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Submitted by mgoweather on November 10th, 2017 at 11:37 AM

Alrighty friends, I legitimately appreciate constructive criticism - it makes me better at my job. But for weeks now one person has repeatedly voted down on the forecast without any explanation - that's right UM Fan from Sydney, I'm callin' you out. If you don't tell me what you're unhappy with, I can't improve upon that aspect of the forecast, and you'll continue to be unhappy, so let's solve this problem right quick - please leave a comment regarding the reasoning behind your weekly unsatisfaction. Now let's get to the forecast! The good news is - we've had mild games and we've had cold games, and this one will be just a little chilly. The better news - especially after last week - we'll be dry! High five to that! :) High pressure will be right over the east coast, keeping us under sunny skies with light winds. Still a good day for the cozy sweatshirt and warm boots, but overall pretty pleasant! A huge thank you to all of those who have or are serving our country - we can never thank you enough!!

If you're traveling...


Yeah it's a November tailgate alright! Temps in the morning will be around 30 degrees! Thanks to a light northerly breeze, it'll feel like the mid 20s. Luckily we'll have tons of sunshine (the sun rises here at about 6:45am), and that will carry all the way through the morning and lunchtime. By midday, winds will shift to the NE and barely be enough to feel on your skin. Temperatures by then will be nearing 40, and it won't be too bad with the sun! Perfect day for the crockpot meals and taking the gloves off to hold your hot drink in your hands! 


A beautiful Fall football start! 41 degrees for the first kick! There will be a couple of clouds in that blue sky with a very light wind - almost nil - out of the east. That sun makes such a difference! Good move to have an away game today; thanks schedule!  


We fall just a couple of degrees by the half. It'll be a fantastic end to the afternoon - a few clouds, no wind, upper 30s - not too shabby! I'd still probably grab a hot chocolate at the middle point though! Reminder that you're further east here, so the sun will set a couple of minutes before 5pm.  


Conditions will stay relatively constant as we end the game (with a win!) and if you're headed out for evening plans. Mid 30s to leave the stadium with no breeze and a cloud here and there across the sky. Staying out for a celebratory go blue dinner? As you're finishing dinner and walking back to the car, we'll drop to the lower 30s. You'll also notice, particularly if you're staying out late, that we see more clouds move in. This will help to keep temps steady, hovering right around freezing, until last call. We then keep some clouds around for Sunday with highs around 50 degrees. Go blue!


If you're staying home...

Anyone look at the wind chills Friday and decide to go to Maryland on a whim? Brr it's cold! We'll be warmer on Saturday vs Friday, but when you think that we should still be seeing temps near 50 this time of year, ehhh that's little consolation! Saturday morning will be chilly but we do rebound to the mid 30s in the afternoon - so not terrible if you're walking (power walking) over to the neighbor's party. We'll have a decent amount of clouds with a SSE wind at 5-10mph (enough to rustle leaves). Sunday our next system moves in, bringing scattered mix and rain. If you'll be arriving back in the afternoon it should be all rain by then.

Christina Burkhart is the morning meteorologist for ABC in Flint, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!



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It has nothing to do with your actual writing or predictions, mgoweather.  He negs your weather diaries because it bothers him that much that someone would write something detailed and entertaining about the weather.

Just ignore him and keep doing your thing!


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to recent research:


A new survey from McCrindle Research has found that Sydneysiders are a pretty pessimistic bunch.
Half of the 1007 residents surveyed in August were categorised as “concerned pessimists”


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I haven’t gone to a football game in November in awhile, so this forecast makes me feel a lot better. If you listen to the DC weather people, you’d think a new Ice Age was beginning tomorrow. Go Blue. crush Tetsudo.

JWG Wolverine

November 10th, 2017 at 10:23 PM ^

Ignore him MGoWeather.

I think is he is just a selfish person who has to downvote any post that doesn't have useful information for him personally (he probably doesn't go to the games).

I for one will read your post every week whether I am going or not! It's great insight and actually the most trustworthy source of weather IMO. You tend to be the most right out of everything I see weather-wise surrounding Michigan games.

Thanks as always and Go Blue!


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everybody, and i mean everybody, was way off about last week's monsoon in AA.  as late as, say 1 or 2, they only had some 'showers' from 8-midnight.  forecast said nothing about, 'you will all die in a biblical downpour which will last for hours, all before 8 pm'.   how did that happen? 



November 17th, 2017 at 11:08 AM ^

You're right! Models struggled to pinpoint scattered showers, and when you get waves of energy working through on multiple levels of the atmosphere, they can have a hard time determining the amount of instability, too. A2 happened to have conditions right for a storm to fire up, and we got a deluge. Just one of those things many meteorologists, including myself, are trying to improve on in forecasting. :) Go blue!


November 11th, 2017 at 7:50 AM ^

Reminder that you're further east here, so the sun will set a couple of minutes before 5pm.

Good attention to detail.

The DC area is on the eastern edge of the EST time zone, Michigan is on the western edge.  It makes a difference. 



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I read your posts and rely upon them for how to dress at home games. Would it be possible to incorporate some figures or maps that show some of the relevant weather? Thanks again!