chance that OSU was going to play in the bowl game.  I actually do think they would have probably lost a game or two last year had they been playing "for real", just because that sense of "unfairness" and  the bowl ban was probably used as a motivational ploy at least once.


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They would have played Notre Dame in the BCS Title game. Let's not forget that after Bama lost to A&M, they were considered shit outta luck, since they would have to leapfrog ND, Oregon, and Kansas State. Luckily for Bama, Baylor and Stanford helped them out. If OSU was eligible though, and rebeat Nebraska in the BTCG, we would have had a ND-OSU title game


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we would have had a ND-OSU title game

Agree ... and that would have been an interesting game ... certainly a more competitive game than Alabama vs. Notre Dame.

That said, I truly enjoyed watching Notre Dame get toyed with by Alabama in that game.

Winner of ND-OSU?  Not sure ... I lean Notre Dame on that.


San Diego Mick

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I think we need to be careful not to sound so arrogant about how us and ohio are going to be so head and shoulders above everyone else in the conference, le me site a few reasons why:

- It's not good for the conference on a competitive level to have 2 great teams and some decent ones and then a bunch of crap ones.

- because if that did happen, our conference bowl record will amount to suckage, not good perception-wise.

- PSU is gonna be just fine if O'Brien stays on as coach, they might have a couple of lean years and go 7-5 or something, but make no mistake, that guy is a good coach and they will be tough to play.

- MSU, I think is a much better program right now than many of us want to give credit to. They get mostly 3 star guys and some 4 stars here and there and find 2 star gems like LeVeon Bell.

-Wisconson, I think hired a coach who will be better than Bielema, Alvarez is still there and that's what matters, I think they will be fine.

- Nebraska is a historic power, you really think they'll be a crappy, middling program for any long period of time?

- I think Northwestern is becoming a really solid program that's been competing well for going on almost 20 years now really.

-Iowa has had some super successful seasons every few years and they will again, no matter how many disappointing seaons they may have in between.

- Purdue has had good seasons every once in a while, like the Drew Brees years, I think this Hazell guy will turn out to be a good coach.

-Because the east division will be stacked at the top, I think that will allow the west divison teams to have a decent chance of flourishing and selling recruits on the chance to face a Mich. or ohio or Penn St. in the BTCG.

-You have other programs that will hit a jackpot here or there,

Have at it, what do you guys think here.


August 17th, 2013 at 11:07 AM ^

O'Brien is excellent.  If he stays, PSU will be at UM/OSU level, and that will be one tough division.  Rutgers could be significant as the local B1G school for northeast talent, already showing some recruiting ability.

I agree about the West.  The B1G was smart in how they comprised the divisions, because a few of those West teams will step up and fill the power void in that division.  I think Northwestern is one of those teams.  This is the perfect storm for them, with what should be a good season coming up, which will continue to bolster their recruiting.  I don't know what their facilities are like, but if they ever decide to spend some of that endowment money to make them top-notch, they have a very attractive package to offer - academics, location, recent success, and legit shot at CCG every year. 

Wisconsin will be intriguing - and I think successful.

Nebraska won't stomach many more good but not great seasons under Pelini, and I think that's exactly what he'll continue.  If they bring in the right guy, then watch out for them.

I tend to be an optimist, but really do think the B1G will have 6 (give or take) excellent to very good programs (2-3 in each division) by the time PSU clears their sanctions (I realize it will be a few years after their penalties end to reach full strength).

Won't happen overnight, but it's going to happen.


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They are going to run a spread and get a bunch of speed guys on the outside.  This is not earth shattering.  They can't put 10 guys that run a 4.4 on the field at the same time.  We will have elite speed AND size at the skill positions - Peppers, Dymonte, Campbell, Harris - and dominant offensive and defensive lines to control the tempo of the game.  OSU will put up 80 against the Akron's of the world, but will struggle when playing big, fast, physical teams.  Like someone else in the thread said...See Alabama-Florida.  Hoke will put Urbz into his second retirment for family reasons.


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Kid is fast but he will get broken quickly if they try to use him like Harvin. Harvin was well put together top to bottom allowing him to take and even deliver hits. This kid can run but he is top heavy. If they want to destroy the kid they will use him like Harvin, if they want him to be productive they will use him like Curtis Samuel.


August 17th, 2013 at 6:21 PM ^

I should add that Meyer taking credit for Harvin is like a paleontologist taking credit for the dinosaurs. If Harvin was a nobody who flourished under his tutelage it'd be a credit to Meyer. But Percy Harvin was going to do what Percy Harvin does in any system. I'm rather confident he was the top skill position player BEFORE he played for Meyer.