An Interview with Jack Miller

Submitted by TomVH on June 16th, 2010 at 12:16 PM

Jack Miller is a versatile athlete out of St. John's Jesuit, in Toledo, Ohio, who just added a new offer to his list. Jack was in Ann Arbor two days ago, and received an offer from the Wolverines. This was an offer Miller was hoping for, and was very excited about it.

He's versatile, currently plaing  on the defensive line for his team, but Michigan happens to be recruiting him for the offensive line. Here's a look at his film, and what he had to say about Michigan.

TOM: Who from Michigan have you mainly been in contact with?

JACK: Coach Tall recruits Toledo, so it's mainly been him.

TOM: How did this offer come about, and how many are you up to now?

JACK: I visited up there today (yesterday, June 14th), and they offered me. I have somewhere around 20 or 25, something like that. 

TOM: With all those offers, where does Michigan rank in there?

JACK: They're pretty high up there, that's for sure. I'm still processing everything, but it's safe to say that Michigan and Boston College are my top two. I've taken a visit to Boston College already, too, so now I just have to figure out which school is the best place for me. I'm actually best friends with Ray Hamilton, too, so we've talked a little about it. We've been best friends since first grade. Our approach is to find the best place individually for us. If that turns out to be the same place, then that will be cool.

TOM: When do you think you'll know?

JACK: I have the offers I want, so it's time to decide. I'm really going to thin it out this week, and I'll hopefully have the decision made by the end of the week.

TOM: Where does Michigan see you fitting in?

JACK: They'r recruiting me for offensive guard, or center. I'm comfortable on the offensive side, and I really like the idea of playing offensive line for them. 

TOM: Oh, wow. What is your height and weight right now, then? I think there's some varying numbers out there.

JACK: Yeah, I'm at 6-foot-4, and I weigh 270-pounds right now.



June 15th, 2010 at 1:28 PM ^

Good job on the interview. I like how RR is trying to recruit  athletic OL prospects, plus this one has preety good size to grow in.  Seems like we are getting on many OL prospects mind lately, just heard Hobi Cyrus wants to visit ND and UM.


June 15th, 2010 at 2:13 PM ^

Yeah, this kid is both big and athletic, great combo for our offense.  I'm surprised he's not rated higher, based on his measurables plus his offer list.  Bringing Ray Hamilton along wouldn't be a bad thing, but they are both pretty high on BC (surprising, considering Hamilton's offer list).


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I imagine Miller will be the next "Hello" post on MGoBlog.

Hopefully this will start the ball rolling with offensive line recruiting, since we could use about 5 of them.


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who feel compelled to rip somebody for so-called "zero value added" comments in the first place. What's interesting is that the people who neg his comments never seem to have the courage to actually state why they're negging his comments in the first place, instead preferring to hide behind the anonymity of negging him.

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I agree wholeheartedly that not every comment needs to be assessed for its literary merit -- I sure wouldn't want mine to be.  But, honestly, if you look at mgovictors's body of work, I think MH's comparison to a computer algorithm is right on the money -- in fact, I'm envious that I didn't draw the comparison first.  I also don't see it as an act of "courage" to explain why one might neg his comments, but rather an unnecessary statement of the obvious -- the whole point is that there's nothing "objectionable" in the comments that one could debate, because there's no substance to them in the first place.  While all of us might be guilty of "zero value added" comments from time to time, I think there is one clear "victor" of that prize on this blog, and I suspect the vote wouldn't be close.


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I will openly claim that I neg Mgovictors23 pretty much every time I see him comment.  He simply regurgitates information that has already been stated by someone earlier in the thread.  I have NEVER seen him express an independent thought or expound on any comment in detail.

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...of Ohio recruits, here's some recent Chris Rock fluff that's worth a look.  Here's hoping Miller and Hamilton follow Rock's example and commit to Michigan soon.

"Chris is excited," Stallions coach Ryan Wiggins said. "He ended up with 20-plus BCS offers and he just felt very comfortable with Michigan. We have a player there and our football community is pretty tight-knit, so I think Patrick helped recruit him there.  He's excited. He's a good student and getting to play in the Big Ten is big for him, too."

Rock has impressed as a defensive end and a tight end in his time at DeSales -- he played his freshman season at Thomas Worthington before his family moved to Westerville -- but may bulk up to the point where he could see time on the interior of the D-line at the collegiate level.

"I think he's a versatile enough kid that he can do a lot of things," Wiggins explained. "That's one of the reasons he's so good. I think the question will be how much bigger he'll get. That'll be up to the guys at the next level."

Given the hot-seat status of the Wolverines' Rodriguez, it was important to choose the school for more than just the coach.

"All the reasons he's choosing Michigan aren't going to change (if the coach is gone)," Wiggins said. "The academics, the type of program it is and the stadium are reasons to go there.  He's not going to choose the school for any other reasons, so I think he's made a well-thought out decision and he's excited about it."


June 15th, 2010 at 3:19 PM ^

Make me happy. In addition, a short/simple last name like 'Miller' will do wonders to balance the 'Yruretagoyena' that will hopefully be standing next to him.

Sign him and Ray up.


June 15th, 2010 at 6:28 PM ^

good info TomVH

not to one-up you, but i think i called this offer in a comments section in one of your posts about a month or so back



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Both St. John's (the high school) and BC are Jesuit schools.  Having gone to St. John's, I personally know a lot of really fine students that decided to attend Catholic colleges and universities (Boston College, Notre Dame, Georgetown, etc...) when they could have gone to Ivy League schools. 

St. John's makes it a point to instill some core values (like being "Men for Others" by contributing to one's community), and not surprisingly, many students should and do buy into it. 

So I wouldn't be surprised if that's their reason.  And if that is their reason for liking BC, then I have confidence that these are "high character" kids that we should definitely snatch up.

Mi Sooner

June 16th, 2010 at 10:24 PM ^

at St. John's Jesuit is very high.  they don't give you those grades; i got B's in religion there and still graduated in the top 20%.  4 degrees later...


it takes dedication to get those grades at SJ.  it is an indicator with a fairly high correlation.