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Brian May 14th, 2010 at 11:23 AM

CEASE PANIC ONCE MORE. See, I do learn: the most recent twitter panic was a report from Devin Gardner that Denard Robinson had cut off his dreads, and I refrained from having requesting mass panic. MGoUser Raback Omaba stakes his hard-earned Dorsey-commit rep on this report that takes us down from DEFCON 2:

Reports of him shorning them and sporting a "lil boosie fade" were premature. Denard merely trimmed his dreads and styled them differently. However he maintains his trademark Denard Robinson dreadlocks. He did not get a fade, his dreads are still there. Significant amounts of dilithium remains hanging from his head, perhaps more effective than before. Let's worry about football now rather than carry on about hairstyles of future Heisman winners. Move on. Denard still has dreads

He has a fade and dreads? The magic of Denard is ever-expanding.

RESUME PANIC. These aren't happening but the asked-for horrifying new jersey mockups have arrived and are terrible enough to cause you to run around screaming:


These will happen someday, probably when we're flying around in jet cars and pushing a button at our jobs. You know, when Denard Robinson doesn't seem fast.

Jihadexpansion update. Mary Sue Coleman talked to a bunch of alumni at a function in Boston recently that a couple of MGoUsers report back from. Some small amount of detail on the second-to-last event in the NCAA whatnot:

Pres. Coleman stated that UM will be announcing its self-imposed sanctions by the end of the month.  She indicated that there was cross communication between the coaching staff and the compliance people.  The coaching staff thought they'd been given the green light, whereas the compliance people thought that a different question was being asked.  She said that unlike reported in some places, at best the overage amount would amount to roughly 2 hours a week.  She also predicted that many football programs across the US will be dropping compliance people to avoid danger of giving "coaching advice."

A later post in the thread gives the 24th as the date on which Michigan will send back the report and announce whatever they're self-imposing. If it's in line with previous violations of this nature Michigan will have to give back the hour overages two-to-one and may have to forgo the use of a coach for some period of time. Assorted minor items will be tacked on; the guess here is that no scholarship penalties will result except possibly a single one this year that's more symbolic than anything—Michigan won't be able to get up past 84 this year anyway.

An old guarantee. MGoVideo gets in on the WH gig by providing a youtube embed of the 1986 edition of The Game featuring Jim Harbaugh's famous guarantee:

Stick around afterwards for a quarterback comparison that Harbaugh dominates on completion percentage not not looking like Sloth.

Upset machine. Michigan alum Mike Cammalleri is rocking Eastern Conference heavyweights as the Montreal Canadiens go on the NHL's annual Cinderella playoff run, and putting his name amongst some of the sport's all-time greats in the process:

With seven goals in a seven-game series victory over the defending Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, Cammalleri equaled a team record for tallies in a single playoff series shared by Maurice (Rocket) Richard (1944 and 1958), Jean Beliveau (1956), Bernard (Boom Boom) Geoffrion (1957), Guy Lafleur (1975) and Marcel Bonin (1959)�all of them but Bonin long established members of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

How's that for company?

Impressive, rhetorical question guy. Impressive indeed. Here's Cammalleri's seventh and final goal of the Pens series, the eventual game-winner:

(HT: South Bend Wolverine, who we all feel for deeply.)

After a scary injury last year that saw Bree Evans lie motionless on the ground after a home-plate collision in an exhibition game against State, she's returned to the field hale, hearty, and hitting. She's now batting .365 as a sophomore, second-best on the team. The official site has deployed its feature machine in response:

The softball team is now 44-6, 16-1 in the conference, and is cruising towards another top seed in the NCAA tournament. This weekend's regular season finale at Iowa will be televised live by the BTN at 6 on Friday and 4 on Saturday.

Etc.: MVictors on what went down with Bo and Harwell.


J. Lichty

May 14th, 2010 at 11:31 AM ^

somewhere there is a vancouver canucks fan and houston astros fan giving each other high fives that they no longer hold the title worst.uni.evah.

If that jersey ever happens in my lifetime, I am becoming an Oregon fan.  If that jersey ever happens after I am dead, I am doing some serious sixth sense haunting of the hot daughters of all who are responsible.


May 14th, 2010 at 11:32 AM ^

Just as likely that I'd put a bullet in my head if I ever saw it run out onto the field.

I'm curious what "cross communication" means...whether it means that one thought the other was saying something else, and vice versa; or that they didn't think the other was listening to them.

Also odd she says they might be cutting back on compliance people, when the University is currently hiring one.


May 14th, 2010 at 12:04 PM ^

One of my favorite Michigan football moments. I know he pissed off a lot of people with his comments on Michigan a few years back, but I have little doubt for his love/passion for Michigan. He talked the talk, and delivered.


May 14th, 2010 at 12:30 PM ^

It was my senior year, too, and Harbaugh was exciting as hell, making guarantees. Funny to see his stats - only 10 passing TD's on the season. That's how little Bo passed back then. I remember Harbaugh occasionally taking it into his own hands and passing, which would just piss Bo off to no end. His teams were such grinders. We did go to the Rose Bowl that year, but lost to ASU. I was at both those games - the one at Ohio State and the one in Pasadena. 

Section 1

May 14th, 2010 at 12:15 PM ^

Therapy might help, but can I send the therapist bills to MGoBlog?  Methinks not.  First Amendment and all.

Why would someone take the trouble to create something like that?

I never knew about "crush" videos until that recent Supreme Court case, and I wish I never had.  It's like these jerseys.


May 14th, 2010 at 1:00 PM ^

There's a reason so many of us Buckeye fans want Rodriguez to stick around as long as possible.  DAMN YOU AND YOUR GUARANTEES, HARBAUGH!! 


May 14th, 2010 at 1:26 PM ^

I do understand that the offense is quite a bit different these days but it is hilarious that the ABC commentators said "Michigan doesn't just run anymore, they pass sometimes" because we were passing so much more than before.  That was 1986, and people are still saying it today. 

Also, how about Brent's hat?


May 14th, 2010 at 1:13 PM ^

I wish people would wait until something is confirmed before posting.   Now I am walking around with a lil boosie fade.  It is going to take forever for me to grow this into dreads.


May 14th, 2010 at 1:20 PM ^

go watch Cammalleri's goals from that link. he has to have one of the hardest shots in the NHL. almost every goal he scored makes a little "pop" sound as it hits the back of the net.


May 14th, 2010 at 2:39 PM ^

they play syracuse in 1998 and "the horror" over and over and over again.  you are at the Big House, but you have to sit, the whole game, while some blue-hair in front of you stands. she keeps farting. to your left is tressel, to your right is spartan bob the timekeeper. tressel and bob keep high-fiving each other and saying OT things like "michigan's 2009 defense should have been good, i mean, its michigan, they always have depth" and "quarterback in the spread get hurt more" and "thats just good pad level."


May 14th, 2010 at 2:40 PM ^

"Jimmy Harbaugh has had a sensational year."


Ah, to harken back to the days where QB's had "sensational" years with 10 TDs with 1 game to go.


May 14th, 2010 at 3:56 PM ^

I'd like to see subtle changes in both of Michigan's jerseys. 1995's watermark 'M' on shoulders jerseys were cool.

I remember the lined white pants on away jerseys. I want blue pants with a maize 'M' on the left thigh on home and away jerseys, but never ever any yellow tops. I don't want lines going down on the sides of pants either.

 Jersey variety seems to attract recruits. Michigan can keep the traditonal jerseys, but there is a need for some changes. Being an alumni, and Ann Arbor native I know I express a minority viewpoint

For the traditionalists, I understand any angst, but changing jerseys will not change Michigan. I think that people don't want the jerseys to change because they think who, and what Michigan is will change. It won't!  All the last two years did was show that Michigan is a organization that is of human origin...flawed, but only slightly.

After the last two seasons jerseys should be the least of fans concerns. When Michigan starts winning again fans won't care if Michigan is wearing maize and blue camoflage. In all seriousness, changes should be subtle and tasteful. Blue pants! Will make them look meaner.


May 15th, 2010 at 7:31 AM ^

...an exchange between mvictors.com's Greg Dooley and Bruce Madej, the timeline for announcing Michigan's response to the NCAA's major violations allegations is slightly different than this:

A later post in the thread gives the 24th as the date on which Michigan will send back the report and announce whatever they're self-imposing.

This is a Bruce Madej quote:

"As we said during the February 23rd press conference, May 24th is the date we must have the self-imposed infractions to the NCAA.  After the NCAA receives and reads the report, we will release the information the following day."

So, barring any leaks, first word on self-imposed sanctions should come via a 25 May press conference and press release.