Unofficial Two-Deep

Submitted by Brian on April 29th, 2010 at 2:11 PM


Pos First Second Third
QB B. Peters

D. McCaffrey

K. Doyle
J. Milton


C. Evans
K. Higdon

K. Walker

O. Samuels
K. Taylor
# T. Wilson

FB B. Mason    
WR 1 K. Crawford N. Collins  
WR 2

T. Black

D. Peoples-Jones

Slot G. Perry E. McDoom O. Martin
TE S. McKeon
Z. Gentry

T. Wheatley

N. Eubanks
X/U B. Mason    
LT     G. Newsome
A. Stueber
LG B. Bredeson J. Hall  
C C. Ruiz S. Spanellis #A. Vastardis
RG M. Onwenu J. Runyan  
RT N. Ulizio
J. Bushell-Beatty
C. Filiaga
J. Honigford
Pos First Second Third
SDE R. Gary C. Kemp D. Jeter
NT B. Mone A. Solomon M. Dwumfour
DT     D. Irving-Bey
P. Paea
WDE C. Winovich L. Vilain
K. Paye
R. Jones
R. Johnson
SLB K. Hudson #J. Glasgow N. Furbush
J. Uche
MLB J. Ross J. Anthony D. Gil
WLB D. Bush Jr. D. Singleton Jar. Wangler
FS T. Kinnel J. Kelley-Powell B. Hawkins
SS J. Metellus J. Woods  
CB-Fd L. Hill A. Thomas B. St. Juste
CB-By D. Long B. Watson  
Pos First Second Third
P B. Robbins #W. Hart Q. Nordin
K Q. Nordin #R. Tice  
KO Q. Nordin    
PR D. Peoples-Jones

G. Perry


A. Thomas

LS C. Cheeseman    
  • # =Walk-on
  • italics = injury

Last Update:
6/14: Just adding freshman and generally moving deck chairs on the HMS Smashy McMurdership
7/1: Changed D. Crawford to K. Crawford (Kekoa)
9/6: A few updates to the skill positions after the first game (surely missed many other possible updates across the roster)
9/13: Removed a couple of departed players, noted a few injuries, generally adjusted to playing time thus far
10/20: More PT adjustments & injury updates: QB, Slot, LT :'(, D-line, SLB, CB :'(, H
11/11: 2nd string line tweaks
4/19/17 - beginning 2017 depth chart updates
8/22/17- Minor updates, removed K. Washington